Information about booze -- input wanted!

  • In the spirit of raGan's thread, I present: Information about Booze.

    Note that this is not a definitive list -- any other input would be appreciated.

    Things I Do Not Know
    -Effects of various brews

    Basic Mechanics
    You probably know this already, but I'll put it in spoiler tags just in case.

    Unregistered user rampage9112 discovered that boozeception names beers after three factors: ratio of water:solids, ratio of wheat:hops, and time spent fermenting. His post is quoted verbatim below:

    He also adds that when sugarcane is put in a booze barrel, the product is generic 'rum', and an un-fermented brew could be quite harmful (side affects include death).
    Known exceptions to the naming rules include:
    -The first stage of 1 water: 1 solids 'soup' is "Watery Soup Brew", not plain old "Soup Brew"

    -The first stage of 'dark' brew is "Dark Stuff", not "Dark Brew"

    A General Note on Effects
    Boozeception does not appear to add any new potion effects to minecraft (a 'potion effect' API doesn't quite exist yet), but it does utilize some effects not seen in vanilla minecraft (eg, blindness).

    As a brew sits in a barrel, it 'ferments'. There are several discrete stages of fermentation, each with a special name and sprite. It appears that the longer a brew is allowed to ferment, the longer its effects last -- for both better, and worse.

    Known Boozes & Effects
    -"Regular Soup"
    0 hops, 1:1 ratio of solids to water cells.
    Effects: 1st drink gives Mining Fatigue (Mine slightly slower), 2nd drink gives Strength
    (Despite usual naming conventions, first stage of fermenting is "Watery Soup Brew", not "Soup Brew")

    -"Dark Stuff"
    Hops:Wheat ratio is => 2:1,
    Effects: 1st drink either harms for about 5 health or gives Blindness (Can't see past ~5 blocks, similar to hanging around bedrock), 2nd drink outright kills you.
    (Despite usual naming conventions, first stage of fermenting is "Dark Stuff", not "Dark Brew." Zjarek reports that after ~ 1 hour of fermenting, the drink changes to "black stuff".

    Sugarcane is placed in the barrel -- no other items
    Effects: First drink gives Resistance and Fire Resistance. Second drink gives blindness.
    Unregistered user Mattintosh has done quite a bit of experimentation on this -- his post is quoted below

    Unregistered user Danny claims that Rum will always poison for 8 seconds, this may be true if the drink has not fermented enough.
    -"Thick Beer"
    -Recipe discovered by Fey6678
    -First sip gives mining fatigue, second sip gives strength. (like "regular soup")
    Aquilamo reports that the third sip gives slowness, and all further drinks increase effect duration.

    -"Thick Dark Ale"
    Aquilamo reports that the first sip gives mining fatigue, the second gives strength, the third gives slowness, and the fourth gives resistance. All further sips increase effect duration.

    Any further input is appreciated.

  • I did a 1:1:1 combination of hops,water,wheat and fermented it for over an hour and it came up with a "thick beer" but with the same attributes of mining fatigue first then strength on second sip 8|

  • I have a theory that eventually it will ferment past dragon's blood since the damage id is slowly increasing.

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  • I've experimented with Rum quite a bit as to its effects. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) I did cheat to get this information, but I didn't look at any source code. I simply activated a few in-game cheats and drank a barrel (or 3) of rum.

    Mug 1: 0:29 Resistance I, 0:29 Fire Resistance

    Mug 2: 0:29 Blindness, +0:29 Fire Resistance, +0:29 Resistance and upgrade to Resistance II

    Mug 3: 0:29 Nausea (causes screen "swirling" effect), +0:29 Fire Resistance, +0:29 Blindness, +0:29 Resistance and upgrade to Resistance III

    Mug 4 and beyond: +0:29 to all four existing effects. This maxes out at 2:27 for all timers. I suspect that the desired limit is 2:25, but there's also a minimum of +0:03 on each effect for each drink. The drinking animation takes 1.5 seconds, so that cuts it down to 2:25 (desired max timer) + 0:00.9 (everything in MC is a


    , it seems) - 0:01.5 (animation) + 0:03 (minimum drink add timer) = 2:27.4

    Also note that removing a treetap from a booze barrel will remove any enchantments on the treetap. (Again, cheats. A treetap with Unbreaking lvl-32 is quite handy. The same applies to the bronze wrench! :evil: )

  • First off, I thought code tags would just make the text fixed-width. Sorry about the ugly in my other post.

