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    i'm thinking it would have a 3 by 6 inventoy on the left, an "item to be craft" slot in the middle where you put the item to be made, a slot under that asking for the required amount of UUM. a button under that to "execute" and create as many of the item as possible from the amount of UUM you supplied (a redstone signal would also cause this once every 10 seconds), and a 3 by 6 inventory on the far right.

    I consider this thread electrocuteing.

    Major issue: IC's reactors cannot yet simulate themselves. Thus they cannot give you information about efficience, heat/tick, time-until-boom...
    For this, I would need to code a simulator, effectively the thing the ReactorPlanner does. Possible, but tedious and time-consuming.

    Stuff like EuT or current heat is possible, though. Just nothing related to calculation/simulation of future values.

    if it simply gave me Currently heat (0-10,000), Heat Gained per Tick, and a siren what it's at 85% or above i'd be perfectly happy, we can find out all that other stuff with skilled use of a EU Detector.

    if it has 0 heat gain then it's more then likely off or the building constructed an i-o on purpose, if it's off then you can safely go check the heat. if you know how long it took to heat up and how much coolant YOU used then you can figure out the coolant time with relative ease. you can use a EU detector to find EU/t

    OK! OK! I'll never use the "cute" word in this forum again, ok? :D

    it's ok Keymaster89. atleast your reaction was cute. ROFL

    now back to the OP: honostly i'd like this added because it would turn my 8 Nuclear "Loop-Reactor" setup into a mini-game of multi-tasking and micro managing levers and button and pressure plates to try and control the temperature of all 8 as Breeder reactors. i could sit there like a mad scientist and be like "Reactor 1! what are you at! (recieve information) MOAR LAVA!!!, Reactor 3! what are you at?! (recieve information) send more 3 ice blocks! (click button for reactor 3, 3 times to send 3 ice from a nearby Buildcraft chest storage setup)" you get the idea :D

    are u thinking at something like this when u think at this automatic crafting?

    maybe attached un top or near of a normal crafting table to make it have more dedicated function? or a far more complex crafting table like BC's laser???

    lol, no i'm thinking about exactly what the BuildCraft Autocrafting table is/does. you put items into it just like a regular crafting table but it holds the items like an inventory, then you feed items into it or a nearby chest and it sits there are crafts items for you. i currently have a small factory that i flow stack after stack of UUM into and it makes everything piece by piece and creates MSFUs for me. every step of the way, from diamonds to energycrystals, to MFEs and Lapotrons. the only thing i have to manuall put in it is stacks of curcuits from my cuircut factory and advanced machine blocks which i usually make a stack of each day. this "factory" takes up like a about 100 blocks worth of space. it would be nice to have a UUM Crafting Device that i can just ram a stack or 2 of matter into and put a MSFU into it and be like "see this? i want you to use matter to make this!" and it'll sit there are create MFSUs directly from the matter and skip the whole "piece by piece" crafting.

    go down to layer 12 or 13 and take a few lappacks and a mining laser set to Long Range, then slow spin circles as you sheer a level of the world away, revealing everything around. if you'd like to see how i do it i'll making a Youtube Video for you when i get home. i'll probly make it right along with the video of my UUM Waterfall Feature that i designed in my bedroom :p or my Factory.

    Haha, Cuteness can be used as Weapon against your Enemys!!! Just create something extremly cute and show it your enemy and he will be knocked out immidiately.

    kind of like making a 32 bit pixel art of a Hello Kitty but use Nukes for the red parts on the drawing, then detonate when someone gets to close? :p

    The geiger counter should be like an item that shows in your HUD radiation levels? (Like Thaumcraft shows Aura and Taint levels in atmosphere)

    If radiation levels is too high you take damage every 2 seconds if without a Hazmat suit and nearby (the whole chunk) dirt, rocks turn into radiating dirt, stone, cobblestone, ores that will damage you while you hold in backpack (once every 10 seconds)
    Radiated stuff must be "cleaned" before use or its byproducts will be radioactive and that won't be good for your health.
    Staying nearby radiating blocks will also damage.

    Player has its own radiation level, if it reaches higher than X , permanent poison until death (player radiation levels decreases over time and with some "cleaning" stuff)

    sounds like we're trying to play a Super Nintendo 3D Version of Fallout...

    Well, I think it's just here so everyone can groan, giggle a little, then get on with their lives. I don't see any reason to flame. Also, fairly relevant to the april fools joke.

    I think it would be amusing if every month or so in game you might see space core tumbling through the sky. I hate the space core as much as any other guy who hates annoying little personality cores that talk too much, but random events make things more entertaining. Always.

    random events like every 5th minecraft night, the moon rises as a Red/Blood Moon and zombies start spawning around you randomly in waves from dirt blocks? like they spawn 5-8 at a time within 16 bloccks of you. the onyl way to be say is to by ontop of stone blocks that the zombies can't dig through? oh did i mention these zombies are cause from some unknown intergalatic radiation from an alien race thousands of light years away that want to conquer all of the known universe by mind controling zombies on every planet... yeah there ya go :)

    Which is why this suggestion sticks out from the rest :3
    Putting it on the list, though as low priority. Will not extract resin, but the idea of putting an iridium bayonett on a Mining Laser is just too hilarious not to implement. Just like Solar Helmet.

    lol thanks, so i'm guessing it's other 2 functions will still stand? Sheering stuff and causing "Iron Sword" Damage or higher when hit with a melee attack?

    PassingLurkers idea sounds just like a condesed version of the Auto-Crafting Tables in Buildcraft. i think i'd rather have GregoriousT's idea where i can put like 64 UUM into it and let if process for 30 seconds and it spit out an MFSU for me.

