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  • My grammar in English can be sometimes bad....however...I meant 1.8 MC version, yes.
    As that was stated, I was thinking that 1.7.10 versions of GT will be compatible to each other as long , as it is for 1.7.10 , however....just we will stick on this version, probably make also another workaround for missing plate recipes etc...And then somewhere in future, we will be able to update again...

  • Greg, I try to configure eu cost of compression recipes and not found it in recipes.cfg. Same question about forge hammer. maybe you add it to config?

    Sorry for my soviet english.

  • Just reading the changelog, does the new gregtech system mean that IC2 would no longer be needed as a dependency and Gregtech would become a standalone mod?
    TBH to me it seems like a standalone mod at the present time
    Really looking forward to the change then!

  • I really hope there is something in the works thats worth transitioning to GT6, like some endgame stuff, more then HV generators and more than mostly steam as your power source and maybe even a fusion reactor :) or maybe a Gregtech fission reactor for steam (only if there are EV,IV,LuV etc Generators for it^^
    ---> that would be so damn awesome

    maybe a bug report: Not sure if thats on your side or on the side of SeNtiMeL, but its not possible to charge a Vajra (from gravitation Suit ) in any of the Battery buffers (we disabled all IC2 power storage/transport) this might also be the case with the gravichestplate, I dont have that atm (made it very very expensive^^ [about ~350 superconductor wire's]).I'm gonna add some recipes with battery's to charge it up, just wanted to let you now (I also post this on his thread)

  • I admit, i'm rather sad and frustrated that GT5 is being abandoned already when it was already so far from reaching maturity. This doesn't instill me with any confidence, especially on the verge of the 1.8 shift.. it just seems like it will be a sad game of sinking ships as we move from 5 to 6, never get half the stuff in 6 that we had in 5 (like how we didn't get all of 4 in 5), then that is cut short again for a move to 1.8 and yet another rewrite...
    The news has discouraged me and my players a lot, and made us very uncertain of the future, enough so that we are discussing abandoning minecraft and finding something else. After all, life without a complete Gregtech is no kind of life at all.


    Quoted from "zorn":
    People can't handle losing. Lots of new games are like this. My son's Lego games? You die and respawn on the spot, just lose a bit of money. It's made so that anyone can win, even the worst players. Like TE, or EU. They say that IC2 is 'keeping them from moving on' but can never say what that is. In reality they just failed, blew up a bunch of stuff, and their fragile egos couldn't take it so they gravitate towards mods designed to guarantee that you succeed.

  • I kinda consider myself lucky that I was not really far into GT 5' cause I figure a complete rewrite now would sort of make me feel like this also...

    If Greg changes to 6 soon, I hope he just skips 1.8 entirely then. 1 update for each version of MC is already pointless (If it were for me, mod devs should still use 1.2.5. The FPS was MUCH better and we'd still have GT 1 to 6, TC 1 to 4, etc...), 2 of them for each version is plain overkill.

    EDIT : Don't tell me I can just backdate and still use 1.2.5, 1.4.7 or 1.6.4. Maybe I can still get all mods versions... But as much as I try, never will I be able to play TC 2, BC5 and GT4 all at the same time.

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  • Note that everything will break. Including Items. Maybe the Tools will be the only thing to survive, because they save their Materials as String, and the Material Strings are staying since they are the OreDict Strings.

    Ores will break too. If you have PFAA, then it is not a Problem ofcourse. Just set unification to non-GT Items, as in set everything, that isn't GT, to true in the Unification.cfg.

    I am already 2/3rds done with transforming the non-element-parts of my Material Enum into the new System, so that would be ready for a release without any Machines, soon.

    Then I want to know... What's ZEH MASTERPLAN ? Update To GT 6 then make it half-functionnal... Then update to GT 7 for 1.8 in a few months ? Basically... GT 6 will be unplayable for most of its lifetime then, right ?

    I want to know... 'Cause I might just adapt my recipes and keep on making new ones, shutting down my server in the meantime. I can't afford an 80 bucks server for a mod that's not even functional.

    If I want to make some kind of GT add-on... Starting it for GT 6 would be a waste of time as well, right ?

    Maybe I'm just better leaving MC be for a while and come back in a year to see if it's worth (the huge amount of) my time then.

    EDIT : Unless I'm completely wrong, and as GT6 without machines is near a GT 6 with machines.

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  • Just found a ZPM. Took a lot of searching. None of my competitors are even aware of their existence. I wonder if any of them will notice how oil and lava is no longer draining. I'll let them in on my secret after I make my base out of osmium blocks.

  • But as much as I try, never will I be able to play TC 2, BC5 and GT4 all at the same time.

    Actually, there was a bit of drama on the Forge IRC a few days ago centered around an experimental project that might actually let you do that: bring 1.2.5 / 1.4.7 mods forward to 1.8 and beyond. Anyone here remember what that was called?

  • Now that I think about it...

    Greg, I've asked a while ago for some config option to be able to change the small ores harvest level. Either globally so they're the same as regular ores or individually, 'cause really there's only 3 I need to change.

    I just wanted you to tell me if it was rejected, considered or accepted. If it's rejected, no biggie. I'll just add some custom ores to my mod and it should fix my problem. ('Cause I might be the only one with that problem. ;P)

    Thanks for your time.

    EDIT : I can make ores, of course. I can also spawn them. Easy. I can set their properties... But I have no idea how I could make them drop stuff from GT. O.o Crushed ores, impure piles or whatever.

    This tiny config option would really save me. ._.

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  • You can actually spawn the ores with CustomOreGen and by manually specifying the metadata you can effectively change the harvest level of the ore (if you don't specify it then all the ores can be broken with a stone pickaxe which I learned the hard way)

  • I'd rather just add 3 ores to my mod. Much less ressource-intensive than having COG only for that purpose.

    [1.7.10][Kirara] New administrator of Kirara servers. A serie of well-made hardmode GregTech server. Come join the fun. ;]

  • Why the branch cutter doesn't work with trees from other mods like IC,TC? This tool is so expansive and none of the vanilla tree actually need it a lot. It'll be so nice if the cutter can gain saplings from some more valuable trees such as silverwood tree.

  • Eaklony
    That is why it does not work. It is meant as Forestry Grafter. Making same 100% drop for rubber tree or silverwood tree would break the balance drastically. So It still have some decent chance, but it works at 100% drop chance only for forestry trees (where grafter has same chance), but in TC or IC2 there is no way t get such a big schance, so neither from this tool

  • Quote

    Q: Why isn't there a Config for the Material Colors?
    A: For Technical Reasons, some Materials have special Color Effects, which currently prevent any Configs.

    This is a poor reason Greg. At the very least you should be able to provide a config for materials that don't have special effects.