What exactly is the purpose of beer?

  • is the only purpose of beer to just have fun making it?

    I don't see the purpose of making beer, so I would like answers, like:
    what types of buffs do they give?
    why would you want different combinations of beers?

    and others I can't remember.


  • Check the Agricultural Engineering section, there is a thread there devoted to what you can do with beer, and it lists all of the types, buffs, and ways to get beer

    Is the answer to this question no?


    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • NONE

    current implementation of beer and agriculture just like corean MMORPG's, it require to waste LOTS of time for something completely useless.

    same for coffe and rum, too much clicks and babysit for useless return.

    same for reactor, who ever need reactor when you allowed to player 20 windmills and have constant 50eu without any risks..

  • Richard, maybe his whining is annoying. After all, Raw Code didn't pay you to write the software (and even if he did, constant demands would still be irritating).

    With that said, his argument is absolutely correct. A big part of the fun-ness of industrialcraft is that things can be made automatic, but it isn't easy.

    The problem with beer is that it requires the player to do a bunch of micro-management, and there is no possible way to interlink a timer from redpower or some other control circuitry so that you can stop the brewing and auto-bottle the product.

    You know, like a real industrial plant.

    The problem with nuclear is that the fuel inside does not last long enough - heck, it's a joke compared to real life. Nuclear fuel should last for a long, long time with the reactor producing 24/7 power. The challenge should be building a reactor that doesn't leak or melt down or blow up.

    The same goes with coffee and crops.

    Also, Raw Code's second point : a lot of people I have seen that make bad decisions regarding gameplay choices don't actually play the game. If you sat down and actually playtested through your own tech tree you just might learn something.

  • I'm using crops from the beginning of every world. It is the most reliable source of dies (and I think only one with ink sac without diving, except maybe UU), which goes great with forestry stained glass and RP cables. With forestry and pumpkins you can get a lot of seed oil really fast, one standard farm plot (80 spaces) with pumpkin seeds give you about 2.5 stacks of pumpkins. Melons, which are quite easily bred from 2 wheats give you great early game food source. Coffee is very powerful, specially if you drink a few. Crops were also one of the ways to have netherwart in the overworld prior to 1.3.2 (similar with cocoa beans, but forestry provided heroic bees). In FTB pumpkins were a powerful early source of EMC. Current system needs some rework (specially with pumpkins/melons, they give to much from normal seeds) and more crops, but overall it is fun in normal game play. I can't say much about beer, because I didn't play with it a lot.

    Edit: However, automatic brewing would be great (not crop collection, if this is too bothersome there is OP forestry addon for this).

  • Beer is totally useless, except that brewing it is a great time sink if you're bored.
    If you want it for the buffs, better just spend that time making the Qsuit.
    But like i said, it's fun to mess around, so maybe that's it's purpose.

  • it shoud be viable alternative to magic brewing, but currently just hayo.

    In my opinion, the main purpose is that it can be INDUSTRIALIZED, I mean, more easily automatized etc ...

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D