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  • Hello,

    Worked my way through bronze age producing steam with 14 solar boilers, feeding water from two Railcraft water tanks.

    Stepped into EU-Volts with a Basic steam turbine, bender, wiremill, assembling machine, canning machine.

    Then I wonder how to step-up to more power for a blast furnace and other higher tier multi-blocks.

    I have Forestry, Railcraft and Stevecarts along side GregTech.
    I could start wood multi-farms with BC power, hoping it is autonomous enough. Though It needs constant feed of fertilizer and a significant amount of water.
    I may be able to feed a Large Bronze Boiler with charcoal, and produce steam for some large Steam Turbines. Though I am not sure of setup size for a proper multi-farm and water sources. It may be bulky then.

    I could try to build a solar powered Steve Cart farm, with less issues than a Forestry Multi-Farm.
    I can't think of a useful sustainable oil pumping, distilling, diesel generation.
    Multifarming fruits, stilling Bio-Ethanol, maybe in the future. It takes long and significant bee breeding, then advanced tree breeding, some fruit farm and sapling farm. May be workable as mid-end game, but not in early stage.
    I could go solar, though, even enabling leveled panels (overpowered stuffs), it is a long route before producing a significant amount of solar power.
    I can't imagine hiring slave Steeves to harvest/mine fuels for any sustained amount of time.
    IC2 crop automation is no more, or very limited even adding IHL.
    Gregtech Oilberries are a prank at best, even with high stats. You better centrifuge soulsand than wait days to harvest 4 berries into a single oil bucket.
    Pumping, transporting and processing oil require so much infrastructure, it is a joke unless you can fly, help equip oversea wells with angel blocks, tessseract energy and fluids. I would not build kilometers long rail networks, energy networks and equip oil wells with BC or GT pumps for 5-11k buckets of oil. (seashore oil wells pumping is still broken with BC pumps as it stops as soon as a water source form over an oil block while descending the well)

    What do you use as fuel sources and Eu-Volt generation?

    Special note for GregoriusT about Diesel:
    Mr Diesel invented his engine to work on seed-oil.
    It was only after economical and oil companies lobbying pressure he adapted his Diesel engine to work with mineral Oil.
    These are true historic facts most Germans should know about Diesel.
    Please, enable seed-oil as Diesel fuel with same energy density. You may require filtered or processed seed oil to get it right.
    Though, Diesel engines are cleaner when operating on seed oil rather than mineral oil. (much less carbon and zero sulfur in exhausts).
    To make it simple and avoid adding yet another fluid, just allow filtering seed-oil into diesel. Could be by mean of an additional distillery recipe.
    Input seed oil, output fuel, glycerol, niter and optionally tiny bits of plants.

  • For my MV e-net I use 12 lava boilers with 4 LV turbines, that are enough to power some HV blast furnace process, sometimes. I collect lava in the Nether filling 128 tin cans per trip.

    What I like of lava boilers is that no multiblock exists (yet), so you have to design a compact and efficient structure. And you can guess that I'm one of those persons waiting patiently for the comeback of the advanced pump (a multiblock, maybe? *pump machine casing*).

  • If you have enough Apatite, go for Forestry farms. They do not eat so much water you have to fear of. From Apple oaks, you can have apples for food or methane(really low profit, but still profit ), saplings also as a fuel, wood to make charcoal. If you automatize transport of wood and charcoal, you are good for quite long time. You can store steam in steel tanks, before you have enough tech for a lot of batteries and so.
    But after that, I also lack some mid tier geneators. Probably we just need to wait for final possibility to update to 1.7.10, where you can choose IC2 new windmills, or aim for nuclear. I think it will be possible soon :)

  • leagris : IC2 nuclear, including RTGs are awesome for mid-late game power generation.
    Non-forestry Tree farms are good, if combined with RC coke ovens (so you can burn both creosote and charcoal inside a single large GT boiler).

    I've suggested seed-oil destillation into biodiesel (a slightly weaker form of diesel {fuel}), thus we could have biodiesel alongside biogas {IC² biofuel}.

  • The thing which really annoys me about Forestry's farms, is how they killed of using peat. Before, the single block farms made it worth while cost wise early game, but with the mutli-farms, suddenly it's very expensive for a farm which can barely sustain itself. Doubt that'll ever be addressed though. :(

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • ^ You don't need to power peat farms constantly; that's just a waste. You can starve it until a whole farm's worth of peat is mature, then power it on one or two electric engines for a harvest and re-planting.

