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    Greg, mind adding the actual functionality of the machines to the tooltip?

    E.g. when searching in NEI for E-furnii people may only see Basic E-Furnace, Advanced E-Furnace, Advanced E-Furnace II, Advanced E-Furnace III, but they may miss out Electron Excitement Processor, so maybe add that to the tooltip.

    Regarding meta tools:

    ähm so how can I harvest Diamond Ore if steel/iron are just level 2 tools :D? I can't mine any level 3 ore (or I just get it wrong with the levels :X)

    Small Diamond Ore can be mined by level 2 tools. Alternatively, manufacture Industrial Diamonds to get diamond tools (level 3).

    Are Meta-Armor planned?

    EDIT: As of now, is level 6 (Neutronium) the highest level?

    every response I have recived about this idea has "from nothing, for nothing, free, free and more free shit." in it. people the scrap machine takes power and material to make scrap, most clever people on servers make cobble gen farms, heck gregtech has cobble stone generators in it. Every peice in a stack, In a scrap machine takes an operation = lag, then you have a % chance to get a peice of scrap, then a % chance to get somthing from a srapbox. so I am sure that your perfect scrap machines make "free" shit !!!! anyways. don't even get me started on IC2's mass fab(power*time = matter = anything).

    Exactly why they are banned on quite a few servers. Doesn't matter if traditional, gregtech or TE, a 16x16x16 cube of some sort of cobblegen is still going to be laggy.


    though I would think gregtech would make cobble generators that take less cpu.

    If you understood the last paragragh in post #3, I would NOT be arguing still, there are power requirements to be talked about, the idea of adding "flux" to get more of the elements wanted, do you even know what flux is good for other than solding? (real life) I bet you do not. but if you had an once of imagination working you could guess it from what I have said already.

    My ideas are not making free anything,

    Okay. You are clearly still not getting the point. You still are making "free anything". Neither is ad hominem is not going to help you here.

    Power requirements are easily solved with a massive greengen field (windmills, watermills, solars, whatever the hell people can think of nowadays), again, bad for the servers, or a MOX CRCS reactor, which is probably considered less viable because it is nonrenewable.
    Flux. Glass is renewable using cobble -> sand route. As for salt, there isn't any salt in MC or IC2 yet, so I have no clue what results that will bring.

    Thanks for the answer. I tried to use Sodium and Lithium since they exist in cell form - hence I though they can be liquid.

    Do you plan on adding Sodium and Lithium as power source in some other way then?

    They exist in cell form because IRL they would react violently with air.

    There will probably not be a Sodium/Lithium power source because it completely doesn't make sense unless you intend to harness that violent combustion, which is very hard to do with just a few pipes and some water.

    Then just disable cobble generation, if obsidian is made in a generator then redstone or lava is used to make it and that is fair. the argument I make is, how much cobble would you need to feed though a scrap machine to have a chance of getting anything thing valuable? Would it matter how easy it is to mine out an area, it would take real life days to mine enough but, with the "plasma arc furnace" the longer the game goes it would start paying off. because you would get a small % of valuable metarials back from mining. similar to IC2's scrap machines but with a known amount of value. plus you can use flux to help get more of what you want. how would it matter if cobble stone generation is working? at least you wouldn't have half a dozen scrap machines running = lag.

    ok fine I will simplify.... uses similar system to scrap machines, can not give give complex items(tools, diamonds,plant stuff, etc.), machine consumes stacks of items not single item per operation, stack of materials = % of materials out(i.e. stone*64 = 0.01% iron, 0.001% copper, 0.000001% irdium), materials = stone, dirt, ores. , if machine loses power and % does not = 100% then % = 0.

    that is the best way if can think of describing it.

    Doesn't matter. If there's free resources or energy, people would do anything to exploit it. For example, just see the massive solar farms people did before CompactSolars.

    We are also looking at server performance here. All you need is one greedy person before 10k "plasma arc furnaces" will lag the server to death.

    Old math (11+ months ago) RC Boilers consumed more fuel when cold, less fuel when hot, and produced steam at a constant rate based on tank size.

    New math (newer than June of last year, damn has it really been that long?) RC Boilers produce Steam as a factor of Heat; more Heat = more Steam (maximum rate still based on tank size). Additionally, more Heat = more Fuel usage. So basically, when CJ rewrote the RC Boiler math, he inverted just about everything.
    And actually at some point about a page ago, somebody copy/pasted and tried to explain this. Here's the actual Link CJ posted last year explaining the new math.

    Also: Higher tier GregTech energy generation systems consuming fuel more efficiently and producing EU faster with that fuel? What is this blasphemy?

    Well, if you're spending stuff inefficiently, may as well create it efficiently.