    Now, about fermentation time. I've noticed that rum ferments quickly. Even with a full 32 sugar cane in the barrel, rum only has detrimental effects if you drink it within the first MC-day or so. By the second MC-day of fermentation, you may only get poisoned occasionally, and only if you drink two mugs of rum. Beyond that, it's almost always OK to drink it.

    And a note about the effects themselves:
    Resistance and Fire Resistance are well known, but Blindness and Nausea are effects normally caused by potions that aren't active in the game code. This is probably because the effects themselves aren't terribly helpful when used against humans, and would actually require extra coding for AI enemies.

    Blindness darkens the sky during the day. That's all. During night, you can still see the moon and stars (skybox). During day, the normally blue sky is pure black. You can still see everything around you, and you can see the sun (similar to being in void fog, except without the distance fog effect). It's incredibly crap for a "downer" effect. A human opponent you inflict this on will not be fazed at all. AI would need some sort of handicap coded in to make them stumble around from this, since it's not a stat nerf.

    Nausea makes your screen "wave" or "twist" or "swirl". It's a rendering effect only. The aiming crosshair, at worst, swings around in a circle roughly just under the diameter of a block at 2 meters away. A well-oriented human opponent might be annoyed by it at best. At worst, they might have a rendering path patch that refuses to apply the effect (similar to the way X-ray works). And again, AI would have to have a handicap since there's no stat nerf.

  • Nausea makes it impossible to aim reliably, and Blindness prevents Sprinting, which is important to say the least. If our DragonLord wanted to lower our stats, a weakness and slowness effect would suffice.

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  • Quote

    A human opponent you inflict this on will not be fazed at all

    Blindess is quite a disturbing effect to inflict on one's self though. I remember I got quite a scare when I first suffered it (thinking I had screwed up the rendering engine somehow) and after all -- creepers. There's probably one right behind your chair right now.

  • I was playing a little with the booze, and I obtein this:

    Strong White Brew:
    24 water cells
    8 hops
    24 wheat

    I hope it will work for you, guys! :D

    Thanks! What effects does this brew have, though?

    Quote from "Fallen_dead"

    Thanks for the pointer.

  • List of First Words:

    1 ingredient : 2 Water Cells = Watery (Thanks, Roger1960 for this addition & corrections)
    2 ingredients : 3 Water Cells = Lite
    1 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Regular (This means that this word will be left blank)
    3 ingredients : 2 Water Cells = Strong (Thanks, Vico666)
    2 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Thick
    3 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Stodge

    List of Second Words:

    Any wheat : 0 Hops = Soup
    1 Wheat : 1 Hops = Regular (This means that this word will be left blank)
    1 Wheat : 2 Hops = Dark
    2 Wheat : 1 Hops = White
    3 Wheat : 1 Hops = Alcfree
    1 Wheat : 3 Hops = Full
    1 Wheat : 4 Hops = Black
    2 Wheat : 5 Hops = Dark

    List of Third Word:

    No Fermenting Time = Brew
    2 hours Fermenting Time = Youngster
    4 hours Fermenting Time = Beer
    12 hours Fermenting Time = Ale
    Much more that 12 hours Fermenting Time = DragonBlood (Thanks, Xizzzy)

    Note that if you put a ratio not listed on here, such as 3:2, it will round to the nearest ratio.


    6 Wheat, 2 hops, 4 water cells, 2 hours Fermenting time = Thick Alcfree Youngster
    12 Wheat, 6 hops, 27 water cells, No fermenting time = Lite White Brew

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  • I looked at the Items_0.png and saw some sort of pinkish drink next to all the other mugs. I dont know if its after dragonblood or if its another sort of rum. Xizzy, have you found anything new that comes after dragonblood yet?

  • After some fermenting (1 hour) dark stuff changes into black stuff, which also hurts you (I can't say exactly how much due to quantum armor).

  • Lite soup dragonsblood gives the mining fatigue, then strength thing as well.


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  • Forgive me if this is a retarded question, but are you talking IRL hours just for some beer? :wacko:

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  • That... that is awesome. I've gotta build one of those :P
    Thanks for the black stuff pointer, as well.

  • I will start brewing seriously after I finish my coffee express in Rube Goldberg machine style (what's the best way to generate smooth stone? of course mining laser in smelting mode used with smooth stone generator). Unfortunately red power deployers don't allow to place treetaps on booze barells, it could make really cool breweries possible, specially with only one/two deployers and frames.