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  • Hence why i said a different way to get Manganese and chrome.
    Perhaps tiny piles of chrome and manganese drop from Red granite? :3
    Whatever it drops, both need a small chance to drop netherquartz.

  • So, what's about the (bronze) thingy which is able to make Mn from red garnets? Probably not very efficient, but still necessary to bootstrap yourself into the advanced electric (starting from the industrial blast furnace) tier...

  • @bove
    A Steam powered Grinding machine would be cool. Can Grind ores into a single dust and a little tiny pile or something weak, but just a little bonus, and can make a little bit of chrome or manganese from their gems.

  • Maybe just implement mode changes with the current grinder - place a button on the GUI and then check if it's pressed will be faster than create a new machine, make it connect to the e-net, draw a texture for it, etc. etc. And yes, +1 for the redrock to manganese idea

  • No.
    No, no, no, no, no.
    Rendering lamps like that would cause it to use a fancy renderer, instead of the plain block renderer.
    I tried covering a huge floor in those redpower lamps, and they actually caused a significant amount of framerate lag.
    Using glowstone instead, which is a normal block, caused zero issues.

    I agree, such a small change which is hardly noticeable isn't worth the time to change or the lag it will cause.

  • There are some BoP biomes that do not have any per-biome oregen (specifically - 4060:3,4,5 and 4060:13,14,15) in version 4.04b. For example:

    "Slugepit" - a swampland like biome
    "Jade Cliffs" - biome with cliffs and trees.
    "Mountain" - probably a buggy biome, because despite it's name it looks like "Plains" biome. There is no mountain in it.
    "Boreal Forest" - like "Forest" biome, but tree have other color and there are some tall trees.
    "Dead Swamp" - swamp with dead trees.
    "Dead Forest" - a forest with some alive trees and some dead trees. Have lots of underwater surface that belongs to this biome, just like a swamp (but forest ground is higher and surface under water is lower).
    "Moor" - a high elevated "Plains", that have some swamp-like features: no trees, except for Rubber tree; periodic water patches (water looks clean); slime-like mobs, but they have dark-gray color.
    "Timber" - forest with tall trees.
    "Icy Hills" - snow biome with trees made out of ice!
    "Shield" - water biome, that have gravel surface instead of sand or earth.
    "Spruce Woods" - forest that have only spruce trees.
    "Heathland" - somewhat like "Plains", but with more trees, some blue trees and horses.
    "Snowy Coniferous Forest" - snowy forest with tall trees.
    "Tropical Rainforest"

    I don't know of all such biomes, but those are the first that I just checked in mcedit.

    Note: there is some small amount of tetrahidrite in any biome, probably because of new granite addition.

  • Chunk of lazurite can no longer be used instead of Lazurite block. Intended or bad oredict refactoring behavior?

  • Are the granites biome and/or height specific?

    100% Random. Nothing will stop them from being generated inside Stones except Air Blocks (to prevent attempts of scanning the Air for Stones, what would cause unnecessary Lag).

    The Electrolyser should be Stainless steel though, so perhaps a better method to get a little early game chrome/manganese.

    And it will be. The sturdy Grinder will be a solution to that by outputting byproducts. I just need an Ore with Chrome as small byproduct, I say it again BYPRODUCT, NOT FRIKKIN* CHROMITE OR SIMILAR, I hope you people understood that. * Note that I decided to use the word "frikkin" after I wrote "fucking" just to let it sound less rude.

  • Greg are you planning to add any more sources of maganese? Those garnets are a pain to get.

    Nether ore? End ore? Only in one of the Granites? Please?

    EDIT: Unfortunately, Greg, chrome is very common. It's usually found with iron as ferrochrome. But we can't get it from iron (obviously), so we need a new iron ore, that's rarer. Like Meteoric iron?

  • @Greg
    Try Stichtite. Its a purplish ore, its chemical formulae is: Mg6Cr2CO3(OH)16·4H2O
    So you could make it output Magnesium and Carbon dust, with a byproduct of Chromium.
    No, I wasn't.