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  • Thanks for the quick replies guys, gave me something to think about. Requiring a lot of steel means so much more to me with only using GT machinery and his steel recipes.

  • GT turbine doesn't respond to redstone and functions on a ramping efficiency (viewable via Nuclear Control) that caps at the same ratio as the RC turbine (but uses cheaply renewable or freely repairable rotors). You need to supply it a constant 1600mB/t of steam, or it will fail to function at a high efficiency and will waste the steam you pump into it.

    You can place a machine control cover Redstone Machine Controller cover on the side of the turbine to control it.

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  • Is Covert going to change that?

    Before, LP boilers were more efficient in the short term because they waste less fuel when heating up. Now, hasn't the heatup been decreased? So HP boilers would be more efficient in less time?

  • 2 36LP boilers are about 25% better than one 36 HP boiler.

    **** 36 LP ****
    Ran for 7 days and used a total of about 12240.34 units of Ethanol!

    2 x 12240.34 = 24480.68
    This means 2x 36LP used 24,480.68 buckets of ethanol.

    **** 36 HP ****
    Ran for 7 days and used a total of about 31270.16 units of Ethanol!

    31,270 / 24,481 = 1.28.

  • I'm having a problem with the Universal Macerator. It stops after only macerating one block, no matter what I'm putting in it. As soon as the dust is removed it starts again. I'm using Gregtech 3.11 with FTB Unleashed. Is there any way to fix this?

  • heyho for ur power problems i can highly recommend a gregtech steamturbine together with railcraft and some kind of insane junglewood farm ( i use mfr for that)

    here is my setup on my private server:

    the correct usage of pumpmodules and gregtech pipes is the key to get all the steam into your turbine. the openblocks tanks act as buffer and to save on my loved tungstensteel. on top pump modules into 2 input hatches

    all in all i got 2,4k eu/t, enough for all my 4 overclocker machines ^.^ and it looks good

    im actually looking for 3-6 active players, write me a private message if u would like to join, we got all as hardcore as possible

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  • Do that, post it here

    I do not think that this is what will help

  • Good, now post it to the owner of the badly named item/recipe XD

  • The sense of that Error Message is NOT TO POST IT HERE, but to POST IT IN THE MOD WHICH OWNS THE RECIPE.

    The next Version will have an adjustment to that Message to make sure nobody fails to report it.

    Why not just make a PR to forge offering to return a copy of a stack in ArrayList<ItemStack> getOres(String name)?
    Like just instead of doing

    1. ArrayList<ItemStack> val = oreStacks.get(id);
    2. if (val == null)
    3. {
    4. val = new ArrayList<ItemStack>();
    5. oreStacks.put(id, val);
    6. }
    7. return val;