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    Okay, I've been chatting with Algorithm over on AE's MCF thread and he believes that the stacking bug is completely on IC2's side. The relevant part of his post:


    I don't see why forge would be involved the inventory has a stack size, and in the reactors case it returns 64, the item also has a stack size ( 64 ) I would think that making the inventory have a stack limit of 1 would solve the issue, plus you can easily get the shift clicking behavior to fall in line, I do so with the wireless access points, as the WAP's them selves have a different stacking limit then the normal 64 items per stack for boosters.

    The Forge mention is from the fact that I brought up the fact that someone made a note on the bug report I submitted on the IC2 bugtracker saying that they believe that one of the IC2 devs mentioned that this whole issue was a bug inside Forge as well. I'll make sure to make a note on my bug report linking to this post.

    I wouldn't say this is a game-breaking bug, but it's a definite annoyance.

    In the mean time you could use Computer craft to bypass the bug. Dire found a way in one of his recent videos.

    Yeah, I've been meaning to get into CC for a little bit now. I'm going to look back through his videos after I watch today's to figure it out. Thanks for reminding me about that.

    Well, off to both the AE thread and the IC2 bugtracker, I just threw together an instance in 1.6.4 (too lazy to backdate Forge) and AE is still throwing stacked uran cells into the reactor. I tried with IC2 experimental builds 206 & 235.

    In case it isn't obvious to other people reading this thread, I'm going to both as I'm not sure which side this bug might be on (heck, it might be both for all I know).

    You can try the experimental versions, they are working somewhat stable, although i don't know much about the reactors interaction with AE.
    However, it works very well with GregTech regulators (given you know how to use it :D) .

    Eh... I would, but nothing against Greg (I loved GregTech for the depth it provided), but the recent direction Greg's taken (total conversion a la BTW and TFC, but probably not as thorough) from what I'VE seen lately has kind of...I guess...scared me away from it, I suppose? However, this might seem a touch hypocritical, I might give it another shot just to rife through the config files and see what's changed in the time that I've been away (I'm guessing a fair bit @_@; also a little lazy to look through changelogs, again, hypocritical, I know, configs just tend to give me more detail to me than changelogs).

    I think it might have been fixed in experimental build #206

    "fix handling container items with stacksize > 1 in InvSlotConsumable"

    Build 206... I'll give it a look then, thanks

    First off, jeez... A lot has changed while I've been away over the past while (stupid RL stuff), also, I do apologize if this is in the wrong section, I figured a "general" inquiry like this would fit best here.

    Anyhow... I was wondering if that "bug" between IC2 Reactors and Applied Energistics was fixed? The one that Dire found when he was trying to automate his reactors with AE in his FC2 series where the Uranium Cells would stack if they were pumped in even though they weren't supposed to. I went looking through the forum and the bug tracker before making this post just to see if anyone else has had the same question as I do have actually received an answer and no dice (at least as far as I've gone back). If so, could someone recommend a build so I can throw AE and IC2 into an instance so I can work on this?

    Here's an idea for you Lloyd that won't require a fork, talk to RichardG or Player and see if you can get yourself on the IC2 team (you might have to prove yourself though), then you can talk to them about new creative content and all of you can work together to bring IC2 out of the so-called creative slump it has unfortunately found itself in.

    i have one more question for the thermal generators it says stone or iron material... does this work with underground biomes? (changes all stone to different types of stone so it wouldnt be just vanilla stone)
    also i really wish the config was more extensive so i could change the name so it doesnt overlap with gregtech thermal generator.

    So long as the author of Underground Biomes uses the internal name of "blockStone" (makes it's stone compatible with recipes requiring stone via the Forge Ore Dictionary, although it seems to be a wee bit dodgy in my testing) and F4113n checks for the name, it should. But you should test it, just to make sure.

    Unfortunately, it can seem like IC2 is dead especially considering there hasn't been an official release for some time now. But rest assured, IC2 is still being worked on, it likes to be 'stuck' per se in beta stages a lot.

    windows 8 optimized various things, but it feels more like a tablet than a windows desktop used to. I would recommend trying it out before downgrading, as win7 is >100 USD, which is not money you would want to throw away

    Fortunately I still have my old product key and W7 install disc from the laptop I'm using now.

    I would recommend you to use a Classic Desktop Design like Win7 had (there are third party Programs for that). Nobody likes the new tablet optimized design of the Win8 "Desktop". Win8 is a marketing flop, but it can run more efficient than Win7. Its just the Design that is bad about Win8. I heard that many Games are not running on Win8, but I have never seen confirmation for that, if so, then use Win7 instead.

    Alright, so I suppose it's a case of "take it with a grain of salt?"

    I was wondering, what is everyone's opinions on Windows 8? I'm currently thinking of buying a new laptop that comes pre-installed with W8, but after all I've heard about it, I'm also wondering whether or not I should go through with the hassle of downgrading to Windows 7.

    What would be interesting is a modification of the hopper to where you can place it "upside down" on the side of a machine allowing for items to follow "gravity" and fall into the hopper's "spout" and out through the main body of it by shift-placing the hopper while standing where the player's head is below the block.

    If you wanted to take it one step further, you could add the spawning of the item entity as it "falls" out of the hopper and into another hopper or a water stream running over other hoppers.

    The vanilla ISided rules are:
    a) Insert to Slot 0 (top slot) in vanilla furnace from top face
    b) Insert fuels to Slot 1 (bottom slot) from side face
    c) Extract product from Slot 2 (right slot) from the bottom face

    Of course! This is simply a transformer that can accept any voltage and output any voltage, good for converting directly from HV to LV for example, especially for feeding rows of energy-hungry overclocked machines. The output rate setting will effectively determine how many packets of the desired size it will output per tick. Whereas normal IC2 transformers will only accept one packet per tick, limiting them to four output packets, which puts a choke on the energy throughput unless you install several in parallel.

    I just got done implementing input/output toggles for each side (although it doesn't show up on the block textures currently - going to have to draw a new one for that). This means you can control which sides will accept energy and which sides will output energy, to avoid accidentally frying your lower voltage wiring and machines.

    A redstone signal will shut it off (no input or output) so you can use logic to control power flow, or temporarily disable it to reconfigure it or your wiring without risk.

    Oh good lord, THANK YOU!!! This will ease my power plant designs immensely. Also, in addition, would it be possible for the Adjustable Transformer to accept higher-than-normal EU voltages and other types of wiring a la GregTech? If so...... Excuse me for a moment, I have to clean up the fragments of my blown mind.

    I concur with Sinnaj, especially considering that the Mindcrack pack contains Thermal Expansion, why don't you guys use Liquiducts? Granted they require a little extra infrastructure to make, but they are superior to Buildcraft pipes, especially when it comes to capacity and transfer rate.

    Honestly, the only reason I keep Buildcraft around now is for fuel in the Railcraft Liquid Fueled Steam Boilers.