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  • I just hope that in the end both e-nets properties merge into a single one, kept by IC2 (and maintained by both greg and player). Extra cables and such small differences could stay at GT. Fiber optics would be reworked to transmit redstone signals and other kinds of information.

    Also, F5 F5 F5...

  • Just had confirmation from CJ about the oven time reduction: <CovertJaguar> abculatter_2 no I think its 2 - 2.5 mins

    Would be nice to know the exact time...

  • bevolj said that gt is having an own power system now, does that mean that it's pretty much standalone/independend from ic2 recipes?

    /sniff , oh life , what a cruel mistress indeed, i just saw before coming here, about BevoLJ, saw the post on the FTB, the first two quotes is from GregoriusT slashing my hide...not again...

    Check my channel on YT for finished LPs (GT4 and GT5 ), and some stuff on 1.6.4
    I am realy not good with speech and english.

  • And there I thought, hey this one rotarycraft video looked nice, with the really big reactor, the plasma destroying the landscape if you build it wrong and nice looks...
    Is it really that crazy with rotarycraft? Oo

    Sadly, it is. The cheapest form of ore processing, the Grinder, triples the ore's output.
    Then it basically just goes straight to the Extractor, which is just 5x for normal ores like iron and copper, 9x for nether ores, and 13x for rare ores like iridium.

    Rotarycraft's ore processing is my biggest gripe with Rotaryctaft, because it's just way too overpowered, really, there's SO MUCH POTENTIAL for a FAR more interesting and balanced system in a mod that strives for realism...
    There's also a few other, similar things which betray an apparent paranoia or EXTREME dislike for ANYTHING that can be seen as even a slight bit grindy, and then these dumbed-down systems giving a disproportionate reward...

    Which is such a shame, because there's a lot of fun engineering potential in the mod.

  • It is far better to make massive ore viens that yield little per block than for a huge yeild in a small vein. It is more balanced IMO, weirdly, to have a large vein than a small vien of the same total ingot output anyway.

    REALLY, if you wanted realism, it would be several ingots per ore block and the viens would be several hundred meters long, but you would need millions of ingots to do anything useful xD

  • GregTech adds code to give admin rights to people using MFFS
    iChun says WAILA is full of bad code
    FTB removes compatibility with LittleMaidMob (NOT THE LITTLE MAIDS!!!)
    pillbox says to replace Not Enough Items with Mekanism

    This is so hilarious, because it's so similar to how random and stupid the drama actually is.

  • Micdoodle8 releases ideas of Grimoire of Gaia for 450$

    I think the Mojang EULA people would like to have a talk with him now...

    (also, damn you to hell xbony this is too stupidly hilarious)

    "CovertJaguar complains about GregTech breaking RF support"
    ... Ya know given the last two days that could actually happen

    EDIT 2:
    "AlgorithmX2 openly hates EU support in GregTech" 8o

    Edit 3:
    "Greymerk removes compatibility between Mojang and Minecraft 1.7 by request of tterrag"
    "Vswe claims Applied Energistics 2 is a ripoff of Extra Cells"
    i think i've had enough internet for one night

    • MCP makes KingLemming invincible from OptiFine in the ForgeCraft pack
    • Logistics Pipes adds viruses that only activates alongside Atum
    • MineChem fans claim that open-source mods should have better underpowered items
    • M3gaFr3ak says AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN's attitude is too vanilla
    • Carpenter's Blocks fans claim that Forestry should be more like GregTech
    • Drullkus claims not to use Not Enough Mods
    • Vazkii complains about the Mojang launcher breaking underpowered items
    • Dinnerbone complains that Soaryn replaced CraftGuide by Chisel in ATLauncher
    • Greg sues Tekkit developers lol ~SpwnX
    • MCPC+ makes Backpacks crash Universal Electricity when used by Notch
    • mDiyo threatens to kick Sengir until they add new wood types to ICBM
    • kirindave tweaks balance in Universal Electricity too much, annoying FTB Forums
    • Dinnerbone rants about ICBM on IC2 Forums
    • Mr_okushama tweets BetterStorage causes bees when used with Universal Electricity

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  • I would be more excited, but I can't upgrade to GT for 1.7 until at least PFAA updates to 1.7, preferably also ATG + EBXL.

    You wouldn't be able to anyway, no recipes Greg says. I just want to mess around in creative, see what's new.