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    A basic form of "Radioactivity" is in the game already. It poisons and Zombie-Flesh-Eats everyone within the blast radius. (I think). While this would be cool, I don't think it would add much, because people would simply reinforce large rooms and blow up a Nuke inside it.

    Well, download your Minecraft-Server .jar from, install Minecraft Forge, test it, install any other mods, test it, port forward, test it, have your friends install the mods, test it, and finally play on your server. Then test it : p

    Coffe... doesn't have any debuffs? (No major ones at least, been a long time since I used it) And we don't need different kinds, just drink more for the strength you want.

    I believe I know what the problem is. Since Macs don't merge folders, they replace them, you have deleted all of the paulscode stuff except the stuff that is added in Forge. Go back, and try manually merging any folders you see.

    I would like to apply for Suggestion and Bugsreport moderator, because I feel that those would be the positions I could help the Forum the most in. Um... is there anything else I need to say? I'm typing, so I will be polite, and I have played IC2 since it came out. (No, I've only played IC in 1.6.6), and I have plenty of free time. (I'm still in High School.)

    (If I left something out, let me know, please?) EDIT: Oh, and I don't have to mention the generic ones, right? In case I do: English is my first language, I'm on almost every day, blahblahblah.

    EDIT 2: After some careful consideration, I think that I would be an acceptable smallstuff janitor, too.... So, put me down for all three? (And yes, I posted this a looooooong time ago)

    Can I tentatively say that IC2 is a great Mod, and the Devs are doing as good as they can? I agree with the whole needs-more-active testers and a sort of Jenkins/GitHub (Which lets you download different versions, right?), and a community-bugfix use policy, because the community of this Mod is very dedicated, and there are some excellent coders out there that would probably love fixing bugs in the code (And adding API-Hooks for their own Addons, of course) And, while Kane may have said it a little too strongly, I do see where he is coming from. (Oh, and I appreciate the fact that Alblaka is responding to this thread, when I first saw it I half-expected it to be ignored. Thank you.)

    Oh, and don't think I don't like Industrial Craft. I do. And I'm guessing that Alblaka will keep his promise and not ban me. (No release date, right?)

    Heat is a FORM of Energy. Kinetic, I think..
    (Sorry for the one-liner, needed to be done)
    Slightly-in-line with what MattLaPatate said, this won't change much, and to me, that seems unnecessary.

    One thing most people forgot:
    Heat IS Energy...
    Heat = The movement of particles
    Energy = The movement of particles

    It gets more complicated with Electricity, which is the flow of Electrons, but basically, Heat = Energy

    (And, absolute zero [No energy at ALL] has zero energy in the system)

    1. There are these really nifty items called chests. I advise you use them, but if you think they are OP, feel free to disable them in the Config. (Oh... wait. Dammit) Anyway, Inventory space isn't a problem, because there are ways to store your stuff, and unless you are mining, you aren't harvesting blocks, and when you are mining, you are only getting new ores, and most of your Inventory is Cobblestone. Inventory space ≠ Problem with just IC2

    2. It does. Nano-armour only did that because of a bug (I think) and the Quantum suit has more storage anyway. If you don't like it, don't use it.

    3. No. That's not how it works. Anyone can create an Addon, if you don't want to spend five seconds to download it, sorry.

    4. I use Biofuel, thank you very much. I built my house near a forest, and Chainsawed it down for about 300,000 EU. It's really only good before I get Geos, but the ability to produce it inside my house is very nice. It's a Mid-Game option, that feels balanced and good at it's current state. (Oh, and I use Coalfuel too, mainly in the early and late game, if I have excess coal.)

    5. Hide your base. If this doesn't work, don't play on large, public servers. If that doesn't work, well, yeah, security would be nice. But, since I play on a small private server with my friends, it's nice to be able to see how someone else set up their reactor.

    (I bolded the important parts.)
    (Greg's Addon rocks. Don't want it, don't use it.)

    Besides the whole magic thing, there is only one Enderdragon egg ever... So, servers would have a free-for-all to be the first to collect this resource...