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    Long story short, it was the result of one of the 9001 flame wars between Greg and mDiyo. There was a very heated, and silly (for both sides) argument on OreDictionary conventions and specifications.
    Eventually, it ended in a compromise where Greg agreed to not mess with mDiyo's mod stuff and vice versa. Although some say that GregTech is incompatible with Tinker's Construct, they load OK together, but there may be unexpected and unresolvable issues that may occur. Don't expect many to help you with these issues since the modded MC community is still somewhat polarized about that, and we usually don't want to reopen the can of worms and restart the flame war, so don't try to talk about that.

    Anyone know how i'm supposed to make aluminum in GregTech5? it requires blast furnace and voltage 120eu/t to smelt aluminum dust, but to make MV input bus to actually power furnace, i need to have aluminum. what is that paradox?

    Multiple LV hatches. If I'm not wrong, 2 or 3 should be fine.

    This server died long ago. Unstick thread.

    While I neither agree nor disagree with your demands, there is no need to barge into the IC2 forums and just yell for everything you want. There are 7 billion people on Earth, and a few million that play Minecraft, and a hundred or so on these forums. Nobody complies to just one out of so many people's demands. There is no need to be so aggressive.

    Consider looking up "tact" and "sensitivity".

    I play on 1.6.4 gregtech hardmode minecraft. How to make 1st macerator? By advanced circuit or by diamond grinder? I don't know how to do both things ( advanced circiut needs lapis lazuli dust, diamond grinder needs diamond dust). I just travel in NEI and I'm very confused.

    Go via the steam age, you can get lapis dust from the steam grinder thing.

    I bet 4 months, based how slow MCP was last time. :Industrial Diamond:

    Not really sure, but how many major changes are there in 1.8? Seems to me there is only the performance and rendering. That may add a few weeks to ETAs, but I don't see 3 month ETAs, unless I'm missing something here.

    Letting the iron furnace accept heat would actually be really cool, since very few people actually make it other than when making generators. It would be a bit like Factorization's furnace heater letting you use it's power to run vanilla furnaces.
    If we had kinetic macerators, we'd really need hand cranks to power them, so you could end up with slow, yet early game maceration.

    Or we could use a similar concept to Sync and get animals to do it for you.

    why kU? it makes more sense for EU and just say its an elec motor as it would be IRL.
    unless you go back to steam powered saw mills, then it'd be kU. belt transmission btw.

    Or allow both?

    And a standard furnace (not blast) that runs on hU would be cool too.

    Macerators running on kU would make sense too.

    So need help here:

    - Are the steam "explosions" completely normal?
    - Is there any benefit to having a higher temperature and hence pressure?
    - How are the Kinetic Steam Generator and Kinetic Generator aligned?

    Since ProjectE is out now publicly and w/ Configurable EMC will intergration for adjusting EMC for Some of the GT machines/items be in an update or Will it take a Nerf Bat? (as this could totally break Material Progression. )

    You can't help it if someone wants to set diamonds = 1 EMC and cobble = 8192 EMC, there's nothing Greg can do about the breaking progression.

    Although they may as well just do /gamemode 1

    You need to place iron in a blast furnace along with 6 compressed air cells. You'll get 1 refined iron after a fairly long period of time, along with some slag. Slag can be centrifuged to coal and gold.

    Blast furnace is not powered by EU directly, but by hU. You can use either Electric Heat Generator (EU, with coils supplied), Solid Heat Generator (furnace fuel), Fluid Heat Generator (biogas, BC fuel, creosote oil, etc.), or Electric Heat Exchanger (lava or hot nuclear coolant) to generate hU. Make sure the copper square on the heat generator of your choice and the copper square on the blast furnace are facing each other.

    Note that the tech level of refined iron is higher than what it was in classic IC2. Refined iron now is equivalent to steel, back then it was the same level as normal iron.

    I'm using four 100 hU/t electric heat generators (EHGs) attached to the steam generator here.

    For some reason, when I turn up the mb/t throughput at the bottom, the EHGs stop generating hU/t even though they are being powered by debug tools each.

    Is this intended or a bug? Using build #590 here.
    If it is intended, how can I work around it?

    EDIT: So by reading around it seems that it is intended... right?

    Why immibis is the only guy then wanna update old IC2?I don't see any good thing in IC2 EXP...
    SirusKing said than the NanoSaber it's a luminous stick.. and then he made a new cool texture,but only i see it's a pirate sword than nobody use.And new,you now need a bunch of iron for make a simple thing,and please don't talk to me about the recipe for the drills...this needs motors,for motors you needs a bunch of items,those items need cables,for cable you need a hammer(yes,a hammer for make cables,good one guys )this hammer give you a plate,with this plate you needs scissors.
    Old the work of Alblaka has been destroy by GregTech...sorry,i said IC2.But please,all we know than if IC2 EXP continues like will be a bad copy of Gregtech.

    So the new heat and kinetic energy, reactor mechanics and tech tree expansion (the new refined iron, improved ore processing etc.) are irrelevant?

    IC2 is not meant to be any mod where you can reach the end of the tech tree after 30 minutes. IC2 experimental was never meant to compete/be compared with with classic IC2 anyway. It was meant as a more balanced (to the dev team's POV of course, not saying that all of reddit should share this) replacement of IC2 with more appropriate costs and mechanics. Neither is IC2 experimental intended to compete with any other industrial mods out there. Just because every other tech mod gates ore multiplication at 8 cobble (as an example) doesn't mean that IC2 has to gate it at 8 cobble.

    In my opinion you are being granted the ability to do things beyond vanilla Minecraft's tech tree, after all. Where do you get babysitting free furnaces in vanilla Minecraft? Where do you get indefinitely unbreaking pickaxes in vanilla Minecraft? Where do you get ore doubling in vanilla Minecraft? Where do you get near complete invincibility in vanilla Minecraft?

    Thunderdark But I thought steel was an iron and carbon alloy, and from what I remember the old GregTech also required coal dust for making steel in his E Blast-Furnace, that's why I thought adding a coal slot would be better .

    You are right for the fact that we need air to remove CO2, but steel is still a iron and carbon alloy :b.

    And also, I have an idea, can you add CarbonNanotubes/Damascus steel as a new metal for top tier machinery ?

    Isn't IC2 "steel" refined iron?

    Even if steel is a form of refined iron, you can assume that IC2 Blast Furnace refines iron in a different manner using Minecraftian mechanics to yield a stronger version of iron equivalent to steel.