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  • I had to make an account just to reply to this thread. There are very few mods that I would consider must-haves for a modpack, but fastcraft just instantly made my list. I went from constant stutters and 5 second freezes with fps constantly below 20, to buttery smooth just by installing this mod. FPS never dips below 50 now. It's like I just spent two grand building a computer optimized for minecraft. Thank you so much Player, I can't say enough how amazing this mod is.

  • Just adding my two cents. Per others in the thread, I was crashing when using ShadersModCore-v2.3.28-mc1.7.10-f. Log here: http://pastebin.com/sH2ei01q

    After switching to the slightly older ShadersModCore-v2.3.22-mc1.7.10-f1208, the game was able to launch.

    I did not notice any FPS increase, but I did notice perfect smoothness without the previous stuttering and freezing. Also worldgen flying at creative speed was fast and smooth without the usual freezing and stuttering. While I'm disappointed I didn't get the FPS increase reported by others, I'm happy as can be without the stuttering.

    Any chance of fixing compatibility with newer versions of the shader mod?

  • What I'm wondering is what fastcraft exactly is in comparison to optifine. I know optifine supports HD textures and more detailed graphics options, those are more obvious differences. But what else? Does it increase the FPS in entirely different ways then optifine does, or maybe somewhat like optifine? I just want to know what distinguishes this as something meaningfully different from optifine.

  • After i installed this mod it really boosted my fps and fixed those damn lag spikes of doom. But i found a problem while using it, for some reason there are massive unloaded chunks and they will refuse to load so this kinda traps you on your own "island".

  • This mod... wow. Thank you for creating this! With 100 mods installed I used to get extremely slow chunk loading, fps drops every few minutes and inventory lag. This mod has improved my performance tenfold, my chunks load very fast and my fps is always consistent. It helps much more than any other performance enhancing mods I have ever tried. Thanks for making modded minecraft playable for me again :)

  • if i could make a request for support of the glsl shaders mod or maby fastcraft be able to load shders by its self because that would be amazing. i have the fps with fastcraft (500 fps superflat vinnla + fastcraft)

  • i am having a problem with this mod and the direwolf20 1.7.10 pack (ver 1.02) where if i install fastcraft the game crashes on startup.
    heres the log

  • Fastcraft has become Slowcraft for me.

    There seems to be some form of incompatibility bug regarding chunk gen in other dimensions besides the Nether. After new chunks are generated server CPU usage spikes.

    Warmroast suggests Fastcraft hooks as being the culprit: http://i.imgur.com/VhXCVwc.png

    Any chance of getting this sorted out? This mod is a must for me.. chunk gen lag is horrible.

    Edit: On second thought, this might not have anything to do with Fastcraft. I spent about four hours testing various configurations both with and without Fastcraft installed. Certain Twilight Forest biomes cause some unusually high cpu spikes. Mystcraft was generating TF biomes thus these might be false readings. I'm leaving this post here just in case.

  • Issue trying to solve with this mod

    Looking to minimize lag both client side and server side with this mod.

    Conditions for test

    I'm a server admin and tried installing this mod on our server. It was 4 am and I was the only person on. Running DW20 1.0.2. No other mods installed, no mods removed from default pack. Yes even armoabackup is still there (was for this test). Server is 3GB, has 3 players and we're still very early game. (No ME systems, chunk loaders...etc.)

    I personally use Sphax 64x texture packs for almost all of the mods in DW20.


    - Adding this mod to the server ONLY caused my client to freeze every 5-10 seconds or so. This was moving or standing still. Game was literally unplayable. It did not produce a crash, but it was not playable.

    - Removing this mod from the server and adding it client side only seemed to work fantastically. I haven't tested it out in the nether yet, but as far as the overworld goes, things are much smoother.

    - Removed Aromabackup from the modpack and tested again, same results with less CPU utilization on my server.


