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    maybe a bit late but here is how i solved that problem

    i set a RP2 sorting machine to automatic cycle to extract the re-enriched cells (no unnecessary lag by timer ticks). they passed an item detector which activated a state cell. this turned the breeder off for a short time (economical use of my uranium cell) and activated a timer to craft new isotope cells. that way i can keep my depleted cells in a stackable form and craft them into non-stackable isotope cells on demand.

    if course you can redesign it without on demand management and just spam isotope cells (RP2 tubes are perfect for spamming inputs) but i think the main solution for the original problem would be to use a sorting machine in automatic cycle mode to extract the re-enriched cells.

    since i can't play without RP2 anyway i'm totally satisfied with the current release :P

    I believe that if you do in fact have PR personnel that you should, indeed, look for better staffing in that position. PR meaning public relations, you should not have needed to concern yourself with this matter your PR staff should have monitored this and coordinated with you on a reply rather than you having to take time out of your day to end up hearing such hurtful bull ka-ka as what was stated in the video concerning your works of literary art.

    i thought the same thing when i read that they have PR staff. it means you should already have people who know what the community wants poking you with a stick about the IC2 development till you give them a half asleep "waaah i don't feel like coding anything right now, gimme a beer and bug richard" and they post something like "Due to personal issues Alblaka can't really invest much time for the development of IC2, but Richard is working on it."
    that's how the system works!!! :thumbup:

    nobody can demand that you write a hotfix RIGHT NOW! (that's just unthankful for a free service), but i can agree that at least telling us if you're working on it and we can expect something within a reasonable time frame or that you don't feel like fixing that for now would allow us to plan our projects accordingly. if i know there will be a fix i just continue as planned but if i know there isn't anything to expect for the next half a year i accept the challenge and try to circumvent the problem.

    Good point. I can't figure how to do it better, though, especially with C (copper) letter being used up bu Coolant Cells. Probably, with U - U1 for all single, U4 for all quad, fractions for mixed.

    I'll also add option to show "adjusted" effectivity, taking in account used up materials.

    three letters: S, D, Q ;)
    also, this is only important if the lower duration of dual and quad cells is NOT a bug. i only heard people saying that it is, but i haven't seen alblakas statement to this claim. maybe i just missed the post.

    And I've seen that you use MV-transformer on your map to serve as a relay but I still don't understand how exactly it works, for example with two packets of 1 EU/t will it send two packets of 128EU/t every 6,4 seconds or send only one packet every 3,2 seconds ? If it's the first case I think I can use LV-transformer even if it's less boring to craft a MV-transformer.

    a transformer collects incoming EU until it has enough to send out at least one package of it's spezific size, e.g. 128EU for a MW-transformer. the maximum output per t of a transformer is the higher EU value, 512EU/t for a MW-transformer via 4*128EU packages per tick. so if you're producing 140EU/t, the transformer will send out 1 package per t most of the time and somtimes 2 packages, as it stores the surplus 12EU/t until it has a second package to send.

    since i haven't updated to 1.3.2 i can't directly answer your question, but i think Craftguide should do the trick. it's a nice, little, violet book that shows you any blueprint you want, even secret recipes if you've enabled it in the IC2 config.

    I would say that reactors are meant for short, medium, and long term use, however solars are meant for very long term use.

    for "very long" you'll need wind, as you'll need lots of EU for a bigger base and solars are just inefficient in terms of space.
    you also have to consider that reactors don't just produce a lot of EU/t, but also a lot of EU per cell in total. if your not wasting EU by letting it run while your storage is full or you're producing UU-matter permantly it takes some time to drain all of your available uranium and if you're producing UU-matter as common resource solars won't cut it anyway

    From the psychologically standpoint i have to say, that a good Class-A-Reactor sounds much better than a good Class-F-Reactor, like Grades in english schools or the european Energy-Efficiency-Standard, where "A+++" is the best and "H" the worst. This naming could reduce the Noobs, who spam bad Designs.

    Or Talonius adds a Description on how good or bad, the designed Reactor in the Planner is. Hmm, i should add such Description to my own Planner.

    that's why we should use numbers. i don't understand why people would use letters when they want to represent numbers instead of using numbers directly. just look at something like "A+++". it looks to me as if someone once decided A or A+ to be the best. then something better came, which resulted in a problem since there's no letter prior to A. the solution was to add another + and now we are at A+++.... it simply looks that way. grades in school somehow still represent their respective numbers, as A is 1, B is 2, etc. in germany this changes later in highschool where we switch to a 15point system. i just don't like the idea to limit the scalability of the naming system by starting in a dead-end.
    i also don't think it does prevent noobs from posting their designs as it doesn't represent any quality of the design itself, it just shows how you use your cells. you can still build an E7 reactor that has double the cooling it actually needs :D
    and i think that E7 sounds definitly better than EA.

    i know, it's not the most rewarding job to be the smart ass, but someone has to do it!
    efficiency has nothing to do with your output, but with how often your uranium cells pulse per tick. therefore it's unreasonable to half the eff-rating cause the output of a uranium cell was halfed, since both are unrelated and it would not reflect reality (calling it eff 2 when the cell pulses 4 times is not reasonable).
    and that we will reach the point where everything is researched and everyone who posts a new design will get flamed cause there is a more efficient way to build it is a fact. there will be more variety than before, but there will always be a best for every category. by that time we will probably get the next overhaul for nuclear reactors :D
    i sometimes miss the old times where we just threw refined uranium bars into our reactor and everything worked.