  • But then I might as well do it manually myself

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • The most efficient Bio Ethanol production combining Forestry and Gregtech:

    cultivate and harvest Papaya
    Squeeze or fluid extract : 1 Papaya = 600mB of fruit juice, (the most juice efficient fruit)
    There used to be Grapefruit from ExtraTrees binnie mod but forget it for 1.7.x

    Breed and cultivate Blue Mahoe for its most fermentation potent sapling
    Crossbreed ti increase sapliness.
    Crossbreed with chestnut to obtain large cylindrical shaped canopy.
    Crossbreed with villager bought Giant Sequoia to make it tallest.
    Increase other stats as well.
    Settle your farm into a Swamp or Jungle biome.

    To produce large mulch quantity, bread, cultivate and harvest Plums.

    Use Forestry to ferment and Gregtech to distillate.

    Now, all those tree breedings I experienced in 1.6.4 takes a huge amount of bee keeping, breeding, try, kill, breed Forestry villagers so you find one selling you enough Giant Sequoia sapling (you need 4x4 16 of it). Have to kill villager after 3rd deal because it will not roll new deals after this due to bug.
    (or kiss your loved moderator/server admin to sell you some of it for a significant amount of emeralds to compensate for the bug).

    Side note:
    (I am still surprised there is no potato or lemon battery in GregTech:
    1x zinc cable, + lemon/potato, + 1xcopper cable ⇒ 1volt 1000 EU single use battery
    Plug a Data Control circuit and you can hear a troll voice complaining about lack of power ;D

  • I may be ignorant, but I'd like to know what's the problem with RF. Isn't just the same of MJ, except for the 1:10 conversion ratio?

    Not sure if MJs have changed because I only used eu in 1.6, but in earlier versions, MJs actually flowed along the wire.

    So an example is that you can put 1 dynamo on 10 TE machines... and they will all run. In a MJ system, teh power from one engine would go to the first machine in the line and, if that machine could use all of the power it recieved... NO power would continue down the line. This opened up different ways to solve this problem. With RF, there is no problem, so nothing to solve.

    It makes RF systems easy, you never have to worry about having enough power to run a line of machines. I think MJs used to also ahve power loss over distance like EU did, but I think that got dropped.

    It goes back to waterproof pipes too. In 1.3 when I started, I ran a pump to multiple combustion engines. Depending on how I put the pipes down, I would get one engine out of 6 running out of water. Re-arrange the pipes and I could keep all 6 cooled. It presented a problem to be solved.

    With TE Accumulators and pipes, all water gets distributed evenly, and the throughput of the pipes is massive. The possibility for failure is small. The block requires no power, while a pump, to get it up to max speed, required an engine that burned fuel. If it ran out of fuel, your other engines ran out of water - boom! Do you make more pumps? Or power the pump with more than redstone engines? Combustion engines run hotter in deserts last I knew. That means if you design a working system in a forest, then try to replicate that in a desert, it wont work.

    All this has disappeared with the newer mods. They are doing to modded MC what World of Warcraft did for gaming. With a game like that, it doesn't matter how good you are, it just matters how much time you put into the game. Other games followed suit, adding a rating for players that ONLY worked off of how long you played, instead of playing ability. Even Age of Empires, a classic RTS game changed to this format a bit on AOE3 and then in AOE Online after that, instead of an ELO rating, you got a 'level' rating that advanced when you played, whether you won or lost. It ruined matchmaking, but people with fragile egos liked it, as the older rating method (based off of the system that chess uses, IIRC) meant you could play the game for years and still have the same rank as a beginner. They tried to combine both systems, but I heard it was a disaster.

    RF is the same thing. You cannot fail. Nothing blows up, no one walks away from a RF power system or an itemduct pipe system in frustration and says 'I cant get this stuff to work!' BC pipes and conduits weren't even THAT hard... but for some reason people want things easier, instead of working harder to get better at something.

    This is why many people hate GT. People like the mod, they want the machines... but they feel a machine blowing up in their face is unfair. Setbacks are unacceptable. Making a mistake and having the game punish you is too hard for fragile egos, so they blame the mod itself.

