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    But cables already act as fuses, with no lapis needed. A 128EU/t machine with a copper cable connected power line going to it will never explode, as if more than 128 EU tries to go down, the cable will just fry.

    but what happens if you put a 32 eu/t machine and it gets a 128 signal ( when the EU fix goes live) then the machine pops? or the wire the machine connects to only? or all the wire in that chain?

    Also, the "uber buffer" is because a MFE is part of the recipe.

    I played around with it in creative so far.

    • It needs a redstone signal.
    • It needs power.
    • It puts items into the next valid inventory.
    • You need a OD/OV Scanner. The higher Tier one gives a greater area(don't know the numbers out of my head)
    • You can use Overclocker Upgrades to speed it up. Inserting them while it is running will break it and you will have to break and replace the miner for it to work again. (Gonna submit a bug report as soon as steam cycle is fully implemented, don't want to distract Thunderdark ;) )
    • For the Whitelist/Blacklist you need to put the item in, that would be mined. For example cobblestone to blacklist stone mining (assuming SilkTouch is disabled). I'll make some suggestions regarding the Adv. Miner later (after steam cycle, you know)
    • The whitelist works as inventory, i.e. it stores the items you put in there. (Not like AE2 Import/Export Bus)

    Do you have some more questions?

    not caring about overclocker :) i usually setup and leave the miners to run w/o me being there.

    I presume it still spits out to the side in a box.. and does not need a pump?
    I wonder if it can be told to mine water and lava and allow collecting somehow?

    I will play with it tonight on creative since i want to learn more :)

    What suggestions do you have?


    Also, the "uber buffer" is because a MFE is part of the recipe.

    does it need to fill up before it will work?

    so on a creative game i put it down.. gave it full power.. put items in white list and turned it on... I see cords changing at times.. other times it just sits there.. and the scanner gaining/loosing power but nothing

    but no filling of anything

    If there was an official place to put it, I'd write the damn changelog :D Majoirty of the time the Jenkins makes sense, it's just you have to test the changed stuff first sometimes.

    Some people just want everything given to them on a plate.

    *hugs* i appreciate that it is not a easy thing to make/code/do :)

    thats why i mention and back off :) the devs do talk in the forums some so all i need to do is poke poke poke when i find something that i can't understand..
    some of the changes will take time to learn and grow from

    I Would like to suggest a new upgrade option..


    it would have some cost but be available say 1 lapis 2 HV cables and 6 glass
    :Intergrated Plating: = glass
    :Batbox: = HV cables
    :Glass Fibre: = Lapis

    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Batbox: :Glass Fibre: :Batbox:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:

    The item will short out/break if you ever overcurrent or do anything that would cause the machine to break from a electrical option.

    As long as the burnt out one is in.. it wont pull power and wont destroy the machine..

    Ok, clarifying/getting things setup... the advanced miner someone says needs a redstone signal ( why not just have a button inside? )

    it also needs a scanner but the max scanner does more then the scanner did itself/in the old miner. ( could we get clarification)

    You need to blacklist things.. Stone Dirt or Whitelist ( so you need one of each item you don't want/want )

    It has a UBER LARGE BUFFER!!!! But how much needs filling before it will start working and how much does it use to teleport 1 item?

    Anyone know anything else about it to let others understand?

    Just a few FYI's
    the copper part with black around is the heat acceptance side.. make sure it touches your heat making device to xfer the heat ( not sure if cables work.. doubt it but would love to have other inputs or passthroughs)
    it does not use power so you can have it alone exposed ( it needs a face/front or multiple input options )
    it does not consume air cells so that is reusable just recharge them in the compressor
    both dust and bars use just 6 air ( saves you a step?)

    Slag can be put in Thermal centerfuge.. and turned into stone and coal dust. ( so a inf way to get coal for diamond making if you have a iron golem farm)

    It would be nice if a compressor could be added ontop to auto give compressed air with a ejector upgrade?

    will the thermal centerfuge need this setup in the future?

