[Addon V1.112]Modular Force Field System Version (SSP/SMP)

  • Recently just learned about MFFS, really great plug-in.
    I have a problem with the MFFS Infinite Power Card though. I could not figure out how to use it to power my capacitor. I have everything working but just need them to run on infinite power for personal reasons.

    P.S. You have typos on the Infinite Power Card info...(Maschines, Capactior)

    Edit: I figured out how to use it, just put it in the Uplink Slot of the Capacitor and click the Crystal.

  • A person on my server found this link and built it on our server. He is turning the forcicium directly into EU at a rate of 250,000 EU per forcicium. Its a simple and easy system to build and forcicium is easy to keep in stock to keep it going. Just seams out of balance when you can turn one Monazite ore (8 forcicium when macerated) into 2 million EU. I like the idea of getting some power back out of your force energy you have stored up when your running low and in a hurry but it should be something you get at a loss. As it stands if you need a lot of power you can now just built this simple setup and forget about every needing a reactor.


  • Kaatoz


    MFFS compatability with Redpower Frames

    look for the cause why it is not work 1.4 ..wll add it in next fix release soon



    Camouflage Mod Blocks

    My Camouflage work with Mod with Two conditions are met..1 ) Default Cube Block Designe,2) use Default Rendere..
    for example: IC2 Nuke work....IC2 Cabel not ;)



    Converter a bit OP

    I know it's a bug will fix in next release soon
    Hotfix for Serveradmin: set in config ExtractorPassForceEnergyGenerate to a multiple of 4000
    8000,12000,16000,20000,.. :thumbup: 10000,22000,25000 :thumbdown:
    FTB Team will set it to 12000 as Default for Modpacks



    You know, Forcicium = Thorium + some rare elements so

    Forcicium is a rare elements from Monazite ;)

    No advertising for your mod please..as answer to a question for "me"... always this bad education ;)

  • Hello!
    Just dropping in to say that the MFFS Addon for IC2 is now in The Minecraft Ascension Modpack (TMAM) for Minecraft 1.4.7. The modpack uses a lot of tech mods and overall purpose is to automate systems. If you want to check it out, it's forum page is found here! Thanks to Thunderdark for this wonderful Mod!

  • V2. only small fix update

    fix crashbug
    fix texture Bug in Projector
    fix Convertor Powerloop
    change FF touch Damage System only Damage Player without rights

  • Hey Thunderdark, thanks for making and maintaining this excellent mod!

    I have a question, I'm looking to automate the installation of forcicium cells into the extractor however it doesn't seem to be Isided, is this by design to prevent infinite power being generated or was it an oversight?

    Assuming it was an oversight, do you intend to make the extractor Isided at some point in the future?


    - Sinai

  • Sinai I believe the reasoning behind this was that there is currently no way to have any type of security rights on any type of pipe or tube; so anyone can pump things into or out of an extractor. I don't mean to put words into Thunderdark's mouth but I believe that was the reasoning behind them not being iSided. However you can put a hopper on top of the extractor and that can accept automated systems. I'm currently just running one hopper as a small buffer to my setup and manually refilling it every couple hours. Hope this helps!

    @ the update. /sadface about no longer having any sort of energy surplus via conversion feeding the extractor. That was a nice little bonus to expending the 8 or 13 diamonds required to just start the process.

  • hey well lets just get right to it i am wondering if you would like your mod in my modpack if you have any further questions just reply to this and i will be obliged to answer if this is not answered within the week i will still use it in my pack unless told otherwise thank you for your time

  • Altair

    i can not found any error you can try to delete the buildcraft folder inside MFFS.zip...but on forgecraft and in FTB work fine ..Bukkit issue !?!


    please pm me..


    I will look at


    Yes dispatchcompg say it pipe not have a Securtiy link...


    add config option for a small EU bonus in Converter max 10% not Buggy 50%

  • Thanks, I removed folder BuildCraft and it helped.
    Yes, Bukkit (MCPC), but there is no need to port mods.

  • Anyone else having trouble with github links?

    First spotted it in the forge log when MFFS can't connect to remote version authority but it appears that it's not only mffs links, buildcraft github links are also down....

  • To Time "MFFS can't connect to remote version authority" will be fix in
    or copy Versioninfo.class to chb\mods\mffs\common in MFFS.zip and Override the existing