[GregTech-6][1.7.10] Moved to Website

  • what Bug you talking about, that I am apparently not supposed to know of?

    A bug in my spreadsheet, not your crucible!
    Though on the point of bugs, I still maintain there is a problem with the magnetite->iron crucible recipe in .62, it doesn't match the electrolyzer recipe and changed since previous versions. 21 tiny piles instead of 7 regular is quite a difference.


    I'm not going to take any responsibility for people blowing things up after using it...
    I'd like to tidy it up sometime, maybe over Xmas...
    It doesn't have all the crucibles or materials or conversions entered into it, though they should be addable if you want one it doesn't have.
    On that note, don't assume it will warn you of all possible conversions that you might do accidentally, since it doesn't know them all. Check yourself.

    Usage notes (you should be able to edit it):
    What I've been doing is copying the Crucible Base sheet for each set I wanted to do, just to save the settings.
    Adding new conversions or materials etc is done in the Data Store sheet.

  • I made my squeezer working properly, and now I need coagulator to make rubber.
    I have been thinking about either getting titanium electrolyzer and somehow get 1000eu from other machines(no rubber, no generator), or just get stainless steel for coagulator.
    I tried to find a vein for chromium and manganese either direct ore or related recipe, then I found ruby vein.
    It required electrolyzer for breking it down. The only electrolyzer I can make is titanium, and it needs at least 1024eu. I cannot make eu since the basic generator needs rubber.

    As simplifying: I need stainless steel for coagulator to make rubber which is needed for generator.
    or I need EU making machine for electrolyzer to make stainless steel for coagulator.

    My questions are: How can I make chromium and manganese?
    If I need electrolyzer, then how can I get EU without rubber?

    Additional questions: Could you lower the tier for making rubber? At least allow us to use bronze squeezer with bronze steam engine. :(
    Is there Bastnasite, Forcillium, and Monazite vein?
    (Not Required) I there any other veins that I did not find yet? (The main ores) Coal, Bauxite, Redstone, Chalcopyrite, Magnetite, Soapstone, Berryllium, Alamadine, Nickel, Talc, Lepidolite/Salt,Tetrahydrite,Spodmene, Olivine/Bentonite, Lapis, Quartize, tin,copper,lead :S

    I wanted to move to IC2 as soon as possible, but It is impossible without rubber. Help me plz help me (please Ignore typo and grammar errors)

  • I see what they are, but I can't find them.
    I even found 2 diamond veins but not then.
    Could you tell me what axis they are or just hint about the location? ;(

  • chromite is the only ore AFAIK that does chrome in the crucible, and that isnt spawned by default if I am remembering correctly. but the way to chrome in the electrolizer is there so that is the way to get it without loot. manganese is from pyrolusite dust in the crucible. hope that helps.

  • Your client configs are the ones that apply for your singleplayer game, so just head into your MC/config/gregtech folder ;-)

    @Bear : For flour, I made a little workaround until there are items for proper bread making....Minetweaker:
    furnace.addRecipe(<minecraft:bread> , <gregtech:gt.meta.dust:9702>, 0.5);

  • Hohoho, I updated GT and now there is Covers and electric Wires.

    I hope everyone had a good year, and will have a good next year. ^^

    And thank you to all my Supporters on Patreon, including the ones who stopped ofcourse, and the Supporters via the PayPal Donation Link, who all have supported me this year. :)

    How i can get list all Pickaxe Head from my mod?

    OP.toolHeadPickaxe.mRegisteredItems should contain all the things, if I got the Name right.

  • If you write about incompatibility thingies with your API, it can probably cause problems only with some addons using your API, right? So upgrading normal worlds&modpacks should be okay, right? When I don't use any addons for GT6..?