    I need to get irdium, so i need UU matter. I have craft the mass fabricator but i do not know how to use it. I dont know if i have to find UU matter in form of liquid and take it with a cell or something, but i have use the creative and the UU matter in cells does not work.
    I am spanish so i am sorry about my english:P

    there is a mod to add the ore to the game.. otherwise its a random loot out of chests as i understand
    (if you add the mod remember it can't change a area already spawned only new areas)

    In case anyone was wondering or particularly cares, since CPW's stopped modding, this mod has now been taken up by Progwml6.

    The new Github link is here:
    The new builds will come here:
    The old builds from yesteryear (aka when CPW made it):…tSolars/index_legacy.html

    where would the forum posts for the updates be kept?

    if you pay me as a Warlords of Draenor developer ;) factual i have a RL working life 8-10h/day and work on IC2 in my free time for relaxing and fun... changelog write != fun ;)

    They last longer, simple as that. How long does the steel one last BTW?

    The rotor will be for windmills? or something nuclear? ( honestly i don't like the idea of it being windmills because that increases maint on something imho that should have low maint.. please give a config like compact windmills has to remove the requierment


    if you pay me as a Warlords of Draenor developer ;) factual i have a RL working life 8-10h/day and work on IC2 in
    my free time for relaxing and fun... changelog write != fun ;)

    Its ok I know its fun and free time.. i just wish there was more.. explaining the ideas and such every so often.. what are the goals ( so that testing can be done? )

    change is scary for people.. but explaining changes can turn people from angry and lashing out to giving ideas and accepting your design ideas.
    i just wish the changelog explained more about what you changed and why

    May I advice a forum topic be created by a DEV to explain changes and ideas ... IE

    Whats steam and how to get it?

    How does it mix with the current items?

    The blast Furnace.. how/what is it..

    Ideas of nuclear reactors and such.. giving ideas for designs for saftey and mass energy or the long term low power infinate ones?

    General Idea for Enet upgrades and thoughts on what will work.

    A overall Idea of how the DEVS expect the tech tree to progress and move to the top tiers.. ( overall on machines and services)

    I have a question as well reguarding things like windmills and such.. and more info on a patch per patch process ( see wow patch notes for Warlords of Draenor.. lots of Why's and explinations)
    "balance Rotor Livetime: Wood 15m->60m, Iron 8h -> 24h, Carbon 1d-> 7d
    is this planned as options to give more power? or required to power at all?

    As Mateeus1208 said, my suggestion would be to enable the ore washer and centrifuge road like with normal ores.

    Macerator: Iridium Ore Block -> Crushed Iridium Ore
    Ore Washer: Crushed Iridium Ore -> Purified Iridium Ore + Tiny pile of Diamond Dust
    Thermal Centrifuge: Purified Iridium Ore -> Iridium Ore + Tiny pile of Diamond Dust

    just as a quick example. One could then add 4 or 9 Tiny pile of Diamond dust to create 1 Diamond dust

    that would be good then

    Snap, so that's how they work. That makes working stuff out easier :P

    problem is getting the canning machine to use the right side for water.. but then i am using a build where i don't have the other items or have not risked getting yet

    Tubes are way better: you're not bound to the hopper transfer limit any more.
    Tubes are also cheaper and can bring items up, instead of only down or on the sides (yes, I know you can use the dropper, but it takes a lot of room, and it is also really expensive, whereas you can use your redstone for other things).
    Also, BC quarry digs a big hole, but it also mines the cobblestone of your recycler to transform it into scrap, thus allowing you to produce more UU matter.

    hmmm i will have to look at this then if i ever do another world.. or decide to add another base thats not in a spawned area ( to generate things on the map )
    not sure what you mean but the big hole comment.. how do you have enough boxes to fit all that stuff :)

    also i have not gotten to UU matter yet :/