[1.106]Recipes for IC2

  • Hi. I've searched alot, and I can't find any recipes for v1.106. I'm specifically looking for how to make Si-cells. Could someone tell me how to make them?

  • ok, but whats with the recipe of the condensators?
    does somebody knows hoe to craft a lapi condensator?
    i dont think its only creative because you have to refill it so it would be quite stupid to make an item for creative mode that you have to refil... i think...

  • i am looking for the nuclear plant recipes, too. Still placeholders in the wiki and no clues in the forum ...i need power :)

    EDIT: Found them in the nuclear reactor description ...

  • i found alot of the recipes for the nuclear reactor in the wiki. heres the list of things i havent found:

    Reactor/core Heat Exchanger
    Advanced Heat Exchanger
    Thick Neutron Reflector
    Neutron Reflector
    10k Coolant cell

    This are the parts i havent found in the wiki and nowhere else.
    Does somebody know how to make them ?

  • It's in Russian, but the recipes are all there, you should consider downloading NEI

    Is the answer to this question no?


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