[Addon V1.112]Modular Force Field System Version (SSP/SMP)

  • The reason why area shields will always cut blocks has to do with CPU load. Otherwise, any block that is uncut has to be checked every tick (20 times a second) to see if someone smashed the block that is there.

    Ok, great explanation. (the whole story)

    The block-cutting, can't it be saved into files? I don't know if that's doable (with HD-access times and file size) or not. I can, however, absolutely see the CPU usage problem.

  • The defense grid is so that once you actually get a shield up, you don't have to worry about players sneaking in or monsters spawning inside. (assuming you can afford the defense grid, it won't be a cheap upgrade and it will increase the energy cost of the shield itself)

    To make it more balanced, it won't "magically" zap intruders, the cannon teleports moving bullets to the target, using the magic of endermen teleportation + an IC2 teleporter. The ammo it uses can become exhausted, so there is a reason to still light your base and you will not be completely safe even with the upgrade. (just mostly safe. The idea of this addon is to add a legitimate way WITHOUT the lameness of world-guard to protect yourself in SMP. It has to be industrial, and have logical advantages and drawbacks since it works based on technology, not admin magic.)

    A Song called "DIAMOOOOOONNNDD!"

    I like the way you think...

  • Would have to continue to run without problems with IC1.70b...
    least gives me the new API does not errors ;) tomorrow it will more accurately test

  • Maybe add an ammo class and more more ammo? Maybe a light and medium and heavy class of ammo and cannons? Figure a light class as bullets that do about 1 HOD (Hearts of Damage) per 1 second for 4 seconds, stop and scan, if said entity/player is still in radius move to medium that do about 3 HOD per 1 second for 4 seconds, stop and scan, if entity/player is still in area move to heavy that do an instant 5 heart damage. of course with armor, you could calculate different HOD based off what armor the player is wearing, and maybe a priority type system to where the 'biggest threat' is assessed and blasted so to speak. maybe even have the armors in game bput into a 'pool' of sorts, that the scan uses to determine the appropriate ammo class. For example, player A is fully healed, no armor, no food or potions, and player B has full health and complete set of diamond armor with no damage and no food. Both walk at opposite ends of the shield, and wait for scan. when scan 'assesses' the players it uses ammo. Player B gets a heavy instantly due to the diamond(maybe do a double round for enchantments), Player A gets a round of light. assuming they both stay in spot, get another round, and so on and so on. Maybe have light do like a full round (let's say 8 ). Medium can do 2 rounds, and heavy do 1 round.

    I dont know, I saw this and registered just so I can leave a few ideas. maybe it's good, maybe not. YOU decide lol.

  • when I attach a MFFS Nuclear Reactor Containment block to my reactor I get the following error message on my server, which also causes clients in the chunk to get kicked until the specific block is deleted in mcedit

    EDIT: it occurs with both NEI'd items and Crafted versions as well

  • [Major-SSP-SMP]IC 1.70 CRASH by use Reaktor Field

    'm looking at has something to do with the new IC 2 version ..

  • The future of the mod:

    Yes I will continue to develop the mod but slow down a bit and and what I think I enjoy it. I'll try no longer to be the Ultra SMP 'anti-Grifer' Mod build.
    I published the source code (open source) and anyone who wants can build an anti griffer mod it
    I program the mod for me and others like it when they can use in you.

    The beta version 6pre1 will be the first new step.
    I kicked the Inhibitior field and fix the MFFS nuclear reactor containment for IC1.70 SSP have fun...
    the next time I will in little small steps to rebuild network code (use IC API) will also comes a SMP version of BETA 6

    It is a game to enjoy, not stress :D

  • hey just downloaded this addon a little bit ago but i gotta ask... Why can't i finish crafting the EU injector? from what the image tells me it should be two copper cable, two electrolized watercells, four refined iron ingots, and what looks to be either a batbox or a lV transformer. Have i read it wrong?

  • use "copper cable "in place of "isolated copper cable"....mit NEI can you get the recipe view.
    Will in Beta 6 rework the recipes

  • =D You are still the man even tough you don't use all your time to make best add on out there.. well maybe except Rockets add on ;).. Anyways.. Tnx for what you have done for Us all!

    Don't be stressed, be happy...

  • Got a NPE if i destroy a generator core when there's a area projector with it's frequency

    MFFS v1.0 beta 6pre1

  • I am getting this error everytime i place a Reactor Containment next to my reactor
    PLEASE HELP! I need this mod :S

    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: heat
    at mffs.TileEntityReaktorField.k_(TileEntityReaktorField.java:294)
    at vq.m(World.java:1574)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(SourceFile:1594)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(SourceFile:709)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(SourceFile:662)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    --- END ERROR REPORT 25af420 ----------

  • Version ?? Beta 5 or Beta 6 ??

  • Fix in Beta 6pre2