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  • I had looked in GregTech_API, there was "This File contains the functions used to get Items and add Recipes." in comments, but I didn't find nothing. I had tried to look for the method in greg.api.items like ic2api have, but nothing.

    I am just using

    1. ItemList.Crop_Drop_Coppon.get(1L, 0)
  • Maybe I'm just stupid, but I can't figure out how to stop GregTech from unifying 2 different things. I really wish I could leave them get unified, 'cause it'd be a hell of a lot simpler, but apparently, some mod authors still haven't understood how the oredictionary works or why it is that awesome. (Yeah, it's bad I know.)

    Here goes. I'd like to stop GT from unifying Blue Topaz from AM2 and HSLA Steel from RotaryCraft (If it still does that, haven't verified yet.). How would I proceed ? I saw the unification config, but all is set to false. Should i just find anything that has BlueTopaz and HSLASteel in it and set it to true ?

    I hope I didn't overlook any information and that I ain't asking for some info that's readily available somewhere.

    Thanks for your time,

    (By the by, if I make any awful mistakes typing, be sure to tell me. French is my native language and I've got to learn.)

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  • Arch , There is a config in Rotarycraft to stop HSLA steel from oredicting to regular steel (default disabled anyway, though). If you're saying that Greg's HSLA steel isn't working though, then in GT's unification config, make sure that HSLA Steel from Rotarycraft is set to true; that way it unifies directly to Reika's version.

    Regarding AM2, the mod is dead. The 1.7.10 versions have huge bugs (cannot summon bosses, crashes trying to configure keystones), and Mithion will not be doing any more work on it. He is not open-sourcing it, has said nothing about turning the project over to anyone, and is considering making his own game (like Eloraam and Redpower, basically).

  • Physicist , thanks for the prompt answer.

    It's what I thought it was then.

    Probably ain't the best place to ask, but... Do you know AM2 somewhat ? Can I disable the offending parts and get all/almost all spells ? I don't care much for the bosses, only the spells. As I don't know what Keystones are... Are they essential to progress ? If it's that flawed and un-fixable, I'm taking it off my pack.

    I have this question, but no worries, after that, it's all back to glorious GT. ;P Have played GT in 1.4.7, 1.5.2, 1.6.4 and I've only scratched the surface of 1.7.10. Can't wait to dive in completely. Still have got a bunch of things to fix about my pack though. ;S

    [1.7.10][Kirara] New administrator of Kirara servers. A serie of well-made hardmode GregTech server. Come join the fun. ;]

  • Looked at new version changelog. Compatibility with AppleCore. Sweet.

    I'll try and test that and tell you how it goes.


    [1.7.10][Kirara] New administrator of Kirara servers. A serie of well-made hardmode GregTech server. Come join the fun. ;]

  • Arch , I did a little more research: Mithion (1 week ago) came back and promised one more update to AM2 to resolve the major bugs.

    You cannot disable the bugged parts, but looks like you could just avoid them until that release.

    The spell system works, but Dungeon Chests and Bosses are the only way to get enough skillpoints to get most/all spells. Keystones are important for Gateways, which are instant travel over large (up to 12km distances) using AM2 power.

    That final bugfix news is great; I had already given up on what would have been my long-term 1.7.10 pack.

  • Physicist . Thanks for the research. ;P This is some amazing news.

    One player on my server has been tinkering with AM2 since the beginning. She'll be happy to hear that !

    Now back to GT. ;] Sorry for that. ;P

    [1.7.10][Kirara] New administrator of Kirara servers. A serie of well-made hardmode GregTech server. Come join the fun. ;]

  • I am trying to fix an exploit with salt, but failing :(
    The problem I am having is that with Harvestcraft installed the salt dust (GT and Hravescraft version) can be pulverized/hammered down to make 4 or 2 crushed salt ore, which can then be turned into dust each. So I am able to make an infinite salt.

    I tried to disable under pulverization the dustSalt_true=false, but still it did not helped at all.

    I did a little research ingame to find out that pams salt is registered under oreSalt for some reason. I tried to remove it from the oredictionary by the use of Minetweaker, but still without any luck to get it out from pulverization and hammer machines.

    So any idea how to fix that, or should I just hope that Harvestcraft will receive a fix for that

  • In HarvestCraft, I'm pretty sure you can make salt for free (just using water). I don't think there's a point to actually fixing this :/

  • You can disable the water from salt recipe in Pam's config though.

    Be sure to tell us how you did it, if you manage to. I'll need that info.

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  • Hey Greg, apparently the name for Chromium Dioxide is "ChromiumDioxide", you appear to have forgotten a free space in the name (in your Materials enum). Just wanted to point that out so you can fix it, should literally be inserting a free space to fix it.

    I am a hobby Mod Translator; if you want your mod to get a German translation, feel free to contact me. :)

  • Anyone here familair with PFAA and Gregtech together? Or even just PFAA? Because frankly, it's lagging uncontrollably and unconsoleably with even one player, and the same exact server and modset (minus PFAA) can handle 6 without serious lag. I'd like to discuss it with someone if possible, because as it is, PFAA is non-negotiably unuseable with this lag. And the lag is very, very strange, as the I/O system and CPU are both almost entirely idle during these severe (70+ tick) and frequent (3-15 seconds) lagspikes.


    Quoted from "zorn":
    People can't handle losing. Lots of new games are like this. My son's Lego games? You die and respawn on the spot, just lose a bit of money. It's made so that anyone can win, even the worst players. Like TE, or EU. They say that IC2 is 'keeping them from moving on' but can never say what that is. In reality they just failed, blew up a bunch of stuff, and their fragile egos couldn't take it so they gravitate towards mods designed to guarantee that you succeed.

  • I was also getting some awful lag with both. Never could figure out why. Custom Ore Gen alone without PFAA gave me similar results. Too bad cause its gen is amazing.

    I tried turning all instance of blueTopaz I could in unification and it still unifies. Any idea ?

    [1.7.10][Kirara] New administrator of Kirara servers. A serie of well-made hardmode GregTech server. Come join the fun. ;]

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  • You have to set only one (the blueTopaz of the mod you want) to true, or you may have problems.

    That is this "B:gemBlueTopaz_false=true" below the "modname" { "oredict entries here" }