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    You currently cannot increase the energy capacity.

    You can definitely charge it by putting it into the top slot of a batbox, CESU, MFE, MFSU or generator. You might be able to charge it with a charging battery as well by having the charging battery in the infentory and the armor in the hotbar, but I'm not sure about that. Depending on the IC2 version you use, you can stand on a chargepad and it'll charge your armour (I fixed that a few weeks ago)

    I can't think of any other way right now to detect it.

    To place the block again, you just need to pla ce the correct block ic2:te and the tileentity. (The other properties of the BlockState are overridden by getActualState when the te is present) Ideally, you'd serialize writeToNBT and store it before removing the block and create a new te when breaking the multiblock.

    If you need anything else, or you want me to add a hook, please let me know.

    The reason why IC2 isn't using the vanilla damage system is because our damage can exceed the range of a short. ItemStacks only save the lower 16 bit of the damage (see ItemStack.writeToNBT()), a ItemStack exceeding that damage is also considered to be empty (see ItemStack.isEmpty()). We only use our own damage system for items, that might exceed that short value range. This is why you can't use isDamageable and setItemDamage.

    That being said, there are blocks in IC2 that do exactly what you atre looking for. The reactor coolant injectors allow you to recharge condensers in reactors. You'd only have to keep enough lapis/redstone in them.

    Regarding the capability not being exposed in the reactor chamber: yes, that's a bug. It's fixed in build 50

    Ok, so first of all: a lot of the suggestions sound really good. I'll go over each of them and tell you what I think about it.

    First of all your Jenkins Changelogs are only Dev Changelogs not publicly shown changelogs, it is only either very cryptic or referencing another issue without any context at all. Nothing to show to any person who has no idea about coding! (You need to be a dev to understand that type of changelog)

    Just because you can't read it doesn't mean other people can't read it. People who do read changelogs will be able to understand it.

    Why not upgrade its range by a bit since its actually one of the fastes ways to travel vertically up. Compared to a jetpack at least. (Classic again implemented that idea to improve it)

    Obviously you didn't do your homework again this time:

    You can put overclocker upgrades into the magnetizer ever since I rewrote it.

    Now about chocoheads discussion i want to make 1 point and ask 1 question: Remember how you guys often said that you don't have much time to work on things (that was back in 1.7.10 times) and then out of nowhere later the 1.8.9-1.10.2 update came out?

    Remember that? My point being you guys can't oftenly sit together to get shit done but as soon it has to be about being in the latest version everyone has time now to work on this massive update or even core rewrite (which was done in 1.8.9-1.10.2 version) but not to get the mod even very good designed.

    I know IRL isn't always giving time but you guys lack priority, and open to many new projects without closing many old ones,

    This is getting soon to levels of Techreborn just more stable.

    No. That's not true. We do talk to each other to make progress and get things done, but you have to remember we all have a real life. You should think about yourself if you (for some reason) have more time available than we three combined.

    Aroma, it is not okay to just delete a Post without a good reason. Just removing the Post wont fix the Issues IC2exp is for sure still having. It is not a wrong thing to point out that there is stuff broken, and that there is fixes for that broken stuff, even if that incorporates usage of examples that are tied very closely to another "product".

    Your reason for deletion was "removal of propaganda", but I am very sure that most of the said things in that post are actually true, even if they have a small opinion attached to them.

    Just try to disprove the wrong things instead of flat out silencing people next time.

    I know that it's not good to delete a post, but there is a difference between constructive criticism (what VermillionX did) and flaming/shittalking about things (what Speiger did). I know IC2 has issues, but please don't start your propaganda about how shit IC2 is in your opinion just because of your desire to make other people down.(Not directed at you btw, Greg)

    Anyways, I will continue to remove said posts to keep the discussion focused and constructive. I do not like being challenged in my own territory.

    I generally do disprove wrong things assuming I have the time to do so. (I always have).

    Also could we talk about politics in a different post, so we can stay on topic?

    Railcraft is basically dead. The most recent versions don't have boilers, steam turbines or engines anymore. But they were a prime example of a boiler and turbine system that's simple to use and difficult to master. Which should be the goal of all game content in every mod and any game. More so with RC's old steam system functioning more in line with IC2's than say Thermal Expansion's boilers and steam dynamos (which are ridiculous, and overpowered).

    Boilers had configurable sizes, required large amounts of fuel to achieve the right temperature and produced steam and consumed fuel relative to their temperature. Simple. Fuel + Boiler = Heat. Heat + water = steam. Higher heat = more steam. Highest heat = less fuel. Water + Dry Boiler = Boom.

    No unlabelled buttons, no mysterious numbers that do "something", no water output instead of steam, no fatal steam explosions for looking at it wrong.

