[AddOn v1.90] Charging Bench v1.90-1

  • yes,Yes! YES!!!!!!!update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8o
    thank you!!!!
    why am I so pcyhed for new updates? nothing really changed in 1.81 :D

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  • hi
    Love the mod.
    There seem to be some issues with v1.81-1.
    I have a MKIII hooked to and MFE with 36 energy storage upgrades, 14 over clockers and 1 transformer upgrade.
    Its only taking 36EU/t from the grid and charging my stuff super slow once the energy storage upgrades are depleted

    Any ideas?


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    I looked into it a bit, but I couldn't repeat the issue. Using an MFE hooked directly to MKIII, 36 energy storage, 14 overclocker, and 1 transformer, it consistently received 128EU/t from the MFE. Is there something else drawing power from the MFE, or is the MFE only receiving 36EU/t?

  • The MFE was full or atleast above 590k
    I had other machines hooked up to it as well, however they were advanced machines only on trickle charge, to keep warm.

    Ok after reading your response I did some testing it seems the advanced machines mod machines are requesting(maybe) but not using energy from the ENET when connected.
    Once I disconnected them and only had a bench hooked up it started drawing 128 and drew the correct amount when hooked to an idling induction furnace as well.

    I'll head over to that mods thread, sorry for the hassle.

  • Hey! I made this new texture for this charging Bench mod!

    Drop the following file into your Charging Bench '.jar -file (mine is called: mod_IC2_ChargingBench-1.81-1-client.zip ).. Inside this '.zip -file is the current folder: \ic2\sprites\ <- put texture here and replace with the old one..

    I allow this texture to by used by the author of this mod in future releases if he so wishes.. My in-game name is Starlight and I play on InventionCraft (on InventionGaming)!

    Here is a picture of the texture in use:


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  • Why is it that with some overclocking upgrades the bench only charge one item at a time as opposed to charge all items at the same time without?

    Edit: Also, shift-clicking items only work for the first item when putting into the bench..


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  • IC2 Error when placing charging bench (I use the fix for mc 1.2.5)

  • IC2 Error when placing charging bench (I use the fix for mc 1.2.5)

    Its not updated for ic2 1.95/MC 1.2.5 yet? ;)

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  • So I take it the 1.90 compat version isn't functioning with 1.95/1.95b? Would love to be able to use this on the server I just got up and running. Used it a few times in the past, and it's great for charging up groups of energy crystals for power transport. So much less clicking and waiting around till they charge. Just dump, and come back later to find everything how you wanted it :)

    Excellent mod reguardless, and I sincerely believe with all the attention this has gotten, it shouldn't be in the "pending addons" section anymore. Heck most of the mods in the regular section haven't been updated in ages... atleast this was working with 1.90, lol.

  • Im pretty sure this is the only thing that is holding tekkit or the multiplayer technic pack from updating. cant wait till its done so i can have an updated version of tekkit :thumbup: