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  • As there is so much coding talent in this thread, I thought I'd ask:

    Is there anyone here able and willing to port/update the seemingly abandoned StarMiner? Link to its OP: http://forum.minecraftuser.jp/viewtopic.php?t=17975

    Google translate does well enough on the thread, and a lot of posters self-google-translate their posts. The mod is in English so far as I can tell from playing it (item names and such), just the author is Japanese. I haven't run into any blatant incompatibilities in 1.6.4 with any mods, but I haven't tried running it alongside Galacticraft yet.

    I ask specifically because the Geosync orbit dimension is *great* for Gregtech advanced stuff as a space station endgame.

  • Is anyone else having issues with random crashes when you use a crow bar to remove plates or covers from Gregtech wires or machines?

    I have tried using the crowbar on both wires and machines, and randomly, the game crashes. Its always when I use the gregtech crowbar to remove them. I have not tried Railcraft crowbar, just GT's.

    I made a crash log for the latest. But in the crash log, it doesn't seem to obviously point to GT. So, I am wondering what could be causing it. But, like clock work, if I try to use the crowbar and remove a plate or a cover, poof, it will crash after the 3rd or 4th one.

    This latest crash came while trying to remove an energy detector from the side of a Battery Buffer. I also had a crash right before that from trying to remove a Plate from the side of a Macerator.

    Updated: 10/7/2014

    I solved the issue, with a Tip from Greg that lead me in the right direction.

    I had changed this line in the GreTech.cfg file to TRUE: B:sound_multi_threading=false

    I changed it back to FALSE and the problem was solved.

    It was causing Minecraft crash issues when I tried to place or remove a Gregtech Plate or Gregtech Cover with a crowbar in Gregtech.


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  • Just disable quarries completely, people wont miss it after a while....(well, after they find the vein, for sure....)

    Quarries are fun. "How do I get all these blocks back to my base?" I like the old ic2 where you recycled cobble so you wanted ALL of the blocks that came from a quarry.

    We have made it so quarries get less than half the ores that you'd get in a typical pack and along with nerfing tree farms and doubling the power draw of quarries, I think they are fun but not too OP.

  • Hey guys, I just finished making my first tutorial video for Gregtech 5. The first video in the series is on Battery Buffers. I tried to include as much detail as possible and explain things for beginners who may know nothing about Gregtech. I plan to make more and hope they can be added to the official FTB wiki for Gregtech 5. If you have comments or suggestions, please leave feedback.

    My channel is new, so I appreciate your support by subscribing and liking my videos.


    Gregtech 5 Battery Buffer Tutorial Video


  • i commented on this video about your quake pro FoV

  • Not bad for a start I say.

    I still prefer wikis more though. Information is much more condensed, something that videos hardly can do.

  • Not bad for a start I say.

    I still prefer wikis more though. Information is much more condensed, something that videos hardly can do.

    I have a shitton of "GT in 60s" videos unreleased. But yeah, my concern was the same, that no one wants to watch videos and prefers wikis.

  • I think EU/v is the incorrect measure for voltage, it is just V (or volts).
    Amps are correct to use.

    Technically, machines consume Watts (and volts * amps = watts) and use Joules (watts * seconds) per operation.

    To help illustrate the somewhat separation between IC2 electricity and GT electricity, I think it would be better if you stopped using the term EU/v.

  • It was inspired by the whole BC in 60s thing. Most of them are to gt 4.0 though. You think it's worth giving it a try in GT 5.0?

    If you are able to condense information in 60s for each basic machine, why not?

    It could be linked on the wiki aswell.

  • Actually I think Factorization came first with its shardDiamond, which is 1/9th of a diamond.

    Nope, that one was and still is not even registered at the OreDict. Also it wouldn't even have been stable if it were, since it was 1/18 and then 1/9 in the past, but again it wasn't and still isn't registered at all, not even with the "fz" prefix.

    I am watching the OreDictionary very closely, and the first time "shard" came up as a Prefix, was when Mekanism added it. And after that we had Azanor using it (for things which should have the "gem" Prefix instead, so it was double wrong, what doesn't make it right).

    I don't say, your "insert whatever" is bad. I'm only showing ways for making it better.
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    I'm also on #gt-dev on irc.esper.net, if you don't want to make a Forum account just to contact me.
    (I'm there almost every day, when I'm at my own computer. Yes you can drop bugs and suggestions there too)

  • I have a shitton of "GT in 60s" videos unreleased. But yeah, my concern was the same, that no one wants to watch videos and prefers wikis.

    Well that explains alot, wikis are the main source of information, but videos help more like an example of usage/building/setup , when just plain information isnt that usefull, on GT5 things have changed alot, and many multiblocks are add, so videos are more usefull now , also one image can worth more than a hundred word, aside that, you could just listen to it and get the info while looking at outer places, diferent thoughts can open new ways.

    Check my channel on YT for finished LPs (GT4 and GT5 ), and some stuff on 1.6.4
    I am realy not good with speech and english.