*frustrated* at Glass Fibre Cable recipe

  • I just spent nearly 4 hours making what was needed to pull silver out of gold dust to make a single glass fiber.. not a multiplication.. just one..
    IMHO this is silly and crazy

    to make two teleporters i would need 4 total.. which i have run out of gold ( i had just been smelting so i have many stacks wasted)

    IMHO this recipie should change..
    I understand it needs to be expensive and diamonds should be part of it, but i say make it ground up diamond mixed with a new compressed sand thats "melted"

    So the recepie would be like bronze

    1 crushed diamond 7 purified molten glass and 1 gold = 9 Glass Fibre Cable

    molten glass

    Sand = ore washed to get pure silica
    9 silica compressed = ultra pure/refined silica
    use it in a furnace to get molten

    to state.. i am not upset at using the time.. but upset that the results gives no multiple of items like it should and i feel a better recipie is needed

    to be honest.. this is the second time i considered being defeated in the world/game. I don't know if i consider it cheating to try to alter the recipie or if i can change its output/# it gives ( gonna check that out) *edit* i don't consider it a cheat directly


    I looked around the jar file and found
    Glass Fibre Cable
    IC2:itemCable@9 = "GGG|DRD|GGG" G:minecraft:glass@* R:OreDict:dustSilver D:IC2:itemDust2@2

    and for the moment i changed it to
    Glass Fibre Cable
    IC2:itemCable@9 = "GGG|GGG|GGG" G:minecraft:glass@*
    for some reason adding the "@count:4" does not affect it at all or do anything diffrent
    I would make it add a diamond in the center but i don't know how and when i copied a "D:OreDict:gemDiamond" from the teleporter code and tried to use it, i got a error ( don't know anything why)

    why? becuase i feel at 1 fibre per craft as i explained before that recipie is.. unbalanced badly.. and honestly its my world to play in.. i choose not to play in creative so i have to make items but i do like having to have some scarcety to items and have to work at things.

    I overall am happy with the mod.. everything is complex to a degree but fun to work with!

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    IIRC you don't need silver to make glass fibre, and the recipe should yield more glass fibre.

    It's required two silver ingots and 1 Energium dust for ages :P

    I did suggest a more realistic way for making it but I think player/thunder either don't want to, or are too busy. It would basically make it so that you need about a stack of coal per cable, but whatever :3

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    IIRC you don't need silver to make glass fibre, and the recipe should yield more glass fibre.

    it is only giving 1 glass fibre per recipie, not sure why but it is and i figure thats a major bug ( one reason i am posting some and just realized after sleep i needed to post in bug reports)

    It's required two silver ingots and 1 Energium dust for ages :P

    I did suggest a more realistic way for making it but I think player/thunder either don't want to, or are too busy. It would basically make it so that you need about a stack of coal per cable, but whatever :3

    thats the problem the recipie in game is currently
    Glass Fibre Cable
    IC2:itemCable@9 = "GGG|DRD|GGG" G:minecraft:glass@* R:OreDict:dustSilver D:IC2:itemDust2@2
    1 silver ( honestly i think it should be gold since diamonds to make the energium dust are rare enough even though its possable to make them its tough/time consuming)
    and 2 energium

    i understand it has to be expensive because its the end game power xfer.. and you want to make it hard to use that as the primary xfer but i feel its too expensive to make just 1. ( real life fibre cables use alot of mats to make but that ammount makes a TON of fibre so it also feels off here)

    For 9 cables with the current recipie you would need
    I am discounting the glass since its super easy to get in most places
    81 gold
    8 diamonds
    10 redstone

    9 silver per cable which means 9 gold purified per cable which is 81 gold you have to mine for 9 cables( and alot of time to process) ( also the game does not tell you how to get this.. i stumbled on a forum post that mentions this and honestly this is the worst imho issue)

    8 diamonds and 10 redstone make 18 energium dust ( uses 2 per cable )
    this is alot yes but not the worst part since its able to figure out in time.

    if somehow knows what to put in to make it give multiple cables out let me know and i can alter it to get me to shut up till the officialpatch can be done.

    but I still suggest it be a cheaper recipie but still require alot of time to process since that seems to be the reason for the change and by the time your at end game and using lots of fiber i presume you have lots of miners out there getting things for you and the cost would be alot cheaper.

  • With the current Enet, why the fuck do you want that much Glass Fibers? Use Tin Cables, it is all lossless and voltage less anyways.

    He needs 4 for 2 teleporters, and it is freaking rare atm to get form gold.

  • He needs 4 for 2 teleporters, and it is freaking rare atm to get form gold.

    also if someone was wanting to plan for when the energy is fixed and back to "normal" you want to be prepared, honestly i don't want to "cheat" directly.

