[Idea] The mech suit!

  • So we all know and love the quantum suit armor...

    But what if there was a machine that was better! It's called the mech suit, quite handy when you need to fight creepers or deal with nukes. The mech suit is a 3 tall 2 wide suit that you can wear, it starts as a block, but once it's right clicked it locks onto your quantum suit armor (You need all quantum suit armor).
    The suit moves at half the speed as walking, but has some cool features like it is unaffected by explosions meaning you can handle the nukes much easier. The suit would need to be placed next to an mfsu (Or a cable) in block form to charge. It uses 2 x the energy of an mfsu, so it's not massiveley overpowered. Plus it would use many diamonds and irridium plates. The suit also requires quantum armor so you also need those to use the suit. These features balance out the power of the suit.
    Did I mention it's awesome? And it can own mobs just like a nano_saber!? Well, that's my idea! Hope you like it!

  • And it already suggested and ignored, even if that type of Idea could be interesting. I guess it's much harder to code than Q-Suit.

    I would prefer speak about Exoskeleton: this wouldn't be a multi-structure armor, but an armor that provide you Bonus (Speed *5 when running, Jump to 5 blocks high (this one wouldn't be bigger than the Q-Suit jump because of the weight of the Exoskeletton ^^, Strongness (make you able to mine faster, even with Electric Tools and to have a 2-hearts damages bonus, and what you want for the "Helmet", from integrated OV-scanner to Q-Helmet like effects, adding Thermomete from Addon for example).
    Apart from giving you bonus (bigger than Q-suit does, but massively consuming EU), it COULD provide you armor, up to 100% resistance, as the full Q-Suit does, but with a different system.

    There would be a GUI for each pieces of that armor, in the one you could put 3 types of materials, wich would have different effects:

    -Reinforced Composite Material: it would be made only from Advanced Alloy, Reffined Iron and Carbon Plate). It would protect you from 75% of the damages(when fully worn), but the RCM (of each pieces)would be damaged.

    -Advanced Quantum Material: It would be made from Iridium plate essentialy, and would consume even more EU than the Exoskeletton alone, but would protect you from 100% of the damages, as the Q-Suit does, but with DAMAGING the AQM (however, veryslowly, it would be like 20 times the diamond armor resistance, but decreasing faster because of this 100% damages absorbed). What would be the point of it, if it's not unbreakable while Q-Suit is ? this would be protect you from ABSOLUTLY all damages. Even from hypothetics I-Conflict weapons. And it would also be more useful to mine, because the Body-Exoskeletton would provide Energy to its armor layer if needed, but also to your DD or ML. In PvP it would be a way of being invicible according you've the Iridium plate to craft the AQM again when broken [So that would be incredibly costfull, and would make player producing more and more UUM to be able to beat their oponent: the final Weapon-race].

    -Energetic Nano Material: This would be the unbreakable material, assuming all damages absorbed would reduce energy ... but you've read it. All damages absorbed. Wich means it won't absorbed all the damages. This material, when fully used in your armor, would provide you 50% armor, and consume energy, of course.

    To work properly, it would need 2 Material for each pieces, exept the body armor needing 4.


    Reinforced Composite Material:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:

    :Refined Iron: :Coal Chunk: :Refined Iron:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:

    :Intergrated Plating: = Adv. Alloy, :Coal Chunk: =Carbon Plate

    Put that in your compressor, and it'll give you the RCM. Repairing enabled.

    Advanced Quantum Material:
    :Iridium: :Coal Chunk: :Iridium:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Advanced Circuit: :Intergrated Plating:

    :Iridium: :Coal Chunk: :Iridium:

    Obviously because of the Adv. Circuit, do not put it to the compressor this time ^^
    Repairing enabled here too.

    Energetic Nano Material:
    :Coal Chunk:
    :Coal Chunk: :Advanced Circuit: :Coal Chunk: --> :Compressed Coal Ball: (no name for the time being)

    :Coal Chunk:

    :Compressed Coal Ball: :Compressed Coal Ball: :Compressed Coal Ball:

    :Glass Fibre: :Energy Crystal: :Glass Fibre: --> :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: (=ENM)
    :Compressed Coal Ball: :Compressed Coal Ball: :Compressed Coal Ball:

    :Energy Crystal: is a lapotron.

    Exoskeletton parts:

    Helmet: Store 2000 000 EU
    :Iridium: :Advanced Circuit: :Iridium:
    :Energy Crystal: :Nano-Helmet: :Energy Crystal:
    :Advanced Machine: :Force Field: :Advanced Machine:

    :Force Field: = Reinforced glass

    The helmet would also have an (or some) empty slots in it GUI for OV scanner, EU-reader (used by right clicking nothing [in your hand also])

    "Chestplate": Store 10 000 EU

    :Advanced Machine: :HV-Transformer: :Advanced Machine:

    :Iridium: :Nano-Bodyarmor: :Iridium:
    :Iridium: :Composite Armor: :Iridium:

    :HV-Transformer: =MFSU

    "Leggins": Store 3 000 000 EU

    :Advanced Machine: :Energy Crystal: :Advanced Machine:

    :Energy Crystal: :Nano-Leggings: :Energy Crystal:

    :Iridium: :Iridium:

    "Boots": Store 3 000 000 EU.

