[Addon 1.112] BuildCraft-IndustrialCraft Crossover Mod v2.0[SSP/SMP]

  • Stock BC factory blocks (quarry, filler, pump, ...) have large internal buffers, up to 100x or more the cost of an operation. Beyond that, pre 2.2 they would stop accepting power when their buffers filled (engines would begin to store excess energy and ultimately overheat/explode) while as part of the fuel/coolant code in 2.2, I'm pretty sure (haven't read it) he changed factories to continue to accept power after the buffer is full, they just discard it. The third party BC blocks I've used act like pre-2.2 factories. They'll only draw power when they're doing something, not 100% of the time that they're active and have a power source available.

    So I'm saying if my theory is correct you can attach an Industrial Engine to a pump and it'll burn 512 eu/t until you turn it off. Pick the right prime mover for the job ;)

  • I thought there schould be Electric mitors to link Industry and Buildcraft, and here i have found them :-).

    The only thing missing now for my Factory are RedPower compatible sensors, telling me when i have to refill the Furnances, ...

  • This is like Power converters but SSP and better, Make it SMP and Im sure that servers will start to use it instead of powercrystals mod (that one is good too ofc but this seems better) :)

  • I get this when booting up. No clue what it could mean :/

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    Looks like a block ID error, I think. Check the config file. If that's not it, make sure you are using the correct version of IC2 and have not renamed any of the zips/jars.

  • Get this error everytime I launch the game

    Any guess?

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    Post modloader.txt as well when reporting errors. However that looks to be a Block ID error as well, with fuel.

  • Quick, possibly silly question:
    I see the recipes for the various engines but how much power do they need to run at full efficiency?
    Saw mention of a large electric engine for a quarry but does that need 128 to really power it? Just trying to get a bit of a comparison against the other methods, which take about 8 solar panels to run a quarry at full speed.
    I like the idea of direct electric engines a little better as they can run wooden extraction pipes but just trying to get an idea of what sorta power i'll need.
    This is assuming I can scrape up enough Block IDs to install this. (hmm... maybe if I make the teleportation system i've been meaning to do and rip out the Portal mod)