[Addon V1.112]Modular Force Field System Version (SSP/SMP)

  • I love this mod, but right now it refuses to work on any SMP server(I have tried it on both a windows server and a linux server). The block ids agree on both the client and server, and there are no errors when the server is launched. However, no force field blocks appear when it is activated, despite having power. However, on a new world it works perfectly. I tried copying the MC schematic of my server into the new level, but that broke the force fields again. Redpower, IC2, buildcraft, computercraft, and planes mod is installed on this server. Please help as a I LOVE this mod and can't wait to build my underwater base. If anyone needs more information about this I can provide it
    Thanks in advance, Theadd336

    I have the same problem. I have installed Java (JRE) 1.7, newest MineCraft client & Server, Red Power 2 4b (incl. all modules), IC2 latest and prerequisites & computercraft.

    It does work, but as said above, after copying all the server files (with the prepared world in it) to another PC the force fields won't come up. The textures (and redstone wire) shows that the modules áre powered, but just don't generate the field. 8| And I have walked through where the field had to be so they are not just invisible.

    The server was prepared on my main pc so I could use it at a friend's place, but unfortunally above happened...

    I love this mod as well, so please keep up the good work!!! :thumbup:

    P.S. What does the network code card do? I would very much love more info on the items available.

  • client

    I can not go to the server, once incorporated Projektors Area

    mess this bug?
    [Major-SMP] area projector set radius 20+ create a buffer overflow !! Can crash the world !!!
    the world works if you go under a different nickname, and is very far

  • yes this is the error...

  • Feature request.

    When you remove dirt/water with the upgrades it will use insane/moderate amounts of power.

    Piece of cake to make it do that. However, since the dirt and water doesn't drop, it can't be used to mine anything. Materials broken with the upgrade are destroyed.

    Any particular reason you want it to work this way?

  • I can think of one reason: To keep people on a server, who have a decent EU production, from hollowing out exceedingly large areas with almost no effort. While you can do that with a nuke, the parts of the MFFS are reusable indefinitely. Heck, if they could be moved with Frames, they would make an amazing boring head for a TBM. .... Consider that a suggestion! Still, I agree that there should be a cost associated with removing blocks. Perhaps not the exorbitant costs suggested, but at least some reasonable cost, by default, and a setting in the config file if you should want to modify the costs.

    Perhaps there could be a forcefield (or upgrade) that'll remove blocks, store them, and replace them later? Some sort of 'Stasis' field? You would, of course, have to account for any blocks placed in the area, perhaps if there's a block in 'storage' and when you try to 'un-stasis' it on top of a block that's been placed in the same location while the field was on, there could be a 'Reaction' (feel free to use your imagination here)? :whistling:

    Though, considering the variety of ways in which the different mods 'place' their blocks, it very well may be more work than it's worth.

  • Piece of cake to make it do that. However, since the dirt and water doesn't drop, it can't be used to mine anything. Materials broken with the upgrade are destroyed.

    Any particular reason you want it to work this way?

    Reason why i would like this to happen, is that even tough you don't get the resources you can dick a massive cave with it... And am in the group that thinks shouldn't be too easy in minecraft.

    I propose that you make it an option (in config)

  • SMP.I can not understand what was happening. no errors in client and in server. but including all projector I can not see and do not bang on the block shield (id255) .... but it all works, the energy supplied.
    the same client and server. but different maps. on one maps (level-type = DEFAULT) blocks(id255) can be seen and interact with them on the other does not (level-type = FLAT). may be the case in this parameter "level-type ="
    I do not know why but if the maps is created with the parameter "level-type = FLAT" the block (id255) not visible (checked a lot about SMP

    Sorry for bad English ... I hope it is clear

  • When using the MFFS Area projector, if you leave it on and log out in SMP and log back in, the area projector acts as if there was a block cutter upgrade added to it.

  • Hey, im getting an error whenever i try use your mod, and yes both IC2.jar and this mod are in minecraft/mods So idk what to do now

    Please help, or i will have to nuke you

  • Time to get cracking, I guess.

    Questions :

    A. Does Alblaka have this code? What has he said? How's his effort to incorporate this into the core IC2 going? No point in me spending dozens of hours debugging this and expanding it if Alblaka's team is already halfway there.

