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    hell yes we need this!
    at the moment i use an Redstonetorch to indicate if the reactor is active or not (as i'm a big fan of vanilla redstone clocks and high mark reactors)

    welcome to the forums, i generally stick to Vanilla Redstone as well but sometimes, especially on SMP, it starts to cause issues with alot of redstone use. i agree though, we do need this and it would be nice to have this and the Thermometer/Control Block added. also that reminds me. Alblaka, if you read this, could you make the Nuclear Control block make an Emergency Evacuation siren when it reaches 85%+?

    maybe if there was a box for each kind of tool you would need more than one if they broke or needed a recharge

    maybe we could make this a stand that you can set 1 ITEM in whether it is a Durability Tool, Energy Tool, or Energy Item and it would show the item suspended inside the "Item Rack" if power is supplied then it would also recharge energy items. otherwise it is merely a single storage slot for specific tools, the tools could be displayed as a sprite like previously mentioned. this way we could also use this as a Recharge Stand in out homes, or a Tool Stand for our Mines / Crops. this could alos be made to make an EPIC Tool Shed / Armory / Energy Crystal Recharge room. it would be awesome to slpa like 10 Lapotron crystals in these Item Stands and watch them all slowly charge :D

    maybe even have a red or green indicator light to show if it is used/damage or fully charged?

    no i mean sky demons idea im trying to wrap my head around it

    i think what he wants in a storage block with no GUI, you simply right click it with a tool to insert tool, and right click with an empty hand to reclaim the tool. the issue i see with his is he wants there to be like 5 tools in this one box with no GUI. so i don;t see how you could possibly choose which tool you want other then to pull them all out and put them all back in.

    you mean kinda like the Buildcraft Auto-Crafting Table?

    Slime + extractor gives water source block? Or slime + bucket = bucket of slime, slimebucket+extractor = water bucket? Not everyone uses man-made infinite water pools.

    i was thinking more like "Slime=Water Cell" lol, or atleast in some recipies like CFoam. and Electrolizers. slime+extract=source water, slime+compressor=resin?

    lol, don;t get me wrong i love me some EE mod for kicks and generally it's relatively balanced but it's still alittle over powering and is still cheating once you get almost all the items. it's like playing with godmode on or as an admin without all the crazy commands you have to memorize, it's just "select ring, cast lighting all over the place"

    i'd imagine it's be very similar to jello, it's 98% water and when the water is extracted it's all sticky and crusty in places..... This just gave me a GREAT idea to make another Minecraft Creature for my office Desk to go next to my Cardboard Creeper :D

    that may be sarcasm but at least this way the shed is functional

    that's what i said :) that it would actually be functional instead of the cheesy/crappy "i have 40 saws and 40 hammers" look to it, lol

    i dont mean shelf or something where you can see item. Just some sort of crate where you can put tool(s) in. Better then having poop loads of same chests wich makes that annoying noise when you open them for just single tool. Well i have such a thing but for seed bags or not needed items at that sec. I place mcvanilla claudron and i just drop stuff in and after i do my buisness i take them back out.

    how would you specify what tool you wanted from the wrack if you couldn't see what it looked like on it? also how would you pull out a specific tool from a box if say you have 5 tools in it but wanted your drill only but it kept giving you your treetaps and hoes? i think it would look better if you made a "Tool Rack" and could store 1 tool on the rack at a time, right clicking it with a tool would hang that tool which would simply use Sprites kind of like Crops do, that way you could use 1 Block ID and have every type of tool hanging from several racks.

    what they could do is add a new slot to machines like the macerator, compressor and extractor (not furnace) where you put slimeballs it would act like when you put scrap in a mass-fab this would be much more easyier to code i think, right?

    eh, i think it might actually be alittle harder to code in a constant multiplier, since i'm pretty sure machines are basically like "recive X amount of power, complete operation" so it would become recieve "X amount of power(IF slimeballs is in upgrade slot then, -1 slime ball and divide by 2)/2" it might be almost the same about of coding but it's basically the same thing... actually i think what you might be asking for is slightly more powerful because it would greatly increase efficiency without increasing the energy cost. basically it would be the same thing though. your's would just make it faster without the use of overclockers.

    ok thanks for letting me vent i think i've calmed down now

    good to know your back to normal, i haven't had the best day either. come to find out thursday is my last day at my $37USD job and i'll be jobless. so sometimes life just sucks man but you got to just keep smiling cause panicing will get you no where. so on a brighter note....:) *hands you a random hot woman to hug for comforts* now that you've calmed down. it greatly pleases me to know that someone is getting alblaka to impliment this basic idea. i hope to see it in one of the soon upcoming patches. hopefully this will make IC2 and even more epic Mod! HAYO!! :thumbup:

    hmm, i don't know why but somehow i don;t remember much of any of this conversation from yesterday. however the "please decraft this Coal into UUM for me" is retarded. you would not be able to decraft stuff that is that simple, much less into matter. who cares if you make that coal from matter, that would be like me digging up some coal and trying to do the same thing.

    however i greatly agree with the original intent of the OP and would like to see the ability to pull items apart for their basic components at the cost of alittle EU.

    lol, dude, i could care less whose idea it was, if it gets added then i'm happy. and an All in one armor is OP because alblaka wants people to try an prioritize their equipment, "i either fly, mine for alot longer or can't die" this makes it so you basically have to temporarily choose your role. Miner, Builder, or Fighter. tools are just... there. and i never "Hate" any idea, even if i think it's absolute crap, if someone else wants it in the game but i hate it, i will still try to balance it out and help them get it in the game, i just wouldn't use it. also i know a significant amount about coding and how hard it is to code something because like 6 or my 8 friends are complete nerds that work for either IT support, Host-Gator, Webdesign or C++/Java coding. i just personally don;t know how to code it but i have a very good idea as into how much effort it takes. so you just need to relax and please stop with the super quotes when it's only me and you talking back and forth. Quotes are typically for when you are responding to a post that is like 2-5 posts behind and no one would know what the hell your talking about, not the post directly above yours.

    how do do fry things by invert a transformer?!?!? If the Base is properly designed then that is impossible. But watch out if you are using the Chargingbench MK II or III, then you will have problems with every Redstonesignal touching it and unfortunately BOOM!

    if you have a transformer directly up against your battery when trying to save some space in tight rooms, then when you toggle the signal behavior it applies redstone current to the transformer that is connected to it and inverts it, causing your transformer to apply the higher voltage to everything attached. that's why i have an Off-Button for my house and i use 3 transformer upgrades in everything. so i have nothing to worry about anymore and i can overclock everything to my hearts content :D