    Still, 4 Glass Fibers for HighTech things are not that bad. 1 Gold Ore = 2 tiny Silver Dusts, 4 and 1/2 Gold Ore = 1 Silver Ingot, 18 Gold Ore = Enough for a set of 2 Teleporters, and dont tell me Gold is rare, it is abundant and easy to mine. It's not that hard to find 3 Gold Veins in Minecraft.

    gold is not "rare" its just a unneeded pain esp when you already mined up a bunch and did not know to save it for later also the diamonds are rare enough/a major pain to make (currently making 32 of them to get enough for the power to have operational teleporters to a new base)

    also for some reason recipies seem to dissapear sometimes after i made my small alteration.. feels weird :/ went back to the old shaped recipies file and was ok.. still weird

  • I agree with you. Diamonds in IC2 are a really demanded resource.
    I couldn't wait until I finally got my replicator, mass fab, pattern storage, scanner and all the stuff around... Finally, I able to craft diamonds for no price but time (I use a charcoal source of energy).
    But I I counted well, all that needed :
    -MFE (yeah, I don't like wasting my diamonds on lapotron crystals) : 16
    -Pattern storage: 8
    -Scanner: 0
    -Replicator: 24 (16 for the MFE + (6 glass fiber cables needs 12 diamond-redstone dusts, so we need to craft 2 times the recipe of the energy crystals dust ==> 8 diamonds)
    -mass fab: 4

    So: it needs at least 52 diamonds. And I did not speak about the ones that you needed before.

    And 52 diamonds is really hard to find. I think I crafted most of them.

  • Yeah, by macerating coal, but it also needs a lot of coal...
    (I do not complain about the cost of a diamond, it is well balanced, and I'm sure it could be worse).

    And I did not say I crafted all of them, but rather a large part.

  • 52 diamonds to get pretty much ALL the machines one would need is too much? How much would be better? How long time should it take to gather enough materials to be able to start making stuff out of UU?

  • Might be true, but having to go and look for 52 diamonds is really long.
    I think I've crafted some diamonds just because I was bored of going into my mine and wondering how much time I would spend looking for 2 diamonds...
    I mean, imagine what I felt when I crafted my replicator: I was like "YES, I have done it, I used 24 diamonds for that, and I'm done! Let's place it, yes, right there. Open the GUI... Hmm, What? No way to use memory crystals? What? Are you kidding? I have to use 8 more diamonds to build a pattern storage? Enfer et damnation!!!"

    And, also: to get all the machines is false:
    -first, you have to have the patterns, and so, try to look for dungeons, and/or pyramids
    -second, you better have a good source of power, since it requires a lot of enrgy
    -third, as you are not insane to the point of actually making UU-matter from only energy, you have to have a source of items, which is more likely to be a BC quarry. BUT you can only use he quarry for once, since you cannot automate the placement of the quarry, so you need to place it by hand, and because of that, you're obliged to go back to your base in order to replace the quarry, thus preventing you from efficiently look for dungeons.
    -Fourth, in order to keep your engines running, and prevent them from exploding, you need some chipsets, which needs an assembly table (BC) and 5 more diamonds.

    So yes, I am frustrated, well, I was. I'm no more. It's been a very long time since I haven't played my IC2 game. Real life sucks up more time, for now. But it'll be over this afternoon.

  • If you set up the quarry to be 64x64 it takes nearly a full real-life day to dig from ocean to bedrock when feeding it maximum amount of power.
    52 diamonds is some 2-3 hours of manual mining at diamond layer and you should get more than enough other materials to build most things from that.

    You must be REALLY impatient if you feel you need to have the UU stuff up and running in less than a half a day of playing. How long do you play in a single world generally? What do you do once you have UU running in?

  • I don't enjoy waiting or doing always the same thing, like mining, and mining and mining and mining...
    That's why I try to automate everything in what I do, but it means I have to wait until it gives me some output... You can consider me as an impatient, but in fact, I prefer to optimize my real-life time.
    If the video game is worth the time I spend on, I continue, but if it is only something about mining and mining and waiting... I don't like.
    And when I play a game, I like to achieve something, to be able to say "Hey, I have been able to craft a replicator, I will soon be able to make other things." The point is: if you oblige me to spend 20 hours on a replicator, I will soon shut down my computer and do something more useful. If you understand what I mean.

    I hope I have not been rude with you. If yes, put it on the not-my-mother-tongue problems. =)

  • makes sense.. something that is just a waste of time/resources is not fun

    i would say diamond recipie is near perfect, wish it could use charcole ( IE 9 charcole compresses into 1 coal) so that its a option.

    Flint is the hardest thing to get imho because your not looking for it/saving it in most cases.

    I do want to get a replicator/massfab up and running eventually .. i have 2 mining machines out and about and slowly building up blocks of copper and such

    just built some 40 solar panels out of what i had *proud moment)
    and 20 wind generators ( wanna play with that)

    I got my MFE's up and fully charged ( 8m EU but lost a bit removing so i can relocate them)

    A teleporter setup i plan on having is a 3.X milliong EU cost to move from one location to where i am currenly.. i honestly don't know if it will work over that long a distance.
    X 175
    Y 72
    Z 221

    X 1399
    Y 88
    Z -249

    according to http://ic-calc.appspot.com/index.html that is a 3.6m EU at full load and I plan on doign things non nuclear ( will have to consider the compact solar panels/windmills mod eventually)