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  • Updating from 2.82c to latest I get a couple missing items. I just wanted to check what they are before I load the world. A couple are radioactive cell so I would hate to lose my fuel.

  • While playing around with the new workings of wirefires and machines exploding when exposed to rain/water, I had an idea: What if this mod also makes the advanced machines from the Advanced Machines addon (Including IC2's Induction Furnace) explode in their own special (and very deadly) way?
    Here's some ideas for each machine:

    Rotary Macerator: Due to the very fast grinding blades inside the machine, upon explosion it would sling 1 to 3 of those grinding blades in random directions except for any more than 45* up from 0/horizontal. These blades deal extreme damage to anything they hit, and can go through mobs/players/etc. depending on the machine's accumulated speed upon explosion. These disks disappear after hitting a solid block or the last entity they slice through, and can not be collected.

    Singularity Compressor: This machine accumulates pressure, to compress items quicker. So, when it explodes, it makes sense that it would send out chunks of components inside it, in all directions, which deal heavy damage to mobs/players/etc,. They can not be collected, and disappear when hitting an entity or solid block.

    Centrifuge Extractor: This machine, upon exploding, acts much like the Rotary Macerator. But, rather than slinging grinding-disks, it slings centrifuge cells and whatever pieces of sheetmetal are holding them in place prior to exploding. These cells deal critical damage to anything they hit, and can penetrate glass. They also send mobs/players back a few blocks, but can not cut through them. These also disappear when they hit an entity or solid block, and can not be collected.

    Induction Furnace: As we all know, this machine can get very, very hot during operation. When it explodes, it lights aflame whatever blocks around it that aren't destroyed in the explosion. At 90% to 100% heat, it melts 25% of the stone-like blocks that it destroys in the explosion, with the exception of reinforced stone and other very explosion resistant blocks. Any entities that are not killed in the explosion are set aflame. The explosion also sends out burning shards of whatever was inside it, that light whatever they hit and deal some damage. These disappear when they hit an entity or solid block, and can not be collected.

    I thought this should be added in GregTech, as GregTech has all of the complex explosion stuffs like water frying and exploding machines and worse wire-fires than the standard forgot-yer-LV-transformer overvoltage fryings.

  • i like this idea, it would make me switch to the gregtech automatic machines :D

  • Tungsten might be practical if I change the way I have chunkloaders setup. That giant chunkloader for nether lava would be the only way to get it (pre filling won't work, since every hour of pump time at 1B/tick would only get 10 hours worth of lava).

    What stops you from running (even) more pumps in parallel?

    Whatever Nikolite is, its not in a mod I have.

    It's that "blue redstone"-like thingy that redpower 2 adds.

  • Suggestion : Geothermal Generators Mk3 (Passive Multiblock generator)

    Requires 9 Machine casings (or anything else you can think of) right above 9 lava sources (Must be source) and the generator block (recipe would be thermal generator + some advanced stuff).
    Also two generator blocks can not be next to each other (so they are not able to share lava/casings).
    Must be placed below Y 20 or it will NOT work as the lava is not "hot" enough.
    In the nether it will work anywhere, it doesnt work in the end.

    If railcraft is installed it will require water and will produce RC steam at a rate of 5 mB/t [the pic shows an example setup with RC installed]
    If railcraft is not installed it will not require water and produce 2.5 EU/t instead.

  • I also made an automatci D/T Production, uses 60 Electrolyzers and 150 centrifuges, but i dont use any laggy things, its "powered" by just 1 timer, 13 filters (rp2), some tubes and ROUTERS, because routers are less laggy than 100ds of rp2 tubes and/or applied energistics! :D

    150 centrifuges: 30 make tritium, 120 make deuterium (prob i should add 30, so i have 130 deuterium = 4*30 -> 4 d = 1 t and 20 d for storage

    EDIT: Yep, it has to be 180 centrifuges, because w/ 150 it only produces enough for the tritium production...

  • Router is a very powerful item that requires no energy and very cheap.. GT needs to implement his own router.. Router also works pretty good with GT automation :)

  • Router is a very powerful item that requires no energy and very cheap.. GT needs to implement his own router.. Router also works pretty good with GT automation

    would be a good idea, should cost like 32eu/t and not too epensive, then some upgrades which cost "some" enderpearls :D

  • I also use routers to automate alvearies with 9 frame housings , it feels cheaty since the electric translocator next to it is even more expensive than the router itself :P.

    EDIT: Ok maybe not because I need to apply machine filter upgrade to each of them..

  • V3.00a for 1.5.1:
    Added tons of new API-Functions, which make my Addon Semi-Opensource.
    SteveOfDoom complained about not being replied to, so I did something with his Profile Pic.
    Playerdetector now outputting Redstone Signal depending on distance to one of the Players.
    Fixed a crapton of Bugs.
    Added Animations to some Machines. Will be continued later.
    Didnt add Textures for Liquid Type things.

  • Where is SteveofDoom´s Trollfacs actually used?

    Try and test it. It's not overlookable.

    By the Way, will your Implosion Compressor work with Etho Slabs? :D

    I didnt update to 2.0. Only to 1.5.1. Also that would always squash you with an Anvil when used.

    Btw, did you fix the graphical lag with industrial centrifuge?

    Yes, I did.