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    If you want to transport items from something that isn´t an electric machine, you´ll need to set up an item pipe between the macerator and the furnace and then place a conveyor module cover where the pipe is connected to the macerator, than right-click it with the screwdriver and set it to import. Electric machine can output items and fluids, you don´t need pump or conveyor covers for them. I´d recommend that you automate the steam machines using hoppers.

    Just that you know it, you´re supposed to turn of all ore gen of other mods and generate the ores, that GT doesn´t generate by default, using the GT configs.

    Also ... rly? you´re complaining about clay being to hard to obtain? Try to get some osmium 8)

    If it gets red and than stops, you´re inputting too much steam.

    Obviously not hooking something up right... all i can figure now, i even deleted everything, installed each mod in a new folder started on a new profile in a separate location... obviously things are not as easy as they once were... guess you can't just throw a universal macerator / Furnace ect down with a 2 ultimate hybrid solar panels and have it start working? :Solar Panel: :Electric Furnace: :Solar Panel: like so. have input go in top and output in the bottom. Even tried to connect fiber cable to underside from Solar Panel and see if it needed energy input from bottom and nothing...

    could you post a screenshot of your problem?

    Some time ago, you were able to put cobblestone in the hammer machine to get gravel and put that in the recycler. Dunno if you still can do that.

    Can anyone tell me, why this setup doesn´t work? Burning box should put out 32 HU/t, which is enough to power the boiler. The boiler should give out 64 Steam/t, which is enough to power the steam engine. The steam engine should give me 16 KU/t, which is exactly the amount of power that is required to crush ores in the crusher. What am I missing out? :huh:

    Hi guys. I've built a nuclear reactor. Safe one, with 4 thick neutron reflector and a quad MOX cell. I didn't find a way to get uranium-235. is it available now?
    But it isn't a question I want to ask. My reactor produces 28m energy per cycle. And it requires a stack of tin and coal, a half stack of copper, some iron plus the nuclear fuel. In fact, my 3 kinetic wind generators produce about 22m energy per cycle of wooden rotor. And they're required only wood and 3 iron ingots. They're also cheaper than a nuclear reactor. Yes, I know that reactor productivity depends on heat level, but... Is it fair? They're cheaper to build, cheaper to use, need less difficult infrastructure to build and have the same efficiency.
    Sorry for my English. Just cry from the heart.

    no, its not fair. The kinetic wind generators are just OP. Should be nerfed.