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  • I think that statement is wrong, you can both convert IC2 EU to GT EU, as well as GT EU to IC2 EU with Gregtech's transformers.

    I just made a test - I powered a Gregtech machine from MFE with no problems and also powered an MFE with gregtech diesel generator.

    That's odd i wasn't able to accomplish this with a batbox sorry if i misinformed you ;)

  • Hey Greg, back in 1.7.2 and 1.6, there was a harderrecipe for the IC2 Mining Laser causing it to require a [Red] Lens in its crafting. I notice that in 1.7.10, this is no longer the case and the config line no longer exists.

    Deliberate change?

  • V5.05.07:
    Added Fluid Dyes.
    Added Glue. Used for making Paper Boards, Sticky Pistons and Duct Tape.
    Added Fish Oil, what is essentially the same as Seed Oil, but from raw Fish.
    Fixed that nasty crash when the Client has more Fluids than the Server you join to (as in Client having a newer GT than Server).
    Added a large Fluid Cell made of Steel which stores 16000 Liters of Fluid (stackable up to 4). This only saves on Material, compared to universal Fluid Cells.
    Added a large Fluid Cell made of Tungstensteek which stores 64000 Liters of Fluid (stackable up to 4). With this you can store 256000 Liters per Slot instead of just 64.
    Added Apatite Crystallization.
    Fixed some other Bugs.

    I don't say, your "insert whatever" is bad. I'm only showing ways for making it better.
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    I'm also on #gt-dev on irc.esper.net, if you don't want to make a Forum account just to contact me.
    (I'm there almost every day, when I'm at my own computer. Yes you can drop bugs and suggestions there too)

  • Added Fluid Dyes.

    Like XYCraft did! :P

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • About that large fluid cells, will it be possible to walk around and right click fluids with them to put them inside? Or is it only a storage item to fill in canning machines? (or bottling plants idk)

  • Added a large Fluid Cell made of Tungstensteek which stores 64000 Liters of Fluid (stackable up to 4). With this you can store 256000 Liters per Slot instead of just 64.

    What heat capacity does it take to forge tungstensteek? does raw beef work just as well for the purpose?

  • Thanks for great advice. I only don't understand for what reason do I have to transform it up - can't I just go with lossless IC2 cables everywhere I want directly from Batbox? Like this:

    MAIN BATBOX or MFE-------------------------------------------------------------------BATBOX->GT TRANSFORMER (LV)->Centrifuge

    Only shame I have to place so many batboxes everywhere with this option, maybe you have something simpler in mind? If not then at least I have some buffers everywhere.

    Here's my solution:

    (IC2 BatBox 32EU out) ---to---> (GT LV Transformer INVERTED set to 32EU in / 128EU out) ---to---> (20 pieces of "COPPER cable or better) ---to---> (GT LV Transformer set to 128EU in / 32EU out) ---to-- (GT Basic Centrifuge)

    The White dot on the IC2 BatBox should be pointed at the GT LV Transformer. The Big Dot on the (now inverted) GT LV Transformer should be pointed/connected to your GT Copper Cables.

    At the other end of the GT Copper Cables, you should have the Big Dot on the other GT LV Transformer connect to the GT Copper Cables to receive the 128UE and step it down to 32EU.

    Connect your GT 32EU Device/Machine to one of the other sides of the GT LV Transformer (small dots) and you SHOULD have power. Use a GT "Portable Scanner" to test your GT Cables and/or Devices for power.

    Be sure you put a proper power supply to the IC2 BatBox. For test purposes, insert a GT "Debug Scanner" (be sure to use the one with full power) into the IC2 BatBox's LOWER SLOT in the GUI interface, and it will give the IC2 BatBox an unlimited amount of power supply!


    1. Don't press the recipe button in the Centrifuge - there is a bug, and Minecraft crashes
    2. You will need to use a soft Rubber hammer on the LV Transformer to switch it so it INVERTS, or Transforms UP the power from 32EU to 128EU out.
    2a. When the LV Transformer is running normal, (NOT inverted) the Big Dot is the INPUT and small dots are the OUTPUT(S).
    2b. When the LV Transformer is Inverted, the Big Dot is the OUTPUT and the small dots are the INPUT(S).
    3. Use Minimum of GT Copper Cable - it must support at least 128EU - if you add more items, use bigger cable to support more Amps. (Pay attention to amps per machine!)
    4. Use a MV Battery Buffer before transforming the power back down - this will help with power spikes from other machines on the same line.
    5. Make sure your machine is not anywhere in the rain or it catches fire and can/will blow up.
    6. Don't over load your cables or they catch fire, and machines can/will blow up.
    7. Hit it with a hammer... if that doesn't work, try turning it off and on again :P

    Hope that helps! :D

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  • Greg, minor possible bug
    When holding a meta-tool, GUI-opening right-click interactions on multiblock tile-entities don't work. Tested using latest GregTech and Railcraft, on a Railcraft Coke Oven (GUI did not open when right clicking with a meta-tool Sword, Pickaxe, and Shovel; GUI opened when right-clicking with any other non-meta-tool item or open hand.)

  • I think Greg meant: Tungstensteel.

    We know. Its just a joke on the typo. ~SpwnX
    Okay. I know that, but i am amused that he didn't see the mistake. ~Marti_2203
    He actually did see it. He commented about it on #kirara, just did not bother to do anything about it. ~SpwnX

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  • Firstly gregtech energy is only semi-compatible with IC2 default energy, meaning GT energy can be converted into IC2 energy but not the other way around which is why you'll want to use LV / MV / HV / EV / IV Battery Buffers to store and convey your energy.

    Can you clarify this? I convert both ways all the time. IC2 converts into GT via the GT transformer (when placed against an IC2 machine, not an IC2 wire I believe)

  • Can you clarify this? I convert both ways all the time. IC2 converts into GT via the GT transformer (when placed against an IC2 machine, not an IC2 wire I believe)

    No, you are correct; Bepzonkis was mistaken. You can convert GT EU to IC2 EU and vice versa.

    Using Minetweaker ;-)

    Let's Greg other mods!

    He was asking whether it was deliberate on Greg's side, not whether anybody would want to change it back.

    Sometimes, mod-added recipes are better than Minetweaker-added recipes.