[1.4.5] InventionCraft ANARCHY! [Dedicated Server | IC | BC | RP | Forestry | Mystcraft | and more! | MCUpdater]

  • Our new ANARCHY server has launched!

    More info HERE

    Go to invga.me/app to apply!

    Other servers claim to have 100% up time, yet are down constantly. We have verified up time (by minestatus.net) of over 98%.

    We are hosted in a data center, which means less lag, less down time, less problems for you!

    You can waste your time waiting for people to repair their at home servers that will never be stable, or join a server that is on proven hardware, a proven 100mbps+ connection, and has a proven admin and mod team.

    Dedicated Server | Hourly Backups | 25 slots

    Free To Play | Bukkit Protected


    1. Griefing is allowed!

    2. NO X-ray packs or other exploits

    3. NO spawn camping/killing

    4. Stay within +/- 2500 blocks of 0,0

    Breaking the rules results in at least a temp ban, but possibly a permanent ban depending on the situation. Further, a ban on InventionCraft is likely to result in a ban on the rest of the IndustrialCraft servers, as we are part of the Anti Grifer Community.

  • I.G.N:xxangel17xx


    TIME I PLAY :almost nonstop

    EXTRA INFO:i use to own a server for 8 months and had a good tite group untill my i was hurt at work and couldent keep it up but now im ready to finde a new home i have never greifed i have been using ic2 since it came out have not used ic1 but i know all the recipes/info for build craft and look fworward to seeing you and others in game

    THANK -Angel

  • hello,

    can you white list me please ?

    ign : tyrael598
    age : 24
    playtime : ~1 hour in the week, ~2-3 the weekend.

    i'm from belgium so i don't speak fluent english. but i think it's good enought to communicate normally ^^ it mean i'm playing at gmt+1 too.

  • ign: ivesen.
    plays: whenever i want to. :D
    never banned don't grief or any of those things.
    don't expect me to ALWAYS play on the server but i do love legit servers. and don't really like hacked servers to much.

  • IGN: Uberubert
    Age: 28
    How often I play: too often
    Stuff I built:
    No pictures, since I'm at work. I've built a few calculators and a computer(nocheat build due to accidentally engaging the entire server to legitimately gather hordes of redstone).
    Stuff I want to build:
    I'm not 100% sure, but playing around with industrialcraft singleplayer has given me a good few inspirations. Singleplayer is boring though, which is why I'm looking for a server.

  • IGN: Rekalty

    Age: 27

    How often I play: 2-4 hours a day, added how much I can get away with playing at work. (In a after school club for kids, that also play minecraft, so that's pretty neat, ive got a fan-club and everything :D)