  • Quote

    "adudney commented 5 hours ago
    SandGrainOne Actually the energy decay in the dynamos seems to have been removed as of TE4, now dynamos can store their energy forever, it'll just never output the stored energy until you give it more fuel."

    Well....that is why these mods cant be even thinked of to my modpacks....infinite energy should mean big boom, nothing else.

  • And so Judgement came. The skies opened forth into the void, and through it's gaping maw came the light of the heavens and the trumpets of angels. A figure came upon a steed of shiny chrome, with fiery red gems for eyes, and his breath was the white vapor of sublimating liquid nitrogen. The figure wore a robe of worn leather, charred at the edges, and his face was carved of stone and the pock marks of pickaxes. His eyes burned like buckets of lava and his voice a creeping hiss. And this message did he deliver unto the world of man, "Lo, and behold. All earth before and beneath the feet of man shall be hollowed and cored, and the wires and pipes of progress shall weave a fine tapestry of ingenuity. High shall the carved marble pillars mark his achievements and crumbling be the dynamited shelter. The sky shall be paved in cobblestone and the seas shall be fed to the steam boilers, the forests burned as charcoal and the nether itself bucketed and burned to smelt of ore, and this progress shall mar from the world's beginning to the End. It is by His word that I proclaim this decree, for my name is Steve." -Book 1, verse 108, The Minecraftocalypse.

    Mind if i add this to the IC quotes? ~SpwnX


    Quoted from "zorn":
    People can't handle losing. Lots of new games are like this. My son's Lego games? You die and respawn on the spot, just lose a bit of money. It's made so that anyone can win, even the worst players. Like TE, or EU. They say that IC2 is 'keeping them from moving on' but can never say what that is. In reality they just failed, blew up a bunch of stuff, and their fragile egos couldn't take it so they gravitate towards mods designed to guarantee that you succeed.

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  • Side note:
    (I am still surprised there is no potato or lemon battery in GregTech:
    1x zinc cable, + lemon/potato, + 1xcopper cable ⇒ 1volt 1000 EU single use battery
    Plug a Data Control circuit and you can hear a troll voice complaining about lack of power ;D

    Well technically (I think) the potato and lemon do not make electricity, they just pass the electron potential different between the two metal types until they balance out.

  • Delete the Thaumcraft API from the Railcraft jar.

    Also, EU Forestry, I think I'm OK with this...

    The biggest flaw of RF really is the comversion ratio. 1:10 was just arbitrarily slapped on. I mean, come one, the easiest dynamos/generators make 8 MJ/t, which is as high as end game Railcraft engines. The real ratio is probably more like 1:25 or something less broken. If they wanted to make the conversion simple, they could have just done 1:1, instead of making everything stupidly overpowered.

    I have no railcraft.

  • Wait, wasn't it CJ who vehemently defended (and implemented?) the changes to BC power API? I vaguely remember some discussion/fight on github where TE creators asked why they weren't allowed to have power-consumers that don't constantly use energy and people rushed to defend the new API.

    probably the ftb team made him change his opinion. they are trying to force the RF shit onto every energy mod because they wanna get rid of BC and IC... idiots

  • SpwnX Is using IC2 generators not "cheating", then? If so, screw lava, nuclear fission, I'm coming! :P

    zorn Maybe some people just don't want to think so much while playing MC, but be sure I'm not one of them.

  • Hello, go to the authors of the GregTech mod

    Is it possible in the new version 1.7.10 to make a config that disables some blocks/items, or split the mod into several parts and do in the config disabling/enabling of parts, which will ship the customer the extra 6 minutes! I certainly understand, you are doing a great mod, but it is very difficult to do the Assembly with 30 mod.
    Normal download client with all the mod 2 minutes + GregTech adds 6 minutes to boot and just 8 minutes. Players just can't wait this time!

    Please allow project administrators to regulate GregTech and off in the configuration part of fashion or blocks that the client was not loaded so long!
    Note that we use so far GregTech 1.6.4 before the last build!

    It is possible in principle to make such an idea: Add a few mods in GregTech:

    GregTech: Core - Basic blocks and items
    GregTech: Items - Added new items/powder/ore, and so on.
    And in the same spirit can be done.

    Listen to my advice, we all understand that 1 mod and everything works well, and some have bad computers, so no luck.
    It is possible to reduce the fun of the client and the time the expectation of the clients.

    I would be grateful!