    :Intergrated Plating: :Electric Jetpack: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Energy Crystal: :Advanced Circuit: :Energy Crystal:

    :Rubber Boots: :Quantum-Boots: :Rubber Boots:

    NB: If not precised, a picture symbolize: 1] What it symbolyze higher on the post. 2] What it seems to be.
    Helmet not being "Helmet" is intended, because it's the only piece we can call like that.
    Boots have :Rubber Boots: in the recipe while :Quantum-Boots: already got, but the Exoskelleton is heavier. That's also why it need an electric Jetpack just for jumping.

    When fully worn, the suit provide an additional effect: because it's huge, and it makes Steve incredibly strong, it can help it to handle 9 stack more. So it add a line of slot in your inventory.

    Consumption Info: when running, the Leggin drains 512 EU/t. The Boots drain 25 000 EU per jump. The Chesplate drains basically by itself 10 EU/t (because it helps a lot for handling) and 500 Additonal EU per block mined (+ your Tool consumption. Mining Laser do not count, breaking block with it will drain EU normally). The Helmet consume as much EU as Q-Helmet does, + additionnal consumption for RightClicking with any Tool in the GUI)

    When fully worn, the whole suit has the same level of energy. It means that if the Leggin consume 1 000 000 EU, the Bodyarmor will see it Energy decreasing by (10/18)*1 000 000, the Leggins by (1/6)*1 000 000 etc ...

    Of course, energy consumption from type of material used as armor is added to the general consumption.

    I know, this is a big overhaul, and it seems there is a big risk that some person argue against but ... I guess it's still better Multi-Tile armor ^^

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • I would love to see multi-block mechs. Like in the Avatar movie, those badass walking tanks.

    Still, multi-block, so i guess we wont have it (and a armor its just not the same).

    The Viper will hide in the shadows... unseen... unheard... and when you least expect, she strikes.

  • Still, multi-block, so i guess we wont have it (and a armor its just not the same).

    See my suggestion as that thing, only without the multi-blocks. It wouldn't be as beautiful but would have the same utility.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • If Mech is an armor, doubt it can change outer size.
    If it is a multiblock structure, it would annoying to move/turn.
    Best way would be Mech-Entity "Ab ovo". Somehow produced Mech-egg activated and big Mech-entity "unpack" itself. Hit it with some wrench to work faster ;) (you are an engineer if you play IC2). Using EU-wrench on some spot on the back of Mech-entity reverse process to Mech-egg (even in battle). Right-click on entity open GUI where player able to charge internal EU storage with any battery, walk, turn, put tools in right or left Mech-hand, use tools in hands, ... While Mech-entity not broken, player inside is invincible. Even from suffocation and splash potions effects. Only void, hunger and drunk potions can harm him. When Mech destroyed, player is "released".
    Just a thoughts. Doubt anyone would realize something like that...

  • See my suggestion as that thing, only without the multi-blocks. It wouldn't be as beautiful but would have the same utility.

    As i said, a armor is not the same thing. Not as scary as seeing a 3 blocks tall monster firing rockets from one hand, lazers from the other and torpedoes from the butt. :D

    The Viper will hide in the shadows... unseen... unheard... and when you least expect, she strikes.

  • Yes, you're right, but why not sacrifying appearance to have better chance of implementation ? ^^
    Not that it could be implemented :/

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • Probably something akin to Flan's planes and such in terms of coding and function... But I honestly doubt the IC2 Dev team will see it through...

    Would anyone like to try a Slowpoke Tail?! Only 1 Million Yen!


    this isn't about arrogance or ego, I have a block that I put a lot of freaking work into

    Every Mod Author, in existence. And yet, you STILL say otherwise.

  • the creator of Factorization has already started implementing Mecha-style modular armor; perhaps the goal should be cross-mod compatibility?

    I for one would love to see the day when giant stompy Mechs roam MC with jet boots, lasers, and flames shooting from their ass.

    Ok maybe not the flames. But a flamethrower would be cool :)

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  • ..this isn't entirely related to what Aethir said since he didn't contribute anything to the original idea (although i don't see anything wrong with the info he added since some people might not know about the factorization suit and might be interested)...

    BUT i love you get flamed if you repost an idea, but at the same time everyone bedevils "necroposting" .. so what would please you guys? ..if an idea isn't fully worthy of a new thread, yet adds something to a similar one that might alter it in a nice way? i'd really love to hear some guidelines :rolleyes:

    (happened to me and i did, in fact, add something to an idea)

    edit: also, if it's that much of burden, just lock the threads which are too "dead"...