Suggestion: Flamethrower

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    hint: "Shaitan-tube" (it name Flamethrower "RPO-A "Shmel" in Afghanistan)

    This is Item work like CF Sprayer, but create fire. Range is 7 on the front line and the last fire block create fire on neighboring 1 block in sides. If the fire faced with flammable block then the block set fire, non-flammable just setfire in block. (It only my ideas, it may reworked how you comfortably)
    Works on coal and bio fuels (equivalent). 1 fuel can = 8 volleys. Fuel Pack = 4 fuel can = 32 volleys.
    Why do it? -Just for FUN! How and Nuck.
    You can fire mobs, friends, and homes your friends!

    Of course, need add "disable crafting of Flamethrower" config, because it may used by griefers. But I think non-fire flags, may disable it too.


    Flamethrower crafting recipe

    Fuel Pack crafting recipe

    Flamethrower fill in crafting table "empty or not full Flamethrower + Filled fuel can = Filled Flamethrower (empty fuel can drops like bukkits in cake craft)"

    Fuel Pack fill in Canning Machine "1 Filled fuel can + Fuel Pack = (1/4 from full) Fuel Pack (empty fuel can drops like bukkits in cake craft)"


  • Weapons are denied until the "Industrium Conflict" update, which... well... I'm not sure if it's ever coming. Or, rather, it's coming Soon (TM).

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  • This is meant to be a spirtiual successor to the wand of fire I take it? I'm interested... Provided it has the same sort of animation/particle effect & sound. I have a large number of trees that must go, and a large oil-field to ignite, and I want to do it in style. More so than being in a boat while carrying a few lily pads & netherrack as well as some fire charges or flint & steels, that is. Or just carrying a stack of fire charges in the forest's case.

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  • I think recipe can be a bit more expensive - use Blaze Rod instead of Flint and Steel.
    In addition would be nice to have a Napalm and throwable flammable potion Molotov Coctail.
    BTW if fuel flamethrower with napalm, then it will spit fire in portions like Incenerator in Fallout, in minecraft term it can be done by throwing same projectiles that Blaze does.

  • Industrium Conflict = Half-Life 3

    Industrium conflict= Nintendo console without any form of mario, or dreamcast 2

    Also, if this does get added in, would I be the only one who changes their skin into a pyro skin?

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    Any kind of weapons are denied until the developers decide to make the probably-never-going-to-come industrial conflict expansion.

    Not that you can't suggest weapons to addon developers, or make your own.
    Closed. =)