[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Advanced Solar Panels v3.5.1 + Quantum Generator + Solar helmets !

  • Why? So after you gain a bunch of resources, you never have to worry about energy in any way again, this isn't EE2 here.

    EDIT: I see now that I was on the wrong page, and therefore got nina'd several times

    Eh when i see little kids complain about this not being craft-able it just goes to show how lazy they are. on my small private server i placed one in the spawn to power the lights and the teleporters in doing so it only requires 1 battery box and a handful of mfsu's to make every thing work. i set it to 32 eu't and told it make 25k eu constantly. even for a spawn generator we feel its too Op for that.

  • the best addon that im waiting for it to update :/
    Why are you waiting ? it works with 1.110
    REALLY? ... damn then why oterh people updated their addons?
    just to say it still works with 1.110, or bug fixes, etc...

    ohhh alright thank you for the info

  • Even though people are saying that ASP works with IC2 1.110, I think I'm going to wait until Sentimel gives it the go-ahead.

  • Can confirm this one. My guess is that it's some change in the IC API since i had a very similar issue with wrenching anything else which i could fix by removing the (outdated, i guess) IC API from some mods (Universal Electricity and ICBM).

  • Same error on wrenching. Sadly removing IC2 api from all my mods did not help.

    I guess I misplaced my solars at worst time possible. Please do share if you find some workaround before this addon is updated, I'm going to try a few things out too.

  • You could always use a Pickaxe to destroy them and then cheat yourself some new ones with NEI/Creative Mode/whatever until it's fixed.

  • I'm strongly against using nei_cheatmode/creative mode to get anything. While I do have op on server I'm playing on and this would be the fastest and easiest way around, I feel like every item spawned takes a whole lot of enjoyment from this game, even if its used to combat bugs like this.

    Guess I'll spend a few hours getting myself familiar with this addons code and new api and I might be able to tailor a fix for myself. Haven't touched java for a long time so chances are slim, but if I manage somehow any potential fix will have to go through author of this mod to share, so it won't probably speed things up for you guys.

  • I noticed that you have version 4.5 of advanced machines. This has been updated to 4.6, and it also has the IC2 API bundled. an update or a removal of that api might work, haven't tried myself yet. I will check to see if i see any other possible issues, and update this post if I do.

    Edit: Railcraft and forestry also include the API, forestry only partly so. Again, i have not tested anything, just giving you some more places to look for issues.

  • Have a major problem. I updated some of the main mods (IC2, GregTech, et al) to 1.4.5 and all my machine exploded. I have a cople of Advanced Solar panels hooked up to 3 MFEs and that is linked to 1 LV Transformer. From there, it goes to another MFE and 2 Batboxes. All of my machines exploded when I logged on and when I try and place new ones, they explode. I have glass fiber cable linking everything.

  • Addon is updated !
    + Updated to Minecraft 1.4.5 and IC 1.110
    + Added special option in Quantum Generator (if you press "Left Shift" and click on the buttons all values = x 100) for quick setup big output.

  • Addon is updated !
    + Updated to Minecraft 1.4.5 and IC 1.110
    + Added special option in Quantum Generator (if you press "Left Shift" and click on the buttons all values = x 100) for quick setup big output.

    Thank You!

  • Hi Sentinmel!
    I'm here to suggest something.

    At first, here are the reasons why I will suggest somethings:
    1- I think the Advanced Solar Pannel is too easy to get. 1 Advanced machine, 1 Advanced alloy (for the reinforced glass), some circuits and 1 Ura ... that's not a lot of ressources for something that can store energy, produce 8EU/t and 1 during the night.
    2- Even if I like the fact you implemented some rare ressources for its creation (eg. Uranium), I dislike the fact it makes it obsolete as a Fuel for Nuclear Reactor. I guess servers using your addon don't have a lot of Nuclear Reactor ... even no one would I say. What about making it based on diamonds ? (because, diamonds could be useful as a transparent material).
    3- I'm not playing FTB because of few things: Ability to "teleport" Lava from the Nether to real world, i.e easy infinite source of EU, mystcraft dense ores ages, the fact that Forestry can replace IC² Greengen with Logger + Generator at a cheaper cost but ESPECIALLY because Gregtech (Iridium generation) + Mystcraft Dense ore + Advanced Solar Pannels. I think it's too easy to get a bunch of Iridium with quarrying mystcraft dense ore ages. You would be right saying to me I should complain about Mystcraft more than about your addon. But I think it would be easy to you to reduce the amount of Iridium needed while increasing the amount of UUM for the crafts, aren't you ?
    4- I'm not against the fact you can produce 512 EU/t with a single block, but I think (even more, as it's infinite) it should be way more expensive than using Nuclear Reactor. Actually, it is, but not as I think it should be.
    5- To me, your addon definitely makes windmill useless (ASP can be used as Night energy generation, are easier to use than Windmills and with about the same prices, without counting cables).

    Basically, I'm suggesting a few things:
    Make an even harder mode, the "balanced mode", where the Advanced Solar Pannel needs 3 "Advanced Glass Blocks", wich could be crafted out of 6 Reinforced Glass and 3 diamonds (for 3 Advanced Glass Block). Also makes it use 2 Adanced Machine Block and 1 Advanced Circuit.
    Then makes the more advanced than the first one unable to produce more than 8EU/t, but able to refuel Depleted Uranium cells (Light is a radiation, and sun is continuously sending us Alpha particles so ... ^^).
    It could also be good for the Hybrid Solar Pannel and Ultimate one being Ura Cells very slowly at first but being able to be "upgraded" by "Lens Blocks" (diamonds and Glass/Reinforced glass) that wouldn't that much increase its price but makes it take more space (because it wouldn't works with obstruction between it and the sun).

    Thanks for reading :)

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D