    The turbine too: Expensive to build, requires a Turbine disc like IC2 (more expensive though) outputs power relative to steam, outputs water byproduct. Not much different from IC2, but it's SIMPLE. It's UNDERSTANDABLE. It won't kill you 20 times because it doesn't come with a manual. Both the turbine and the boiler have clear and concise GUIs that show a water gauge, a steam gauge and a temperature gauge. The IC2 ones have none of these. They're entirely guesswork.

    Once again, being special is only fine if it makes you stand out above the rest. Not the kind of special that requires a caregiver to wipe your ass.

    Yes, the steam system right now is a mess and a lot of things in IC2 are a bit overcomplicated. I also really liked RC's boiler system and I have a couple of ideas in mind.

    Ok, so first of all: a lot of the suggestions sound really good. I'll go over each of them and tell you what I think about it.

    Please also note that even though I'm a developer of IC2, I don't like and approve of everything that's in IC2. That being said, here we go:

    The bugtracker:

    The reason why we have our own bugtracker is because there's not really an alternative. We don't use github or bitbucket for our source code and I'm pretty sure using their bugtracker without using them for source code is against their ToS. We also don't really like to depend on other services to hold our data without being able to manually back them up/copy them.


    Yes that's definitely planned. The jenkins already has changelogs and ideally we'd add them to the curse upload as well. There are gradle plugins, that can do that, and I looked into using them. I also looked into how other mods autogenerate their changelogs. That being said, I spent a lot of time trying to do that, but I didn't manage to do it in a satisfying way, however I intend to look into this topic again, once I have a bit more time again.


    As it is right now, it doesn't serve much purpose (none that I know of at least). Originally, it was used to extend the storage capacity of MFSUs and MFEs. It was recently redesigned and I'm not sure what the intention of the redesign was or if it's even finished. (Maybe Chocohead can answer that.)

    Steam Boiler:

    Yes, the current system is a mess and it needs to be rewritten.

    Steam turbine:

    I like the concept of having the turbine and the condensers (and potentially more turbines) in seperate blocks, so you kinda have a multiblock with each block directly serving a different purpose. However them exploding if you just make the slightest mistake isn't how it should be. Regarding the spinning turbine: maybe.


    The reason why tanks have 24 Buckets of capacity is because they're a bit more expensive than other tanks from other mods. (BC's just requires 8 glass. Why would you use ours, if it costs a multiple of that and doesn't have any advantages?) The reason why there is no way of filling/emptying the tank directly is because if we just add filling/emptying slots to the block, you could just use the tank to use tank to fill/empty your fluid containers for free instead of using a machine for it, that needs a bit of running costs. I guess, we could add a non-automatable way of filling/emptying fluid-containers into the tank. Regarding the weird GUI slot: someone thought GUI's should look like in gregtech (which has slots like that). I disagree with that. I'd also use a normal tank gui thing. We'll see about that.

    Solid Canning Machine / Fluid Canning Machine / Botteling Plant:

    Ideally, I'd like to split the Solid/Fluid canning machine into 3 machines, one, that does the solid canning (The solid canning machine), one that does the fluid enriching (The fluid canning machine) and one that fills/Empties fluid containers (The botteling plant). That way, each machine has its purpose and it's easier to add things like you suggested with cobblestone + water = mossy stone. In other words: instead of removing the solid canning machine, I'd like to give it a purpose again. Imo, the botteling plant is fine with just filling and emptying fluid containers, but yes, it should keep the containers from other mods (It should already do that. It would be nice if you could say with what things it doesn't work).

    Weighted Item/Fluid Distributor:

    They're a bit of a mess, too. The side priority thing sounds like a good idea. But in the end, they'll be most useful, once we have item and fluid pipes in IC2 itself.


    I rewrote the magnetizer about half a year ago (or was it a year ago?). It no longer requires you to have metal boots when using it. I know, it's a bit unrealistic, but if it only works with metal armor, it's just useless.

    JEI Support:

    We have JEI support for most machines. The only machines I don't think we have JEI support for is the Fermenter and the Botteling Plant. It's an ongoing process of adding different machines' recipes.

    Kinetic System/Heat System:

    We intend to add ways of transporting ku and hu as well. We've been changing the API for it a lot recently, so we'll see how it goes. But yeah, I agree, that right now, especially the kinetic system is a bit weird.

    Item/Fluid pipes:

    Yes, that's on the todo-list, but we have other things to work on with a higher priority.

    Heat based upgrades:

    I'm not a huge fan of that suggestion.

    All of that being said, please be aware that IC2 is a huge mod and with only 3 people spending their free time on developing IC2, we're currently understaffed. We only have a limited time available to fix bugs, polish/change existing features and add new stuff. We are working on making IC2 better, but as I said, we're doing this in our free time, we don't get payed for it and we only have limited time available.

    Thanks for the constructive criticism. We don't get that very often, but it is greatly appreciated. If you have anything else, please let us know.