[Addon V1.112]Modular Force Field System Version (SSP/SMP)

  • whoo! yeah, now mabye V.7 could be as the suggestion of connecting field generators as in if I have two cube generators with the cubes inside eachother they will join up instead of having a double wall so that you could theoratically make much larger structures protected by forcefields (possibly even nuclearpower plants powering a forcefield which can protect itself And a small town,
    when the fields connect power is saved because only 5(10) of the 6(12) sides must have force field block on them (and thus require power)
    this is what I really want, and since you are doing this really well maybe albalka will include it in the game/convert the code to his own methods

  • Quote

    Whats the SMP forecast?

    if it is stable I do not want that your sever crashes

  • What is the reasoning for having Wall and Wall+90 degree mode, if you have deflector mode? It looks an awful lot like you can do everything with just deflector mode, just by leaving the length or width at zero. Am I incorrect?

    Actually, Unless the power equation only takes into account blocks that are filled with air, then I suppose that the wall modes would take less power.

    I think that with a Left and right Length, width, and height option, Non-centered shields would be possible, and those three options could easily be merged into one option.

    Also, would it be possible for you to add a method to cast a shadow in the field, to make, say, a hole in a part of the field, or is it intended to be activated when under siege or similar only, and hence No-one goes in or no-one goes out (cube mode mainly only)

  • So should we uninstall (delete former files) of our previous version and re-install with this new one in order to avoid bugs?

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    this isn't about arrogance or ego, I have a block that I put a lot of freaking work into

    Every Mod Author, in existence. And yet, you STILL say otherwise.

  • MagusUnion:

    I change my first post, update manual is inside now

    Direwolf20 :

    Nice Video and you can make a Cube Base in a Lavasee :D .. and hologram mode ist next on my list..


    With the modes you're right ... would examine and adjust it ... But has no high priotät to time
    yes I plan a named item, you can walk through the field ... if it is syncroniesiert with the generator. (in Future)

  • Oh, one more thing about cube mode. It seems to use the wrong amount of energy, as in way too little. Also, I think it should be a rectangular prism, rather than a pure cube, so it can more reasonably fit other shapes of structures.

  • You should change the name from 'Wall.Normal' to just 'Wall' , I think it will look beter :) and maybe change the texture of it from the dark green/gray color, to white(Ironish) :D hope you will do anything with this :) :MFS-Unit::Glass Fibre::Tesla Coil:

  • True, the energy cost is hard to balance. I think that it should still use the defined cost in the config per block created (unless not placed, due to a block in the way) and allow the cost to be highly configurable, possibly deducted every second, rather than every tick, so as to allow semi-fractional values (1 would be it used 0.05 Eu/tick/block F.e)

    Or, the equation could use lower energy per block with massive block counts.

  • Just a bug report.
    The gren is out in the water in cube mode not subwater mode.

  • Ok rename to HolographicForceFieldProjector and upload new Version ...

    Holographic Mode manuel:

    only Wall (+pitch) , Deflectore Setting

    :Uranium Ore:
    :Uranium Ore: <- HolographicForceField Blocks
    :Uranium Ore:
    :Uranium Ore: <- Block place
    :Tesla Coil: <- Generator

  • For holographic mode, perhaps add Cube as looking like Air blocks, and Subwater looking like opaque water blocks that don't let light through? So you can have invisible underwater bases :D


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  • Work on a port to IC 1.23 ...add facing change by wrench :D THX Player for Update API
    need about 24 hours ++

    Update ist ready for Download :P