[Patch v1.109] Audio Fix for ic2

  • Audio Fix

    This patch implements the suggested fix described by me in the bug tracker: http://bt.industrial-craft.net/view.php?id=15

    !! WARNING !!

    No warranties expressed or implied. USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Do NOT bug the ic2 team if you have a problem with ic2 after installing these class files. You're no longer using a supported release.

    Don't bug me, either. I only made a few changes to the code to make sound work, and recompiled it. I have no idea if something screwed up as a result of doing that. I don't know how I would fix it if it does.

    That said, if you find an issue with audio playback, then let me know and I'll take a look.

    This works for me. It should work for you.

    These class files were built from decompiled source for 1.109.113-lf. It's unlikely it will work with anything else.


    1. Overwrite the IC2.class, AudioManagerClient.class and
    AudioSourceClient.class files with the ones contained in this archive
    in the ic2 jar.

    2. Rename the jar to something different so you know it's been modified.

    3. Do not distribute this jar file.

    4. Do not file bugs against IC2 that you find while using this jar. Load
    the official jar and test with that, first.

    5. Do not ask me for support on anything other than sound issues. If you
    find a bug with audio, I'm interested, I'll take a look at it.

  • Only minimal testing so far but everything seems to be working fine. Thank you for stepping up and offering this fix Matjam. It was frustrating to play without sounds, but even more so to see the issue brushed off as something trivial.

    Thanks again Matjam :thumbup:

  • I got it working. Thank you.

    Just wondering what supposed to make sound. It seems like nuclear reactor, mass fabricator and generators are the only things that do?

    Are macerators, extractors and furnaces supposed to?

  • Just a heads up, audio does somewhat work with this patch, but I'm still getting massive spam in the log file about OpenAL audio source, the same spam that was happening in the 1.106 version of IC2 that broke audio.

    I don't have the log file with me at the moment but I can provide more details later.

  • This repeats over and over. I copied all of the files into the IC2 jar into the correct location. Sounds work, mostly, but I still get this spam.

  • Didn't work for me, got a game crash...*sigh*. Have to wait for those guys to officially fix it.

    EDIT: checked the version number of IC2 and I have 108.71. Is it possible that you have a fix for this version too? The reason I ask is that the FTB Pack I use hasn't been updated to 1.4.5 yet.

    EDIT: guess the silence and non-response means that's a "No" then.

  • Made a fresh install of 1.4.5 and the sounds work. Great Job, but I noticed that there ao no sounds for the Rotary Macerator. I know that's part of the Advanced Machines Add-On, but is it possible to make sound for those as well?