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    We're running modpack called GT New Horizons and for quite some time now the server stalls every once in a while, causing players to time out.
    The server has enough RAM and CPU power, TPS is always at 20 with 10ms work time.

    Sampler managed to get some info but we lack the skill to pin point the problem when google fails.
    Sampler log:
    Server log: - happens at 16:32:15

    The "Server Thread" is always at the top with the same error you can see in the sampler log.
    Does that have something to do with world saving and disk I/O?

    Thanks for all the help,

    After removing fastcraft we get a lot more of these

    A friend of mine has to start a 3D game beside Minecraft so he can play. Without he gets 3-10 fps. This forces the activation of his Dedicated graphic card.

    Dedicated graphics card can usually be set using drivers (ATI Catalyst or NVidia Control Panel).
    If not, you can usually set BIOS settings to use Dedicated card only.

    After googling the very first error line, all the results are about using a mod for different MC version. Like 1.8 or 1.6.4
    Are you sure you have the right mod versions?

    Also this whole problem would fit better in the random thread I think.

    EDIT: After looking at the screenshots of your modpack folder, I can see you have downloaded several wrong versions of mods. You probably won't be able to connect, because the server uses older versions of some mods (Galacticraft for example)

    Also you have downloaded Thaumcraft for MC 1.8 and not 1.7.10. That's why it doesn't even start.

    Also also, it is common sense to post complete/relevat crashlog on pastebin.

    Also also also, putting the pack together is one of the prerequisites of joining the server. Using Google too.

    Lets stop this spam here in the official thread now please.

    I was surprised Steve's Carts were in the pack, as it's not that difficult to get self sustaining wood farm with them. I was even more surprised it has not been tweaked in any way.

    Twillight Forest can be overpowered with easily accessible redstone, diamonds and lapis. It is also more suitable for smaller servers where stuff doesn't get looted/killed so easily for others.

    EDIT: I downloaded CC+ATG+EXB and used the configs posted here. The terrain looks a bit strange and barren. Might be bad luck on place selection. That's with 32 chunk distance btw.

    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to provoke any quarrel. I just wanted to share my thoughts on worldgen - the very basic of stable map.
    If those pictures are indeed with 12 render distance, real game might actually look good. Thanks for clarification.

    I have done zero work for the server itself so I am in no place to judge your careful selection. I just thought it was a valid concern to talk about.


    I'd like to join too.

    My point of view on ATG and RTG terrain types:
    These look good only with large view distances. On a server where you have view distance 10 max, all you see is a plain or a part of a mountain.
    Terrain with cliffs, overhangs and other stuff blocking your view looks good even with smaller view distance, because you don't get that weird "world edge". BoP or Amplified does that pretty well.
    ATG/RTG can look good in pictures or SP, not in multiplayer.

    I'll be probably underground anyway.

    P.S.: Big Trees mod can make terrain look good too. Has to be tweaked a bit though.

    Really long connections with GT cables are not a good idea performance wise.
    I have my ideas about long distance energy transfer and the fist but inefficient one will come soon, but a real one able to connect far apart bases with good efficiency will still take some time for me.

    The trick of my idea is that once it's set up, the two Transformers act as a wireless transport. They only interact with each other, not the cables. Cables are just sitting there doing absolutely nothing unless broken. So it has zero performance hit over tesseracts.

    Got an idea about long energy transportation. Special kind of energy network just for long distance transportation.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention this is ment to allow energy transport over unloaded chunks without wireless magic. With proper energy lines stretching 1000 blocks.

    Input transformer
    Output transformer
    Special cable (can be multiple tiers along with transformers above)
    List for each grid (virtual database)

    When placing the Input transformer, it gets assigned an ID number X and acts as a source of power for the grid. It is also written into a List as a powersource.
    Then you have to lay the Special cable all the way to your destination with NO FORKS.
    The first cable block checks the ID of connected Input transformer and gets the same number.
    Next cable block checks the ID of previous cable block and gets the same number too, creating an energy grid with same ID number X. Also, when assigned an ID, the cable block checks other connected cable blocks and if it finds one without assigned ID, it triggers its call for an ID. //So if you connect proper cable to a bunch of orphan cables, they get assigned one by one
    Last block is Output transformer, again with the same ID number. It is also written into the List as powerdrain.
    Input transformer and Output transformer have to be chunkloaded. Cables do not.

    When the grid is completed, you can safely assume it's intact and ready to work.

    Broken cable scenario:
    When cable block is broken, it marks its neighbour cable blocks with a Flag (creating two cable endings). These 2 Flagged blocks get added to the List above with their coordinates. The grid shuts down.
    To repair it, you have to connect cables back to these Flagged blocks. When connecting a new cable block to this Flagged one, it follows the same procedure as above, but the Flag gets moved to this new block (in the List too), because we have a new cable ending.
    When two of these Flagged cable blocks meet, the grid knows it has been reconnected, the Flags are removed and everything works again.

    Special cases:
    Placed cable blocks with no Input transformer or assigned cable blocks around them have no ID assigned and become orphan blocks. They have to wait for assigning avalanche described above.
    IF a newly placed cable block finds two neighbours with different ID, a wild explosion of both Input transformes (that you just connected together) is imminent.
    IF a newly placed cable block finds two neighbours with same ID but not Flagged, you've connected your fork back to the grid and a short circuit happens. (you can't make forks this way)
    IF you try to place a second Output transformer, you add second Powerdrain to the List and the grid shuts down (you have to end one grid and create two new grids to make a fork)
    Broken Flagged block is erased from the List.

    I have for sure forgotten some special cases that could happen, but right now it seems to me this might work.

    The new automatic hammering machine requires:
    Note, that it requires the Engine to alternate between positive and negative Energy in order to work (GT Engines always do that).
    Why does it need positive and negative energy? Aren't moving parts in machines always made in such a way that a dynamo moves in just one direction and some internal mechanism of the machine takes care of the direction change?

    algorithms, cycles, methods of solving the problems has led to what we have(receive). This is a joint problem, it is not built in one solution. Algorithms forced perform series of operations that lead to lengthy analysis and realization in world-chunks.
    #reasoning(It is not addressed to a specific person)
    What if you do not do series of operations at each re-start? Just save the changed data such as OreDictionary, Dictionary dust, stones Dictionary, Dictionary of other objects. If the configuration file and modpack remains unchanged why each time to cause the addition of dust, ores, ingots, nuggets, objects, blocks, and everything else? Why perform the same thing every time you start?

    This is not even remotely possible. And I said that too back then.

    So yeah.

    Retep, try adding

    -XX:+UseFastAccessorMethods -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy
    to your Launch parameters, improved things for me and I never got an OOM Error since using Java 8.

    That's a nice idea but it doesn't solve the infinite worldgen going on in the background so it would hang eventually anyway.

    EDIT: If you want to try it on your own, just get IC2 and GT and create a SuperFlat world type RedstoneReady or Desert and then watch the region files multiply.

    Or reduce the size of GT oreveins to max 1 chunk(size=0).

    Alternatively, wouldn't it be possible to seperate the generation of GT oreveins into 9 1 chunk big parts that somehow syncronize to combine into one big vein but do not trigger each others generation?

    Good idea. However, it doesn't work.
    I set every Size to 0 in the configs (even for granite) and still get infinite loop in Sandstone Superflat.


    Yeah that is the problem. If you would install Glenns Gasses twice or more (if it would be possible), you would end up having the same Problem. It is not just GT, it is all Mods, which have Standard Worldgen.

    Your safe-checks must fail then because it happens in SuperFlat with only GT installed (and in regular Overworld too, just in much smaller scale).