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    The prototype wasn't semi-functioning, it was a full replacement of the network code and it was working fine. The big problem about doing that however is that you can throw it away each time Minecraft updates, or nowadays if forge updates, therefore the time spent on this is wasted, unless you plan to never update Minecraft again.

    For the donation part: a good programmer can be hired at many companies, expect about 500€ (660$) per day (2500€ a week). I think that is rather excessive for a one-time change, regarding the non-update part.

    My guess is that lex already has a job that is much better payed than what Mojang could offer. And for second Mojang so far never ever admitted that they took ideas from others (like villages, which were a plain rip-off), so I don't think they will ever say: "We take Forge, because we can't do it better." and instead implement something crappy that no one will ever use afterwards.

    Simple Example: Minecraft always renders all blocks that are in loaded chunks. You can easily try for your own by using a cheat-see-through texture pack. Now ask yourself: how many blocks are actually required to render? Actually only those that you can see.

    The algorithm required to sort out the not required blocks (known as Oct-tree) was already commonly known and used 2002, yet not in Minecraft, but could easily reduce the time to render by a lot giving a massive FPS boost especially on smaller systems. More modern approaches using shaders could exploit the fact that Minecraft-blocks are almost always square and have most of the calculation being done in the graphics card, which could easily boost the FPS by another factor of 10.

    And this is just what you can do graphics-wise. There are a lot more code parts that can easily - and I am talking about 2-3 days of work for an experienced programmer - be improved to give a massive boost to the speed of the game. Just alone the way networking is handled is stupidly crazy: network packages and chunk updates can only be handled in the rendering-loop, so if your network is slow, your fps automatically drop. I once prototyped this and with about 4h of work I had a complete lag-free networking code that did not at all bring down the rendering. And that was been done by just using the Java tools right.

    I think that was from an interview with Jeb (or Dinnerbone?). They actually want to make the ultimate API, but as with many things in the IT business: nothing is done until it is done. I have seen managers tell the greatest things that we will have "soon", yet a year later nothing was done, but no one was speaking about that "grand vision" anymore cause they had a new one.

    Therefore: don't believe things just because someone said them.

    Java nowadays with all it's features is fast enough to run on most machines properly. If done right you barely notice the difference between Java and a highly optimized native code, what you however notice is badly written code. And I can assure you: from 1000 programmers maybe 1 is able to write good code in the language he is using. And with all those hobby-modders in Minecraft that numbers get a lot worse.

    The worst of all is however that many of those at Mojang fall under the 999 part. ;)
    An experienced programmer with appropriate skill could easily make Minecraft 10 or 100 times faster.

    They do have some kind of a vision for Minecraft which is pretty low tech. I for myself for example don't use certain mods (like the Ender Chest mod) just because they make things too easy. As everyone still has the option to install that Ender Chest mod afterwards if they are not satisfied with a low-tech Enderchest, that is fine for everyone, but if they put in the high-tech chest right into vanilla, then its unlikely that there will be a mod to downgrade that thing.

    You forgot the part where you can search for items in NEI but not in CraftGuide.

    There is a search bar in CraftGuide as well.


    Uhhm NEI doesnt need Plugins for that too. Also some Mods have their NEI-Plugins integrated, so one doesn't have to wait for Craftguide to update.

    Quote from NEI installation instructions: "Mistaqur has plugins for Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Forestry, Railcraft and an IC2 fix at https://bitbucket.or...ugins/wiki/Home"
    You as well need the Red Power plugin as without several items are not shown in the list.
    And now guess what works right out of the box without any plugins for those mods. ;)


    I doubt you can read IC²-Crafting-Recipes and Redpower-Sawing properly with it, as they add another Recipe System.

    Still it has all the macerator, extractor and so on recipes right out of the box.


    show a holographic Display ON YOUR CRAFTINGTABLE, where you can see the Recipe.

    Never have seen any on my project table. And since you can't just lookup the recipe again without searching it, things became more and more difficult the later the night became. ;)


    You haven't tested the good Features of NEI, and also didnt test, if the Cheat Mode can be disabled in the Config. Basically your opinion is basing on missing Information.

    That is what I mean with polishing. CraftGuide works just fine right out of the box, while with NEI you need to install plugins, configure things and then still might not get everything you want/need.


    and therefor your Advertisement is not very effective at all.

    I am not advertising to get people to use CraftGuide instead of NEI, but show some alternatives. Maybe there are people completely happy with NEI the way it is, so let them be. But maybe others (like me) are annoyed by NEI and would love an alternative, maybe CraftGuide could be that alternative.

