looking for good pipes mod alongside IC2

  • Hey guys, just wondering if any of you know of a decent piping mod that goes alongside IC2 currently for MC 1.7. I like a lot of the pipes mods out there (indeed my favourite atm is EnderIO's pipes), but they either don't work at all with IC2 or add clutter that I don't want. Has anybody made a 'pure' IC2 transport-pipes mod?

    Failing that, if anybody's got suggestions other than TE3, Mek or BC pipes I'm all ears. :)

  • There is also Tubes which looks pretty good. ProjectRed/BluePower if you don't mind the extra stuff. There's also Refined Relocation, although it doesn't have pipes, the point of it is getting things from A to B.

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  • Mekanism pipes are excellent, what are you talking about ;P , besides, although it's linked to BC, I suggest to you Logistic pipes, or if you don't want to waste energy ( can be disabled anyway in the config file of LP ), you can use project red pipes :) , they work well for now, however it's still beta, and I can't really figure out how to make them "connect" to an AE or LP system without using the same storage chest and connect everything to it :/

  • ender io has some awesome pipes, you can even hide them in your blocks with the painting machine, you can place up to 5 different pipes in one block, fluid pipe, redstone signal pipe, me conduit pipe, item pipe, and power pipes but they only transfer rf and mj, but its deff the best pipe mod their is, for moving ic2 power though mekanism is deff the best, but i find it kind of cheaty, but thats just my opinion, i hope this isnt against the rules or anything i only signed up to the site yesterday but here is the link to ender io


  • Why not BC? I mean the Pipes need a little bit of thinking but they are IC2 Machine frendly. (If the Current BC coder did not change everything there).
    And if you want a really easy Pipe System then combine it with Logistic Pipes.

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    Logistics Pipes.

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  • Logistic Pipes I suppose. Or maybe it was misspelled GregTech, because I see no reason of having both LP and AE.

  • LP is kinda usefull but create on big systems lag because every calculation requires time and if you need to calculate a whole routing through an big system makes it really hard.
    AE i would only use to make Storage, Thats it not really much automation with it or something, distroy the fun of MC.
    and thanks Malcanteth for the explainaischen

  • @Above : Correct, I mean't Logistic Pipes ^^

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    Using both AE and LP together is actually quite useful, as AE can serve as storage and autocrafting, and LP a cheap and good extension, as you can access you AE system in another world without using singularities with a LP bridge ( and an ender chest or teleportpipe ), and request items where you want and when you want, as the requester tool doesn't have a range limit and can also be used in other worlds ( with an enderpouch ofc :) ).

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  • That's not even pipes... But I prefer using railcraft as a transportation mod ^^

  • Logistic Pipes I suppose. Or maybe it was misspelled GregTech, because I see no reason of having both LP and AE.

    LP and AE simply have different capabilities - as far as i know, it is for example very hard to keep a specific amount of items in an inventory with AE, while with LP storage gets problematic.
    Also, if you don't mind a bit of programming, you can use Steve's Factory Manager.(although that is somewhat OP, for generally the same reason as ComputerCraft. Also, it cannot transmit power. one very nice aspect is the ability to camoflage your pipes, later on you can even make their hitbox vanish.)

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