    Slimeballs aren't rare just try to build a large city on the Bedrock and BAM you get too much of those.

    yeah i thought slimes were realatively rare as well until i did what GregoriousT is talking about. now we know just how common and annoying they are, i usually get about 25 levels a day off slimes alone that are invading my city. the foundation of my city is at layer 10 i think and layers 4-9 are hollow just to help deter them from spawning inside my town all the time, but they doo :p they are like a virus in my Tron like town.

    Please let's not forget one of the best inventions of IC2 - the TESLA COILS! This sweet piece of metal could fry everything outside your door, open or not, after you have gone through it. With some clever circuitry, of course! I think there are already solutions to the creeper problems mentioned above. What I hate dealing with are the noisy door-banging zombies. Super annoyingly loud, even louder than a room full of macerators.

    Anyways, going back to the topic: Aluminum is a very cool metal. However, while it is durable, it is terrible at maintaining shape and is generally pretty soft. The battery idea is a neat chemical idea, but unfortunately we don't need more batteries (we have fancy crystals!). So that leaves us with rust-proof non-utility items. I'd like to point out that IC2 has no real purely aesthetic blocks/items, so we are sort of out of luck with the Aluminum idea. I would like to see at some point in the future (unlimited block ID's maybe?) the level of scientific realism given a boost in IC2 and even vanilla minecraft. But I don't think IC2 is ready for more metals.

    tesla coil are rather useful however they also tazer you if you get to close and if your not careful and forget to turn them off they usually cause more harm in SMP the safety.

    as for aluminuium. you obviously have seen or tampered with military aero-grade aluminum, that stuff is as strong as druable as most steels as long as it's not heated to like 1,500F.

    as for new metals, i'm sure once people can come up with enough decent ideas for a new higher tier of machines/generators/tools, then there will be new metals, wether they are mass fabricated or mined. maybe they should be mined but as rare or rarer then uranium and require Iridium Machine Blocks?

    ...Im not suggesting stuff like you guys because i want to simplify this idea...

    usually if you keep it completely simple and it's something that is already used for example "just use a chest and move items around with Shift", then it usually doesn;t get added.
    you have to entice the developers as to how this would be greatly benefitial to players without being overpower, sometimes even under-powered is ok if everyone loves the idea.

    currently it's really annoying having to sit at 1 MFSU and recharge your laser, drill, 4 pieces or armor, wrench and treetap. so if you made these stands a "ram item in with a signle right-click, then rip item out when the light turns green" then i could just make like 8 of these charging stands and run a wire from 1 MSFU. OR have 1 generator and a batbox at my mines and keep my mining picks in it, when i'm done mining, i could put my mining drills and lasers into the Tool Racks, toss some Coal into the generator, and then when i come back to go back to mining, there's all my drill hanging up nicely and fully charged waiting for use :)

    I think that we actually need to get MORE specialized with the suits. Clothing isn't just for protection... We could have stealth suits to sneak up behind and assassinate creepers (think of the PvP!). OR we could have a mirror suit that was very weak to physical attack but deflected mining lasers (not very useful in SSP, I admit). Or how about a shape-changing disguise kit, that allowed you to disguise as a creeper and troll your friends playing as the deadliest creeper that ever lived (WTF how did he open my door?!?!! OH GOD HE HAS A LASER!!).

    One that I've been dreaming about lately is the tesla suit. I got the inspiration from the power armor of Fallout, but it's not as OP. It would merely be a defense for close-ranged enemies, zapping and stunning them for a very short period once they got within a certain range. Being a weapon like the Nano Saber, it would take a huge amount of power while running, and with each shot would take even more power akin to the Tesla Coil. This would make you a high-value ranged target in fights though, being specialized.

    The last one (I promise/hope) is the recon/parkour armor. The increased stealthiness offered by this suit not only nearly hides your name in SMP, but allows you to scale walls with futuristic sticky-gloves and stuff. Also the increased mobility would offer a greater base move speed and strafing speed than you could get with a quantum suit. It would not allow you to sprint anywhere near as fast though, not being made of futuristic iridium.

    Assassinate creepers? the nano-saber already one shots them. in PVP just Crouch, it fades your nametage ALOT!. and with the quantum legs and boots you can bridge gaps between players REALLY quick or even leap strike then from the top of a tree, and unless they are wearing quantum armor and full nano, then you can one shot them if you time it properly.

    mirror suit? possible i suppose but it would be in alblaka's warfare mod/pack which i haven't heard much about.

    tesla-suit: i'd prefer it be a Chest slot that stores 100,000EUs and one shots the first 20 enemies you get within 5 blocks from.

    Recon Suit: if you looking to go up walls, use the jetpack. to hide your nametag, hold shift. and movement speed, stick to quantum legs and boots. if you want to run even faster then down a Speed Potion 2 and they will never see you coming (better then stealth)

    nano-sabers are much more reliable and powerful once you actually know how to use them properly, unless you just feel like being lazy. a flame thrower could be pretty cool, specially if it let me burn all that annoying grass in fields. also you can use a few coalfuel cells and some gunpowder to much like 100,000EUs if you can figure out the superfuel recipie.

    and with what you had to do to get there you deserve it :D so go ahead don't be ashamed to throw some lightning around you playing EE! its the other mods fault if they are losing the arms race :D

    well the thing is, is the game is not necessarily designed for that kind of interaction. now say if for example, EE added so that zombies had shield and could randomly redirect the lightning at you, or since skeletons are just bones then it's hard as hell for arrows to even hit them, or creepers shot off like rockets at you and then exploded after 10 blocks if they caught on fire then perhaps. but since it's more of a "i am god, you all die, praise me for leveling your city and 2 seconds flat!" that is overpowered and cheating. lol