    Efficient or not, sometimes in Minecraft I like to throw away Efficency and Need and just say "To hell with it, I just want to build that monster" .. and have fun while doing it ;)

    that's the spirit you need to build something worthwhile in minecraft. we can create worlds where we have infinite resources to build, analyse and improve everything in any way we want. you invest nothing but time and brain, but you'll always gain a lot of experience for it.

    This would be 1264 Iron, 2140 Copper, a mere 260 tin, and 240 Gold.

    The DDoS has a lower iron and gold cost, but a higher Tin and Copper requirements (mostly due to the massive number of coolant cells required).

    Seems to me to be a possibly worthwhile tradeoff. Actual milage may vary, of course.

    that's actually quite promising. i always found those high-value resources like gold, lapis or diamonds to be the real problem when building anything, too. when building a CASUC i always had trouble to gather the resources for the MFSU, cause the CASUC itself was cheap.
    i also thought about researching how to build something with cooling cell circulation, but i didn't feel like trying without RP2.
    just keep it going :thumbup:

    Reactors was probably made more powerful for "most" people, but for US it is nerfed by half, and construction costs doubled, as I stated before.

    the most expensive part of a CASUC beside tons of uranium where the two diamonds i needed for the diamond handsaw to craft the wavers for my filter. the fact that i always build a CASUC before my miner shows that they were to cheap for that output.
    and especially when you're breeding uranium is available in vast amounts once you get some miners running.

    Breeders used to be a hassle to maintain.. heh, even I was reluctant to build them. But with the new system they're much easier to maintain, this leads to breeders being more common and more people able to squeeze approx. Efficiency * 10 million EU out of each ore.

    i totally agree with that. in every base i build since i discovered CASUC's they where the second energy source i'd always build, but i never got into breeders as managing a reactor to work at "close to BOOM" limit without being able to actually measure if the heat remains constant was always MADNESS! in my opinion. and i didn't want to use an additional mod only for this.

    -do the solar cells have to be on the ground, or could i attach them to frames as well and pull them along? (i have the hardware power...)

    i don't quite understand what you want to do, but i wouldn't advise you to move the solars. the solar array changes in size after every step, which will lead to problems cause you're trying to move an infinitly big object. moving the factory which never changes in any way is better

    -rather than switches, could i streamline a bit and use a pressure plate cockpit instead?

    the system should be fully automatic and a pressure plate stops if nothing steps on it, could be a problem

    i would also like to state that an autonomous is impossible (by design, so i've heard), so i'm looking into the logic of 'dumping' a reactor off the rig when it is empty.

    i can't see if you're doubting system itself or the amount of energy you can produce with non-renewable generators before the solar array works. the former is definitly possible, you can simulate it via a simple DFA.
    in your case i would start to prototype most logics and systems, so you can find problems and limits of what's possible before it's messing up your factory. start constructing on the real thing once RP2 gets ported to 1.3.2. the new nuclear reactors can support you with enough energy to construct the first solars in one cycle and we don't know what new features the next RP2 will bring us. maybe we'll get tubes and cables/wires INSIDE frames, which could revolutionize your whole project.
    just my humble opinion

    Now that we have a planner, I rigged something up that produces 1600 EU/t:


    EDIT: If you are really crazy, take this one: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…tq0tg2js75rf9qb0fyqq3zv9c
    2500 EU/t, outrules CASUC's 2070 EU/t also considering compressor energy cost that tones it down to 1500 or so.

    would be interesting to know how much effective EU that produces when you use UU-matter to repair those condensators

    Combustion engines create BC power. Nuclear reactors generate IC power. How were you going to power your quarry on a nuclear reactor?
    (I assume you don't have a crossover mod, because if you did, you could just use power teleport pipes again)

    as mentioned above, the Power Converters mod can do that and Forestry also has an electric engine to power buildcraft machines with EU. take your pick!
    i also find it funny how people with technic pack never know which mod does what ;)

    How long until we get a pipe/logistics card that pull spent (or almost spent) coolant cells out of a reactor. And another pipe/card that only pulls out undamaged coolant cells. Once you have that, you need 2 reactors and you are golden.

    that's practically how every waterbucket CASUC worked, we're just changing water refilling deployers for a "cooling chamber". i know that state cells won't work cause they reset on chunkload, but i don't know if a chunkloader next to it could easily fix that (never touched that topic).
    it's seriously annoying that filter can't distinguish between dmg values :thumbdown:

    no its not the current recipe is shapeless yes but you have to do the crafting 3 times to refill it

    can't see the problem there. we can't build something like a CASUC without an intelligent transport system like RP2 or logistic pipes anyway, so putting three crafting tables in a row is no real challenge