[Addon v2.0.288+] Advanced Reactors is shutting down

  • The IC² Experimental build is here, beware of possible bugs within!

    As of alpha10 Advanced Reactors supports localization!!!
    Localizations are hosted in this public mercurial repo if people want to submit more. If enough people want I could move it to a git repo on github. I would like to open source the entire mod, but I'm using some derivative code from IC² and open sourcing would probably cause licensing problems.

    Check here for details of heat capacity values (from alpha 8 onward).

    Also, code changes in the weeping coolant cell in alpha 8 made the new (finished) item incompatible with the old one, so the game will delete your old weeping coolant cells when you first load the new version. I apologize for this and will try not to do it in the future.

    Introducing the Advanced Reactors addon for IC² 2.x. After numerous hours of nuclear engineering and studying reactor designs, we are proud to bring you the next level of Nuclear Reactors. Maintaining some backwards compatibility (old reactors still function but they are no longer craftable) and adding many new features to nuclear reactors, you will be able to construct many new variations of old reactors to improve things like safety, breeder efficiency, heat dissipation, or even total EU output. An important message from our engineers: The new reactor cores and chambers are not compatible with classic reactor cores and chambers, so mixing new components with classic will not work.

    This mod is becoming much more complex than I had anticipated, as such I have to move most of the information off this thread to its own website. Advanced Reactors homepage

    Also there have been recent requests pertaining to license, so I am officialy stamping a license on this
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Appropriate restrictions are waived for the IC² team as required by their publishing regulations. If I have personally granted you permission before this license was in effect, then you continue to have permission so long as you respect the new license.



    (1) Download and install Forge for Minecraft 1.6.2 (just Forge, no ModLoader required)
    (2) Download the latest version if IC2*
    (3) Download the AdvancedReactors jar and place it in your mods directory.
    (4) Have fun

    *Note: If you are using IC2 2.0.194 or earlier, use 1.0.1-exp. 1.0.2-exp updates to IC2 changes that happened in 2.0.195.

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    Lapis Plates are not aquireable due to being overridden by my Lapis Storageblock Recipe. Your Obsidian Dust -> Plate Recipe is not compatible with Obsidian Dusts of any other Mod. Also I would suggest to register your lapis Plate as "plateDenseLapis" to the OreDictionary. Same for your Obsidian Plate as "plateDenseObsidian".

    But aside from the predicted Bugs, nice Addon. ^^

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    I suspected the lapis plate would conflict, I'm just not sure what a good alternative would be. I'm investigating options.

    If GT is installed, Extracting one of his Lazurite Plates?

  • It is compatible with Nuclear Control ?

    It does in fact work correctly with Nuclear Control 1.5.1b. w00t!

    It can read the on/off state

    Thermometers (analog and digital) work as well as thermal monitors

    It can read all three tiers of reactor cores and it displays the correct max heat values

    I'm glad you asked, as I forgot to check this, but my reactor code follows the same apis that classic IC² does so this was expected.

  • Updated to alpha 2, obsidian dust+plate recipes should respect the ore dictionary properly now, and the obsidian neutron reflector as well. Fixed the internal names for the plates (plateDenseObsidian, plateDenseLapis, plateInfernal).

    The gregtech incompatibility with the Lapis plate is still being addressed.

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    I love that idea, but how to I get the item/itemid from gregtech? I'm trying to find it with the API, but I'm a little lost.

    You dont. You use the OreDictionary.
    Its probably "chunkLazurite" but you would need to ask greg.

  • Being the new guy on this one, I have no problem covering this case. I think I found the solution too, I was able to get this code working:

    It does have an embedded assertion that the Lazurite plate is in position 1 in the list (position 0 is the Lapis block for me). So unless there's something odd I'm missing, I will have this fix in alpha3 soon.

  • Yeah that seems to be a much shorter solution. and I have it working now.

    Alpha 3 posted now, it addresses the Lapis Plate incompatibility with Gregtech.

  • Ooh this addon seems neat. Will try it out.

    However, could you add a configuration that changes all copper components in the mod to its lead equivalent? For people with mods that add lead of course. I still don't get why reactors use copper instead of lead, especially with the higher tier reactors.

    Lead plate would be made by compressing 1 lead
    Crafting 8 lead plates around a piece of nether quartz? refined iron? copper? lapis? would make a dense lead plate.
    Also maybe possible support for Applied Energistics Certus Quartz?

    Steam output when Railcraft is installed? If so, make the reactor require water. Or maybe a seperate Nuclear Firebox + Nuclear Boilers.

  • Updated to alpha 4: Steam powered!

    Steam output when Railcraft is installed? If so, make the reactor require water. Or maybe a seperate Nuclear Firebox + Nuclear Boilers.

    Steam output Added!
    The IC2 config option enableSteamReactors toggles them (I felt there was no reason for a new config option)
    As of right now, it just mimics everything IC2 does, so they don't require water input.
    I did however notice that the steam distribution algorithm (based off IC2) doesn't equally distribute steam to all outputs (like boilers do), so I plan to change that.
    I ran several tests of advanced reactors vs classic reactors and EU output and steam output are consistent.

    I also updated compatibility with GregTech Thorium/Plutonium cells as well as GregTech coolant cells.
    The Th/U/Pu cells all now have the same restrictions: tier 1 reactors can only use single cells, tier 2 can use up to dual cells, and tier 3 can use quad cells. As for coolant cells, standard coolant cells are always usable, but GregTech coolant cells are more complex components, so tier 1 reactors can only use single cells, tier 2 can only use up to triple cells, and tier 3 can use up to hex cells.

  • numbers maan, what do they mean?
    but seriously give us the values of these components.

    very nice well written text,
    i like your idea of making Reactors better.

    as it uses the same ic2 api is it working with gregtechs replacer and other logistic stuff?

    Change the scheme, alter the mood. Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind.

    [b][i][u][url=' [url='http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=7745']HAYO CORP: Nuclear Power (FREE: Reactor Blueprints)

  • I don't understand, what are you asking for?

    So far it has been playing nice with gregtech.

    I think he's talking about the exact details of the reactors & components like base maximum heat, how much explosion force is reduced, heat capacity of the Quartz Condensator, heat venting capabilities of the Infernal Reactor Vent and its environmental output, and the durability of the new reflectors. Not fuzzy vague information.