    B. What major known bugs do I need to hunt down? Obviously there's the buffer overflow...what other ones are there?

    IF Alblaka isn't about to add it, here's what I wanted to do :

    1. Change area shields to no longer iterate more than once a minute or so. Instead, they will cut ALL blocks in their way regardless. (except bedrock) (this is to create a defense against a number of exploits, some theoretical). The "block cutter" upgrade will instead create a permanent 4x4 hole in the shield on the side that block cutter upgrade is on. This also simply bypasses that nasty bug where blocks can be cut even when the block cutter upgrade is present if you log in and log out of the game.

    2. Allow offsets for area shields, however, no offset equal to the radius of the shield or bigger than chunk loading range.

    3. Expand the size allowed for deflector upgrades (which will also no longer iterate)

    4. Make an inhibitor placed on a shield generator core inhibit all shields on a different frequency card in that volume. Save these "inhibited volumes" to disk in the config file (so that if they cause corruption a server admin can see where the volumes are. Also, this would let me lazily use your existing save/load a data field to the config file code.

    5. I wanted to update all recipes to use "sensible" stuff. Energy crystals instead of diamonds, adv circuits instead of circuits, more complex recipes for the upgrades, etc. The current recipes are kind of silly. Like the subwater upgrade would have an IC2 pump in it. The EU injector an HV transformer, NOT a batbox. Etc.

    6. Implement your "defense grid" idea. There will be an item, an ID badge, that has to be programmed by placing it into an MFFS core. The ID badge must be in a player's inventory for them to be protected, UNLESS they are within a "dead zone" located within 5-10 blocks of the MFFS core OR area projector.

    Every 10 seconds, all players and monsters within 6 blocks of the OUTSIDE of the energy shield (to prevent reach exploits) are scanned. Players are given a text message warning, and will be shot on the next scan. (so they have 10 seconds to run away). Each player or monster found will be shot, consuming ammunition inside a magazine in the defense grid cannon upgrade. The damage will be enough to 1 shot any monster and to bring a player in nano armor down to half health. If a player is wearing quantum armor, anti-quantum ammo will be used if it is available in the magazine.

    Ammunition recipe is 1 refined iron + 2 copper + 2 bronze + 1 gunpowder + 1 ender pearl. This would make about 16-32 rounds of ammo.

    Anti-quantum ammo is 1 iridium plate + 4 refined iron + 1 TNT + 1 ender pearl + 1 adv circuit. This would make only 1 round. 1 anti-quantum round is enough to bring a player in full 100% health quantum down to half, such that 1 more anti-quantum shot will kill them.

    All this will be for Bukkit, which will be the primary version I develop for and support. The other versions will only be available if I have time.

    Comments about my proposed changes?

  • B. What major known bugs do I need to hunt down? Obviously there's the buffer overflow...what other ones are there?

    The one I wrote above I think is pretty major. In SMP, when the server is restarted with shields already placed (on or off doesn't matter), the shields are off and can't be switched on. (even when it has 100% power)

    I personally don't like default block-cutting. This isn't what shields are about.

    Great! This ís usefull!

    Sounds good.

    Sounds logical, probably easier to manage for 'us' as well.

    Nice idea, especially for non-creative players. But the 'bugs' have to come first in my humble opinion.

    The ID badge, yeah!! But I don't quite follow the 'defence grid cannon upgrade'. Is this a new upgrade? (or have I missed something?) I think badges are supposed to let people walk through force fields without stopping them, but cannons in a shield mod??

    And again, thanks for the mod!

  • The defense grid is so that once you actually get a shield up, you don't have to worry about players sneaking in or monsters spawning inside. (assuming you can afford the defense grid, it won't be a cheap upgrade and it will increase the energy cost of the shield itself)

    To make it more balanced, it won't "magically" zap intruders, the cannon teleports moving bullets to the target, using the magic of endermen teleportation + an IC2 teleporter. The ammo it uses can become exhausted, so there is a reason to still light your base and you will not be completely safe even with the upgrade. (just mostly safe. The idea of this addon is to add a legitimate way WITHOUT the lameness of world-guard to protect yourself in SMP. It has to be industrial, and have logical advantages and drawbacks since it works based on technology, not admin magic.)

    The reason why area shields will always cut blocks has to do with CPU load. Otherwise, any block that is uncut has to be checked every tick (20 times a second) to see if someone smashed the block that is there.