[Addon v1.0] IndustrialUpgrade world converter (IC -> IC2)

  • IndustrialUpgrade v1.0


    IndustrialUpgrade is a utility for converting IndustrialCraft worlds to IC2. Blocks and items that exist in IC2 are converted to their new versions while preserving as much data as possible; blocks that no longer exist are deleted. Currently only SSP worlds are supported.


    The program takes one command-line argument, the path to your world's folder. If sufficient interest exists, a GUI may be added in the future. Please, please, please make a backup of your world before using this utility; it has been tested on several IC worlds, but it is possible that unforeseen glitches may still exist. Be aware that updating very large worlds may take several minutes.

    Once the utility has been run, obtain a fresh minecraft.jar and install IC2 and any other mods that the original world was running. You should now be able to open and play your world!

    ===Update Mechanics===

    Blocks and items are converted to their new ID/data pairs. Most machine data is preserved by the upgrade; machines keep their inventory (with updated item ID's, of course), energy, and progress. Items in chests and the player's inventory are also updated. Please note that containers from mods other than IndustrialCraft cannot have their contents updated; remove IC items from third-party containers prior to running this utility.

    Unfortunately, all cable blocks are removed from the world upon running this utility; due to the new wiring rules, updating a world with complex wiring leads to severe lag and crashes if the cables are not removed. However, if you have enough free space in your inventory, you will receive all of the removed cables and can manually rebuild your wiring.


    IndustrialUpgrade was created by Kent Haeger, with special thanks to J. Aquadro for use of his Substrate library.


    IndustrialUpgrade v1.0

  • I know you said only ssp worlds are supported.

    Would it be possible if I transfer my SMP world to my single player saves. Then load up my world in SSP and use the converter.
    Then after that's done, Could I move my SSP world back to my SMP server.

    Obviously when SMP version is released.

  • You sir, are epic. 8)

    Thank you very much :)

    It worked very well, some funny stuff like my cable obscuratator turning into a paintbrush and my crystal chargers disappearing but other than that it worked as advertised.

    I would suggest you provide instruction on how to use it for the less computer skilled or even better a GUI but hey, it works lol :D

    Here is a mini-instruction guide for you to use if you want

    Step 1: Backup your save
    Step 2: Backup your save's backup (Seriously back it up)
    Step 3: Copy your save folder to the folder with the "IndustrialUpgrade.exe" file
    Step 4: Open up a command prompt window (click Start>Run, then type in cmd and press enter)
    Step 5: Navigate to the IndustrialUpgrade.exe file
    Step 6: Type in the following exactly: IndustrialUpgrade.exe "[Your world name]" NOTE: be sure to put your world name in quotes or it might not work. For example, I typed in (IndustrialUpgrade.exe "Somebody's Lets Play")

    If Sucessful it will start going through your world chunk by chunk the bigger your world the longer this will take but eventually it will pause on "Saving..." then return to the command prompt.

    Once it does this continue to step 7.

    Step 7: Copy your world back to your saves folder NOTE: Make sure to overwrite the old files with the newly modified files.
    Step 8: Close all windows and start up minecraft like normal.
    Step 9: Go through your world and see what has changed and what has stayed the same.

    Enjoy 8)

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    I play on hard.
    I got an advanced nano-suit. (IC1) Legitimately
    I have a Youtube Let's Play
    Check it out :)

  • Wow, this is pretty epic. When IC2 first came out, I thought, "I can't wait for the converter to come out! I've done so much." But my new world I made for IC2 is even better. But I'll probably use the converter for those worlds just so I can relive them. Thanks again!

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  • you make me just wish this was out when i converted over i spent over 2 1/2 hours between mcedit and TMI putting stuff in to replace blocks and still ocasionally come across the rare item that shoulnt be (reinforced doors in the ground XD)

  • You sir are a straight A beast. you have saved many lives by creating this including mine. good job.

    I couldnt say it better! Now I need to test if my MP world can be transformed in a IC2-SP world =)

  • Glad to see others find my converter useful.

    Timmie3054 and VariousArtist:
    The converter will not work on SMP worlds due to differences in the way the game stores player data (in level.dat for SSP, in a players folder for SMP). An updated version supporting multiplayer will be released when IC2 supports it.

    Cable obscurators and crystal chargers no longer exist in IC2, so the latter is simply deleted by my converter, while the former is converted into IC2's somewhat analogous painter. Also, you don't need to move your save files to use the converter - just include the full path to the folder in quotes (ex. "C:\Users\Kent\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\World1").

  • Glad to see others find my converter useful.
    Cable obscurators and crystal chargers no longer exist in IC2, so the latter is simply deleted by my converter, while the former is converted into IC2's somewhat analogous painter

    So you turn a few advCircuits, Diamonds and minerals into a stick with wool? :3

  • So you turn a few advCircuits, Diamonds and minerals into a stick with wool? :3

    When you put it that way, it does seem kind of silly. I wanted to make the converter as general as possible and require little effort on the user's part; at first, I planned to have it dismantle items that no longer exist (like turning the obscurator into a stack of diamonds and advanced circuits), but suppose the user's world placed the obscurator in a full chest? I suppose it could be replaced with just the diamonds or just the circuits, but in the end, it was easier to give an analogous item.

    Would you mind updating the FAQ to mention the existence of a converter?

  • You'll only need it to upgrade from IC1 to IC2. We try not to break world compatibility without changing the major version, so you won't need it again before IC3 comes out.

  • I have a very elaborated server in IC+1.7
    Do you think the map migration tool will be some day available to multiplayer, or it is too difficult to implement?

  • Sorry but it didn't work for me,

    I alway get this message:

    Would be cool if someone could help me.
    Thanks in advance.