    As a server admin running a decent sized, but popular modpack I was hoping this mod would help as a server side optimization. This did not appear to be the case. It works great as a client side mod (so far), but I actually got worse performance installing it server side. This mod claims to be usable both client and server side, so I'm curious if others are seeing benefits running it server side?

    On a side note, I don't want to sound completely negative. This optimization seems to be fantastic so far and I would like to thank the creator for taking the time to put this together. I created an account here specifically to post my test results in hopes to help out in the future optimizations of this mod.

  • Amoo316 you are most likely running into issues with the server running faster than the client can cope with, is the client memory pressured? Try with the vanilla texture pack.

    PsionicArchon what you are observing is not caused by FastCraft, it's not doing more work than Minecraft would in this situation. Without FC it'd just take a lot longer.

    I don't believe this is the case. I have 4gb of ram dedicated to MC, have a solid gaming CPU little over a year old. I typically run x128 but recently switched to x64 simply because I got tired of waiting 5 minutes to load the game up while it input such large texture files. I should have specified even further that the lag we were trying to combat was chunk loading lag that all three of our players experience.

  • Fast cradft has serious isues on multiplayer servers.

    Sorry to say, but railcraft trains getting disconnected, lots of lags, unnecessary unloading chunks etc.. I have installed latest forge, ic2, buildcraft, railcraft , and other mods like mo creatures, and so on - large multi chunk structures are messed , and there is a lot of problems with long distance teleporters.

    Server is pretty powerful so without fastcraft it runs fine - i was checking out how "faster" it would be :) cobble generator with stripe pipes seems to kill client with fastcraft completelly.

    I suggest optimizing cpu intensive task rather than agressive chunk unloading. (as it seems to be issue here)

    keeping fingers crossed.

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  • I get a crash when trying shaders mod together with fastcraft. I've tried different versions of the shaders mod from .20 up, it did not work unfortunately.


    Ingame, it produces a pretty nice fps boost but also introduces some kind of occasional microstuttering when, for example when running along a mineshaft. It is like you move 2-3 meters forward and then get 'teleported' 1m back which repeats every second or so. I am running a server on an older dedicated PC in the same network.
    I have not quite yet found out what the cause of it is. It seems to get a little bit better over time, when staying at the homebase for a while for example. Any ideas on how to remedy this?

    Apart from that, awesome work (FPS boost FTW xD)!!

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    Amoo316 install sampler on your client and create a profiling snapshot as detailed in the spoiler in the opening post (with /csampler start+wait+stop+export). Also include the output of /csampler memory and /csampler counts. I obviously need those from when it's actually lagging.

    VirMan Fastcraft doesn't modify the chunk management, this is likely caused by something else.

    The debug build at [WIP|1.7.10] FastCraft 1.9 could help to investigate the shaders mod issue. The mod is closed source i guess?
    Edit: Nvm, ShadersMod changes texture handling a lot, just like FastCraft. I'll try to detect it and disable any conflicting parts..

  • Hi,
    just did a quick sampling on SSP (same symptoms was with SMP with server on dedicated pc):
    - I fought some zombies, ran down to lv11, ran along a mineshaft, went to the nether, came back up, went flying with jetpack and then with paraglider (pretty fast moving forward) and the 'glided' back to base after 300m or so
    http://www.filedropper.com/sspsimple - this second sample is pretty close to the first (but without the fighting in the beginning) but I disabled all the fancy Java options (hence the filename ..simple) I had in the profile because I suspected that they might be the culprit (which seems not to be the case).
    I hope the samples help with the profiling. If not, please tell me what I can do to help (longer sampling time? different (mod) config?).


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    I don't see anything too unusual in there. Lag afaik doesn't leap one back like in other games, the server will just complain "moved too quickly" or kick in extreme cases. I could only imagine a collision only the server knows about to do this.
    Your server thread is mostly idle, only the gravestone rendering is a bit expensive and some chunks get redrawn which shouldn't happen as much when standing still.

    My best guess would be some mod bug causing it, but not strictly a performance issue.