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  • Greg, this is how you can implement bag like systems without being incredibly OP.
    Borrow GregArmor, and then add pockets and pouches and bags to the armor.
    They're only usable while you're wearing the armor and if you take the armor off all the items contained in them spill out.
    Thus you have no magical inventory in inventory that can magically multiply your storage, yet it still provides a way to increase the number of things the player can carry.

  • To add the idea above:
    Bag(pack)s that are not attached to your chest MetaArmor will slow you down, giving the slowness 2N effect (N being amount of backpacks you have in your inventory), which pretty much obliges you to carry it on your back. Carrying armors that has a backpack attached will slow you down aswell.

    Backpacks would be accessed by pressing the "B" (or another configured) key.

    New utility, the Toolbelt, another "baglike" item, but it is attached to your leggings MetaArmor and stores all metatools GT have, from screwdriving to jackhammering.
    Toolbelt is accessed by pressing the B key aswell (one GUI for all extra slot attachments).

    New utility, the Feeding Tank, attached to your helmet MetaArmor, which is also another "baglike" item. This one accepts food to fill its internal tank with "cannedfood". Also accept fluids to fill its 10Bucket storage. Applying their effects whenever possible (fading of effect or necessity, if healing/regenerating brew, or damaging/killing the person if a bad brew is inserted...).
    Feeding helmet also accessed by pressing the B key.

    Anyone have a good idea for a boot attachment?

  • Boot attachment? All I can think of is using sticky resin so you pick up pebbles as you walk. XD


    Quoted from "zorn":
    People can't handle losing. Lots of new games are like this. My son's Lego games? You die and respawn on the spot, just lose a bit of money. It's made so that anyone can win, even the worst players. Like TE, or EU. They say that IC2 is 'keeping them from moving on' but can never say what that is. In reality they just failed, blew up a bunch of stuff, and their fragile egos couldn't take it so they gravitate towards mods designed to guarantee that you succeed.

  • The first thing I could think of would be like a smaller tool belt. Like, have a tool strapped to the side of each boot or something.

    A little redundant though.

  • I was thinking of something that could justify walking over 1block high steps, like horses does.

    Cleats, maybe? Something to give your feet a bit of extra traction that would be useful for pulling yourself up those larger steps?
    Could also be used to negate the ice sliding effect or make you walk faster while underwater?

  • I just tought of a funny attachment (that requires to be attached to all 4 parts), the gliding suit, which would allow you to glide a bit (if you're moving sideways) while also reducing your fall damage.
    Or maybe a parachute attached to the chest, which would be toggled with a key (after use it would need to be collected and repacked in a packager to be reused).

  • I like the sound of the parachute. Although it might have to be an individual chest armor piece, rather than an armor attachment.

  • The test version for 1.7.10 is generating ores OVER other mods like this dungeon generator

    Link to the mod

    The problem is that gregtech ores appear in the air on the middle of the rooms, instead of replacing blocks

    another thing from the log:

  • So I just realized something about the material-less meta-tools that appear in NEI
    For all of the tools, the Damage shown is a base value, which the Material tier is added to.
    EDIT: This also applies to the listed Tier of the material-less tool. If 0, the tool head material tier is the tool's tier; if the listed tier is 1, then the tool will mine blocks at 1 mining level higher than its tool head material.

    However, the mining speed shown is a multiplier, which the material's base speed is multiplied by to produce the tool's actual mining speed. This is why all of the electric mining tools are so much faster than the non-electric tools. (Notably, the Jackhammer's multiplier is 8, so with almost anything other than a Naquadria tool head it has a faster mining speed than any Pickaxe other than Perditio. And a Perditio Jackhammer has a speed of... 256 8| )

    This may have been rather obvious, but I only just noticed it and I think it should go somewhere.

    EDIT also: The only information that these figures do not show are the durability modifiers different tools use (because not every tool uses its material's base durability, some of them use a multiple or fraction of that.)

    Also, Greg, I remember back several months ago when the meta-tool variable block breaking damage system was added, you said that Electric tools consumed EU on each use, and had a 10% chance to consume durability on each use. Why not just multiply the tools' base durability by 10 and make them take normal damage on every use?

    Also also Greg, Cadmium Batteries can be used to craft Drills and Jackhammers, but not Chainsaws and Electric Wrenches. Intended? [Note: I am currently 1 version behind so I'll update, check this again, and edit the post.] updated and checked, this behavior is still present

  • SpwnX , that is kind of what i wanted ;)

    Not Gregs problem. Spawning in air - means what other mod replaces stone and other soft materials on generation. I'm using dungeon mod too , and its works alright. No ore spawning in air. And vanilla dungeon is alright too ( found it when was mining copper ) , and there is no floating ores in it.
    And i found 2*2*2 diamond mine that was in center of copper mine (yes , i'm so lucky there). It was center of that copper mine , so ... That is really or other mods problem , or someting else. And gregtech has almost all ores - you should disable ore generation in all other mods!

