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  • btw, what happened to the IC2 -> RP2 converter greg mentioned a while ago?
    did eloraam gave the ok to do this, or is it something we will never see?

  • Hmm, I wasn't aware these outputted items at all, tried it earlier.

    Tried it again just now, seems random when the output actually occurs, this some fancy anti lag feature?

    GregTech machines auto-output rate have been reduced as an anti-lag feature, but once it detects it has work to do (aka the need to free space for more items or a long time [about one minute]) it starts working at maximum speed for some ticks (enough to do all the work it has "stored" while idle) thus reducing single items flowing through tubes/pipes.

    btw, what happened to the IC2 -> RP2 converter greg mentioned a while ago?
    did eloraam gave the ok to do this, or is it something we will never see?

    I believe Greg is still waiting for her answer... once an "ok" is given, i believe we will be able to convert IC energy to RP one without touching eloraam's code (reflection or something like).

  • How do you open a digital chest? Right clicking does nothing. Same with quantum chest. Is this a bug?

    Nope. Now both Digital and quantum chests work like barrels except for no fancy item sprite and better pipe/tube interaction.
    Try punching its monitor like you do with barrels.
    Also digital chests can hold up to 32k items (4 times more a normal barrel, half an upgraded extra-dimensional barrel)

  • Do pipes/translocators work on it? Haven't messed with them but they seem like deep storage, not meant for manual access.

    They are supposed to work with any automation stuff (tubes/pipes/translocators) on any side, monitor side is just for user manual input/output (punching, like barrels)

  • Hmm, I wasn't aware these outputted items at all, tried it earlier.

    Tried it again just now, seems random when the output actually occurs, this some fancy anti lag feature?

    As stated by Greg at earlier post, either every 1 minute or 1 sec if the machine needs a slot to output items.

    EDIT: And those machines are not upgradable atm so, better not to use them.

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  • Also, it would be great if the wiki gave a little more detail on how to use these, especially the Advanced Translocator. I can't find information anywhere on what the compass direction settings are for (when I change these settings, the red and green output faces aren't moving as I'd expect them to), or if where you place filter items in the 3x3 grid matters.

    Yes it would be great. My Advanced Translocator funcitons exactly like a regular one, it will only transfer items from its original green facing to red and doesn't react to clicking on direction buttons in any way (aside of changing direction labels in gui). Electric Sorter on the other hand does seem to work (at least it changes its blue side when I click the button).

    Random bugs I found:
    - Lithium batpack doesn't recharge diamond jack hammer
    - Even when underground, Light Helmet will not turn on unless I click esc and wait for several seconds
    - While wearing a working Light Helmet, it becomes difficult to grab a water block with a bucket (works only from a specific position, it seems)

    I'm using forge 471

    Random suggestions:
    - Shouldn't regular buffers/translocators try to put stuff into machines in the same way as player would by shift-clicking? My buffer somehow manages to put stuff into output slot of my chemical reactor. Using an advanced buffer does help, but I wish I could use regular ones instead, whenever possible.
    - Recipe for Electric Jetpack should be more costly. Because it makes no sense to be able to craft electric jetpack, but not things like chainsaw and drill (at early phase of the game). That would also make regular jetpack potentially useful btw, only if there was a way to refuel it without loosing cells.

    Terrific mod btw.

  • Advanced translocator output direction(red and green) cannot be changed, the only thing you can change is the direction of slot of the output (i.e furnace has top, bottom and side slots). Can you charge your diamond jackhammer with a batpack? if no then you can't do it with the lithium batpack (it's a "batpack" *trollface*).

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  • Is the wiremill not supposed to consume the drawplate? I crafted the mill and it only used 1 durability from the plate.
    Also, thanks for these loadspeed improvements, they're really nice.

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  • I second that, thanks alot for the load speed fix. I hope more mods will follow suit, although I don't think many have such extensive configs.

  • Please fix dupe bug with iron mortars.

    If place two iron mortars into crafting table, you can craft another new. Two iron mortars still are in the crafting table and you can craft another and another and duplicate again and again.

    This dupe bug still present in the last version.

    Thanks for fixing.


  • Hooray, made my first Lapotronic Energy Orb on the server I'm on, for a Matter Fabricator XD

    Edit: Matter Fab Built XD
    TE's Ferrous ore in a Industrial Grinder with mercury gives you a lot of platinum XD

  • Seriously? I won't help with any ID-Conflicts.

    The problem is that there is no ID conflicts, only output from the wiremil when putting uninsulated copper and iron wire gives weird results. If it were an ID-Conflict, I wouldn't be able to make fine copper wire normally, and this is not the case.

    Edit: Here are some screenshots, I installed NEI to better show IDs. I changed gold fragment ID, but it is still the product of the wiremil: http://imgur.com/a/sJ9sZ

    Edit2: CotM also adds brass...

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  • Just took a look at the nuclear reactor source code, because I got annoyed by how wrong the ic2 wiki was.

    Here are some facts that might be interesting:

    • Heat is calculated by taking the base value 1 (single cell), 2 (dual cell), 3 (quad cell) and then adding the number of adjacent pulsables (doesn't matter if single/dual/quad). Then the heat is \sum_{k=1}^{pulses} k * 4. So indeed, the maximum for pulses is 7.
    • The EU output is done in a seperate calculation and does take single/dual/quad into account. It is done exactly opposite to what the wiki describes. This is easiest described by an example: take a quad uranium cell next to a plutonium cell. When processing the quad cell, a loop is run 4 times (because the quad cell contains 4 cells) and checks adjacent pulsables: the plutonium cell is found, which adds 10EU/t, for a total of 40EU/t. It does not matter if it is a quad thorium, uranium, or plutonium cell, the calculation is the same.

    So here you have the reason why EU/t and heat don't seem to effect each other. No clue if it is WAI, but that is how it is.

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