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    You need to place iron in a blast furnace along with 6 compressed air cells. You'll get 1 refined iron after a fairly long period of time, along with some slag. Slag can be centrifuged to coal and gold.

    Blast furnace is not powered by EU directly, but by hU. You can use either Electric Heat Generator (EU, with coils supplied), Solid Heat Generator (furnace fuel), Fluid Heat Generator (biogas, BC fuel, creosote oil, etc.), or Electric Heat Exchanger (lava or hot nuclear coolant) to generate hU. Make sure the copper square on the heat generator of your choice and the copper square on the blast furnace are facing each other.

    Note that the tech level of refined iron is higher than what it was in classic IC2. Refined iron now is equivalent to steel, back then it was the same level as normal iron.

    I'm using four 100 hU/t electric heat generators (EHGs) attached to the steam generator here.

    For some reason, when I turn up the mb/t throughput at the bottom, the EHGs stop generating hU/t even though they are being powered by debug tools each.

    Is this intended or a bug? Using build #590 here.
    If it is intended, how can I work around it?

    EDIT: So by reading around it seems that it is intended... right?

    Why immibis is the only guy then wanna update old IC2?I don't see any good thing in IC2 EXP...
    SirusKing said than the NanoSaber it's a luminous stick.. and then he made a new cool texture,but only i see it's a pirate sword than nobody use.And new,you now need a bunch of iron for make a simple thing,and please don't talk to me about the recipe for the drills...this needs motors,for motors you needs a bunch of items,those items need cables,for cable you need a hammer(yes,a hammer for make cables,good one guys )this hammer give you a plate,with this plate you needs scissors.
    Old the work of Alblaka has been destroy by GregTech...sorry,i said IC2.But please,all we know than if IC2 EXP continues like will be a bad copy of Gregtech.

    So the new heat and kinetic energy, reactor mechanics and tech tree expansion (the new refined iron, improved ore processing etc.) are irrelevant?

    IC2 is not meant to be any mod where you can reach the end of the tech tree after 30 minutes. IC2 experimental was never meant to compete/be compared with with classic IC2 anyway. It was meant as a more balanced (to the dev team's POV of course, not saying that all of reddit should share this) replacement of IC2 with more appropriate costs and mechanics. Neither is IC2 experimental intended to compete with any other industrial mods out there. Just because every other tech mod gates ore multiplication at 8 cobble (as an example) doesn't mean that IC2 has to gate it at 8 cobble.

    In my opinion you are being granted the ability to do things beyond vanilla Minecraft's tech tree, after all. Where do you get babysitting free furnaces in vanilla Minecraft? Where do you get indefinitely unbreaking pickaxes in vanilla Minecraft? Where do you get ore doubling in vanilla Minecraft? Where do you get near complete invincibility in vanilla Minecraft?

    @Thunderdark But I thought steel was an iron and carbon alloy, and from what I remember the old GregTech also required coal dust for making steel in his E Blast-Furnace, that's why I thought adding a coal slot would be better .

    You are right for the fact that we need air to remove CO2, but steel is still a iron and carbon alloy :b.

    And also, I have an idea, can you add CarbonNanotubes/Damascus steel as a new metal for top tier machinery ?

    Isn't IC2 "steel" refined iron?

    Even if steel is a form of refined iron, you can assume that IC2 Blast Furnace refines iron in a different manner using Minecraftian mechanics to yield a stronger version of iron equivalent to steel.

    so regular tnt cant blow through obsidian, needed for tnt cannons and player traps.

    also,how do you craft coolant cells in the latest experimental ic2 release, ive tried all the recipes listed at http://wiki.industrial-craft.n…ex.php?title=Cooling_Cell but none of them work.(sorry if this should be posted in a separate thread)

    Don't use the wiki, although I can't blame you as it isn't updated yet and there is no NEI support either.

    Use the canning machine in fluid enrich mode, you can use either:
    - 1 bucket regular water + 8 lapis dust
    - 1 bucket distilled water + 1 lapis dust

    Instead of axels and gearboxes, we could do hydraulics or pneumatics, though they aren't original either. They are simpler though.