  • Ok soldering iron would be neat too, but i can live with duct tap atm, so I will say it again:
    what we "Would like to have" is a Fusion :) or something else that is big, awesome and hard to acquire :D something really endgame
    SpwnX! Why....why did you told me that the fusion will come back.... That gets me so freaking EXCITED!!! :D

    @ Everyone: Telling him we need XYZ doesn't matter, put it in kind sentences "We would like to...." etc. Or let it be Ideas I think that will get us further than asking im to do this and that
    Personally when I would be in Greg's position, I wouldn't care less about people saying that we need something. I think suggesting would be the way to go.
    and when I am saying "What we need is a Fusion" or something along this line, it's meant to be funny or amusing (If someone didn't get that^^(it's going to be my personal running gag))

    I just want a god damn Pump in GT!

  • I seem to be the last person alive who isn't a thaumcraft fan. Its a super well done mod, the dev is obviously really good, but I dont get into it. Its impressive that even the most hard core 'tech' fans here all seem to like that mod. Gotta give azanor credit, he obviously knows how to make a mod people like.

    I didn't think I would like Thaumcraft before I tried it (because I had to thanks to the Railcraft/Thaumcraft/GregTech compat issues caused by RC including TC API). I still think I wouldn't like Thaumcraft < 4.1.11 or so.

    I think it happened when you analyzed zinc nuggets. I don't know how to correct it, or how to work around, all I know is that it comes from zinc nuggets.

    Since Greg always posts judt 'fixed some bugs', it's possible this was fixed in one of the recent versions. If forced to, I'd rather bet it wasn't.

    See also https://github.com/CovertJagua…t-IssueTracker/issues/265 :)

  • I just realized... the Max Tomato ("Full Health in one Tomato") that can be grown as a GT crop

    That's a blatant Kirby reference isn't it

  • Anyone know a good way in GT to automate my macerator-to-ore washer? The 512v+ ones keep clogging it with dusts and other byproducts. A way to insert ore to macerator, then crushed ore to washer, then washed ore to macerator, then purified dust, byproducts, etc. all to a seperate chest would be fantastic.

    Pipes + Item (type) filter.

    Sadly, I can't seem to figure out how to work it... it's pretty confusing. Can I get an explain?

    Okay, so I can get items into the item type filter and pass through to a chest. But byproducts are still gumming up the machine since the item type filter won't take them. x.x

    Place chest or item buffer which will gather every item not accepted by the other machines at the end of the item pipeline, then.

    I also like to use the same pipeline to input and output items for the machines, so that everything I placed in the first input chest, processed by machines or not, gets in the output chest.

    Most of what needs to be done was said, but there is still a few tips, the macerator is one big problem, since it will need to process more than just one type of product, so i sugest using a electric buffer to feed the macerator with the item (and maybe power) and then using filter (item and type) to feed that buffer, greg have made the washer not accept items it cant process, whoever since we now have chemical bath it is more advice to select wich ones goes where and left the normal ore washer farther than the bath filter, when everthing is set up you could place a restrictive pipe to make the way out of the pipe system, so itens will only go that way if they have no outer place to go, ending on a chest or whatever you want that to be, but one serious problem is the pipe you use, if you use a low tier pipe (brass) it wil choke the system, as the amount of stacks inside a pipe is very low and block flow of itens, i use normal electrum and most time i dont have alot of clogging, dont forget that now item on pipe search for valid inventory and dont move on pipes like before, so while it cant find a place to go, it just clogg the system, also need an open road to that inventory. This was a long small explanation, if you want more just watch my "share of thougth". Just kep trying and you wil find it more easy than you first thought.

    Man this thread now is the sugestion one, i feel like, well if you want a way to store more items on a single slot, just carry the packer ,a batery and some crates and crate your ore, stone, whatever it can. dont forget the wrench tough.

    Check my channel on YT for finished LPs (GT4 and GT5 ), and some stuff on 1.6.4
    I am realy not good with speech and english.

  • The idea of an electric buffer as a relay junction for the macerator is awesome. But I still don't understand what are routing values. Sorry man, but I can't check on YT now becuase I got a very slow connection.

    And, about GT crates, yes, they're what we needed, but for "refined" items only. Would be nice to have a way to stock ores or tools, but I'm gonna wait patiently. I'm sure that Greg will find out a non-OP way to do that.

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