[16x] Minimalist Technology (GT6/GT5E)

  • It's been 7 months since the last update. About time I released something.

    Minimalist Technology 0.8 (GT6) :
    - All machines released pre-scanner + electric variations of existing machines
    - Circuits
    - 80% of the components (motors, pistons...)
    - New covers
    - All available storage options
    - Transformers, battery boxes
    - Reworked gems + legendary variation
    - Reworked machine casings
    - Moar drinks (not all of them though)
    - Tweaks here and there

    I'm also considering removing IC2 textures from my pack, since I no longer use the mod, and, to be honest, I didn't really maintain them.

    Minimalist Technology current version : v0.8
    Minimalist Technology "Legacy" current version : v0.7

  • That's too bad. Been trying to find an updated texture pack for 1.10.2 and IC2e, but only thing I've found so far crashes when trying to render air-filled fluid cells.