[Suggestion]: rename Glass Fibre Cable

  • IRL you can't send energy through a Glass Fibre Cable. I know, this a minor thing, and has been discussed yarious times but it annoys me. So why not rename it to something else, like "Piezoelectric Cable".
    Since it is crafted with a Diamond and Piezoelectricity occures on Crystals i think, this would be a better Name.

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  • Who says the energy created by IC2 follows the same rules as energy IRL, at all?

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  • Well I guess real MV-Cables are also not made from pure gold either. And you won't create solars out of coal-dust.

    And although we are not able to send energy through a glass-fibre cable we all know that Alblaka is a technical genius and he obviously found a way to do this.

  • Magnesium Diboride is one of the most useful high temperature superconductors, and a ceramic. So while not technically glass, because glass is by definition amorphous and Mgb2 has a crystalline structure, it looks like glass, acts like glass and feels like glass.

    Use this to reconcile it with your beliefs while the rest of us continue to not care.

  • You mean Superconductor...
    So rename Fiber Optic cable to Superconductor and remember, it cannot be used for really high energy flow.
    By the way it has smallest energy loss.