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    It would be cool, yes, and if I remember correctly, there was an unfinished prototype in IC1. I'm neutral either way, because it's not really the cart that I find annoying/could be better, it's the build time.

    Meh, according to "tinpintcher" definition i am a tinpintcher too, because i would better build a house out of tin than waste it for cells.

    The way I use tinpintcher, at least, is someone who complains about using any sort of Tin whatsoever, and will do anything to avoid it. Example: Tinpintchers don't use biofuel, because it EATS THE CELLS! OH NO! THINK OF THE 1/4 OF A TIN INGOT WASTED WITH THAT CELL! You, in my book, aren't a "Tinpintcher", but a dragon (metal hoarder) or someone who uses practical solutions to Tin usage.
    [ontopic] I honestly think that the increase is not much, and Overclockers are getting a rework? Cool. Wonder how that will be.

    This is pretty cool, and makes sense. This would be useful for pulling items out of machines without unnecessary redstone pulses with RP. With some logic-magic you could have it pull only when all them machines are ready, and minimize the number of pulses and stacks. All in all, very useful.
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    So, lately my friend's vanilla server has been getting boring, like it usually does. So, I have started looking into making a modded server. However, I would like a larger than normal protected area around spawn, or even better, configurable area permissions. Bukkit, seems to be the solution here. However, many mods and especially addons don't have Bukkit ports. This means that I couldn't play with the mods I want, which leads us back to square one.
    So, my question is: Is there an alternative to Bukkit for basic things, such as protections and turning PvP on-and-off in different areas. If there isn't, would you use it instead of Bukkit? If there is, are there any cons? And finally, how difficult/long do you think this would take to code, or even be possible with Forge? Just some things to think about. 8)

    Seriously though, what do you need that twelve tin for? It makes the reactor and overclockers more balanced, IMO. Also, the extra tin is about what? 48 cells? Use those to power a geothermal, and have that power multiple machines if you need too. Overclockers are not as efficient as multiple machines, as I'm SURE you already know, and usually require other upgrades too. Why bother? Put all your stuff in 10 different Macerators, and your problem is solved. And no, twelve tin is not much, it's probably about a vein of it, even without maceration. [/rant]

    There is also a Heliumcell (He-Cell), which you will get as byproduct of the Fusionreactor, to burn it for additional 100000EU inside a Generator! (If you got another idea for a Purpose of it, other than making Balloons with it, then tell it me)

    Suggestion for Helium: Allows more efficient or less-but-longer (Less EU per tick, longer duration of Fusion) Fusion reactor. Recycling somehow back into other stuff would be cool, too. Maybe you could "Recycle" it, losing energy buy creating more Fusion-usable cells? Maybe...

    I have a suggestion. Instead of having negative affects when things are under-maintained, how about positive affects when well-maintained? This will still nerf "Autocraft", because maintenance is needed, but not really kill it, instead, buffing non-autocraft.
    I suggest having a buff, let's say 20% efficiency and speed, on brand-new machines. This means that depending on how much you are producing, it might be better to simply craft new ones instead of repairing old ones. After, let's say, 10 stacks of processing, the buff has dropped to 10%. No repair work can slow or stop this decay, or bring it back up to the original totals. After, let's say, 20 stacks of operations, the buff will disappear, going back to the normals now. After 10 MORE stacks of processing, there becomes a negative penalty to production, say -10% efficiency and speed. Once it gets to this point, you can no longer go back to anything better than normal speeds. This will encourage frequent care, instead of small, little repairs.
    One last thing. If you are going to make new machines, what do you do with the old ones? Recycle them for spare parts, of course. You could use these to repair machines, and would put some dead machines to some use.

    Questions about what I said? Just ask. I'm probably not very clear, so just ask if you don't get something.
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    EDIT: Oh, and I thought this was obvious, but there should be ramps in between the different stages, not jumps of 10%.