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    IC2 machines can run off Greg EU directly.

    If you wish to convert from IC2 EU to Greg EU, use GT transformers.

    well the issue i see is i am in SMP.. not a server :)
    second i don't know why everyone is not planning for WHEN cables DO BLOW UP!! or have the devs decided to nix that idea??

    I do see the RTG's as my desired long term power gen system.. not sure how to get things started with them though :( ( i am planning to wait till all the nuke stuff is done and the EU systems are restored )

    SMP is a server. Well, so is SSP, but never mind that. Regardless if you are on SMP or SSP, there will still be lag.

    There is no point doing the cable-batbox technique because packets will be reimplemented eventually. The reason they got rid of it was so they could optimize the E-Net. You still can't avoid resistance though, because resistance will be per block, but not per n-blocks, and will scale depending on cable packet tolerance.

    Composite vest would be more useful if we had the full composite armor. Creeperproof ftw.
    Industrial diamonds are used in GregTech as they are harder (to make and physically aswell) than regular diamonds.


    Maybe add blast protection enchantment to the composite vest too. And possibly add it as a cost to NSuit (and in turn, QSuit) armor.

    A even heavy-dutier upgrade (maybe some sort of lead and iron composite) that causes player slowdown for good protection from nukes and wither projectiles would be good too.

    Just silly.

    If you try this on any substantial server and on a large-scale, you'll probably be banned from the performance issues. 16 chunks area in solar should be enough to start causing significant lag. Not sure about wind power, but if you use SpwnX's windmill design probably a few hundred towers will start causing lag.

    In current IC2, power storages are unnecessary (in fact diminish power output) and you can just use tin cables since there is no cable loss.

    Instead of 1k solar panels, try about 5 to 8 nukes. Of course, if you don't want nuclear power, that's the price you have to pay.

    EDIT: If you want a massive EU farm though, a few small arrays of RTGs should be sufficient.

    I produced the reactor and I can assure you it used up at least 2/3rds of what it said (I believe all of it but I didn't count). The costs are shown in milibuckets but most endgame mats are in the thousands to produce.

    Hmm. I could have sworn they reduced the costs a thousand-fold, unless you are still on 1.6.4.

    In 1.7.x versions, you can edit IC2.ini and change the UU value of the items.

    The reactor planner is freaking outdated, don't bother to look at the resources tab.

    On a side note, UU cost for production has been scaled down to millibuckets last I remembered.

    Ok, guys, I really lost all my patience. Please tell us a word about what the hell is going on with this IC2 mod ? It's not my place to demand anything, but I would really see the electricity melting down cables. I want to see machines blowing-up with the power overload! I want to use cables to make electric fences... What's that stall about E-Net ? Please tell a word or two about the topic. You seem to update and upgrade everything else but the CORE of this mod.
    It's pretty pointless playing this mod without worrying about what cables will I use, what will I connect with what, and so on...

    BTW - if you need a practical advice, I am an electro-technician, so I can help you with that a bit. Feel free to ask.

    As stated before, the E-Net is still incomplete and many destructive mechanisms of the E-Net has been removed temporarily. Player, the developer responsible for the E-Net, is fairly busy at the moment.

    For practical advice - over-complicating the E-Net to make it more realistic is going to take quite a hit on performance when used medium to large scale, so that's not really viable.

    Improve cans by decreasing the time required to eat them, as it stands there is little use given the amount of time taken to eat without QuantumSuit (which incidentally, can consume cans smarter, instead of eating an entire can when half a hunger bar down). Please also somewhat implement saturation (e.g. a golden carrot has a greater combined saturation and food than steak).

    The booze system can be reworked too. Maybe add ability to automate it, either partly or wholly, and make obtaining buffs simpler. Or add slips of recipes on it that are found in worldgen.

    Pump rewritten is on my ToDo List....

    implement as a 2way Pump to pick up fluid within a radius (for Lava ,...) and place fluids block within a radius

    Please also make a specialized version of the pump for water generation (and add configuration to disable it for those that don't want infinite water) that doesn't involve directly sucking the water up. Something like the TE Aqueous Accumulator, but maybe add some cell input/output slots and some basic power requirements.