    As I've noticed that many people here use NEI to look up recipes, I'd like to advertise a bit for Craft Guide, which is in my opinion far better than NEI.

    Benefits of CraftGuide over NEI:
    - It does automatically scan all recipes ingame and therefore knows all of them without relying on plugins or other stuff. Just hit G and you get crafting recipes for all mods immediately. Hit G while hovering over an item and you get only those for that item.
    - In addition the lack of an API also means that you do not need to wait for others to update their plugins every time the game updates.
    - It does not contain the cheat modes, which many might like if they actually try to play "legit". There is always "/gamemode 1" to enter creative mode if you actually need to cheat (and this is usually better sorted than NEI)
    - Recipes are displayed much cleaner and better arranged. You can even resize the window that display the recipes to have to display up to as many recipes as fit on your screen.
    - It does remember the last reciped you looked up. Just went back to the crafting table and forgot how the recipe looked like? Hit G and it will be displayed again.

    After having to use NEI for a few days when 1.4.6 came out, I am so happy to be able to return to Craft Guide after that (imo) horrible experience. It is very clear how much more polished Craft Guide is over NEI, everything just works smoother and as you would expect it in contrast to the many minor quirks of NEI.

    I know the world is not lagging. This is not Server TPS but rather Client FPS I'm pointing out. Being a admin of a semi large community, we tend to have a lot of players on lower spec computers. Being able provide a more building area that is more lag free say 1 layer of grass and nothing else clearly offers superior client fps boost as their is less things to render and I think that's mainly due to lighting?

    Lighting costs a lot, I once lightened up cave system through a single hole in the ceiling and then repeatedly covered and uncovered that hole with a piston. That alone brought my server to its knees. In addition the current MC version seems to be extra laggy in many situations. While I had like 300 fps on earlier versions, I am now lucky if I get more than 100 on the same machine. As all calculations of the world are done in a single frame, I often experience these micro-lags, that are not visible in the fps, but definitely noticeable for me. All of this however doesn't seem to be world related but caused by some single blocks or special combinations.

    On the other hand, as already suggested, Mystcraft could be a solution for you. For once it allows everyone to have his private world (anti-griefing) and for second it allows to create flat plains worlds without any features like caves, villages and so on if you want to. That could be a solution for those with slower machines. The only downside is that each world takes up a bit of disk space (~2mb for each unexplored world on my machine), and of course creates the option for infinite resources as you can just create another world if you strip-mined your current one. Certain worlds are as well excellent for mob towers (permanent daylight, no caves), you should forbid chunk-loaders in such worlds. And you should be prepared to rescue a few people that got stuck in their worlds. ;)

    Wer ändert denn die Datei wenn du MC startest? Wenn das Minecraft selbst ist, dann hat das vielleicht Gründe. Ansonsten vielleicht mal nachgucken wie Minecraft die Datei eigentlich einliest, ggf. ist das BOM ja auch völlig egal.

    The world isn't lagging, the code is. Even if you create a flat plains world it will still eventually lag even though there is nothing out there.

    Identifying what causes the lag is however extremely difficult. It could be anything from a single block, a specific addon or a combination of addons that only occurs under very special circumstances. Even your server could be lagging form outside influence (unless you happen to have an expensive true root server with exclusive access, but then it could still be network). The only real way to figure out the lag would be to have the server run with a special performance measurement tool that will then tell you which part of the code is actually taking how much time. But then someone still has to fix that. ;)

    The source is not officially available, however using the right tools (that conveniently come with MCP/Forge that you need anyways) it is trivial for the experienced programmer.

    You don't actually need to loop at all -- just connect the two batboxes to each other in series, and output from the last batbox into your machines. It does exactly what you want.

    Not exactly, as in my setup only the excess energy is put into the 2nd batbox, the machines have priority.

    But just before this gets to far, I actually do not construct my usual setup like this, I just happen to have that batbox in place from a miner I had placed next to my machines and tried to re-inject the energy into the net when I noticed the bug.
    help again!
    why industrial craft no work?

    Please try to read the error message first, the problem is clearly stated in line 61.

    To get things running do the following:
    1. Navigate to your minecraft directory (something like: C:\Users\czarny\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft)
    2. find the folder configs and delete it
    3. Start Minecraft.

    All block ids will now be re-assigned, which might corrupt an existing world, but Minecraft should run afterwards.