Permission to Use IC2 API for Universal Electricity

  • I don't know where to post this so I'm posting it in the support section because it seems to be the most appropriate.
    I am one of the contributors to this mod called Transformers. The mod is still in early stages so it's not much to show yet. It's an add-on for a mod called Universal Electricity that will convert electricity power from BC power to UE (Universal Electricity) power. We are thinking of making it IC2 compatible also so IC2 power can be converted.

    The official thread for this mod is here:,501.0.html

    I've looked through your terms and I'm not sure if I have the permission to allow this mod to be compatible with IC2 since the mod is currently already posted out in the Forge forums and outside of the IC2 forums. From my understand (correct me if I'm wrong), I'm not allowed to use the IC2 API if my mod is not in the IC2 forums? If anyone has a decent answer, please post it below. Or if you are part of the IC2 team, I would like to ask you permission for using your API in this mod.

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    As far as i know, Minechem uses the API too (even when they use it horribly wrong) and Alblaka has no real problem with it. But for something like this, it is good to ask for permission, due to converting it to a new kind of Energysystem. Lets see what the Devs say.

  • Well done on reading the copyright notes ^^

    You've got permission to use the IC² API for said mod outside the actual IC² forum.
    As long as you don't AdFly the download containing the API files.

    Thanks. Also would you mind opening a thread in the add-ons section of IC2 for this mod? Also, do I get the IC2 add-on developer title if so :)?

  • I do like the simplicity of this mod, but as of now it doesn't convert BC/IC2 power right?

    If I'm correct in what I've read and implied, Calclavia is asking to use the IC2 API so that the two energy systems can be converted back and forth.

  • Yeah, tho that was back in early August and apparently he got permission, I think. Mod doesn't seem to have been updated since then.