    No, it's going to change.

    "Voltage" (i.e. packets) will come back. Resistance will be variable depending on the amount that is passing through the wire OR the maximum "voltage" tolerance of the wire I believe (not entirely sure on that).

    Proof (albeit somewhat outdated, from November):

    As I stated multiple times already the energy net is nowhere near its final state and voltage isn't implemented yet. The simulation does already use the correct algorithms, but the voltage values are being ignored atm.

    Machines still explode by receiving too much energy at once, but right now current == energy and currents sum up. Later on the voltage will make machines explode and higher currents just mean more throughput at the cost of higher conduction losses.

    U just don't get it LuL. Go lul somewhere-else and stop commenting on this thread plz.

    Ad hominem is not going to get you anywhere here.

    See here, glass fibre cable is not meant for casual use (logically, it shouldn't even conduct electricity). There are far better alternatives, both economically and in actuality. It is pretty much intended that glass fibre is expensive to prevent people from abusing its usage like back in classic IC2. Well I do agree they may be slightly overdoing it (maybe 0.75 - 0.85 diamonds/cable would be a better compromise) but glass fibre cable is not something cheap you're meant to have after 20 minutes of playing.

    Edit 2: Seriously, diamonds aren't that hard to get. Get a Fortune pickaxe (even easier in 1.8). A Fortune II pick and a medium-sized diamond ore vein (about 4 diamond ores) can net you about 7 diamonds on average. Sure, you need some bookshelves and enchanting tables, but that's late midgame vanilla, and about early midgame in IC2. Not that tall of a technological barrier.

    Edit 1: So I see you're ignoring me. That's fine. I'm not going to get angry from any internet arguments. Denial isn't going to get you anywhere either.

    Just so that what I'm saying is clear. I do not have any problem with the efficiency degradation of cables within the game.
    I am only pointing out that one single cable is costing almost 1 diamond. Where as previously the use of a diamond in a recipe would yeald 6/8 pieces of Fiber cable.
    I know there are some smart people here with all the equasions and so-forth. I appreciate this.

    My only point is about game balance and the cost of material to make the cable.

    Thanks to those that replied. (p.s.. no problem Kye))

    You need it for QEV/IV energy (max 8192) transference only I think, you can just use four parallel HV cables (max 2048) transferring EV for that, there is absolutely no reason to use Glass Fibre unless they decided to buff its resistance significantly.

    Cable loss, when reimplemented, will function differently from what it used to in classic IC2. Better cables will have higher resistance IIRC. Cable loss should be in decimals per block now, not 1 per x blocks. Use the appropriate wire and don't jump straight to GFC.

    You aren't meant to have lossless energy transfer anyway. If you really want to do that, maybe try hopper and minecarts with batteries/crystals.

    If that does happen, make it a mode you have to toggle, don't want to accidentally walk up fences.

    I don't think that will work, cable resistance was going to be changed to x per block instead of 1 per x blocks.

    The 2nd one seems pretty cool, although output should be decreased (since you are breaking the momentum) or it could be easily exploitable as a mob farm.

    It would be pretty cool but pretty OP to see an Enderman farm in the End where the Endermen are being cut down by windmills generating energy at the same time.

    I need to get irdium, so i need UU matter. I have craft the mass fabricator but i do not know how to use it. I dont know if i have to find UU matter in form of liquid and take it with a cell or something, but i have use the creative and the UU matter in cells does not work.
    I am spanish so i am sorry about my english :P

    Use a Scanner to scan iridium ore (found in dungeons, villages, mineshafts, etc.) and then place the data in the Replicator to create UU.

    This is the Futuristic one, not Classic :p Fonts were experimental and will be either removed or tweaked for the next iteration, because it ended up being not that great for extensive chat reading.
    Between 1.7 and 1.8, the only thing that I need to change is the enchant table iirc, will do that once I finished PFM 1.1

    Oh oops

    Get NEI to check for recipes.

    Although, as mementh said, the reactor system is changing, so you may want to hold off on it.