[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] CompactSolars 4.4

  • java.lang.NullPointerException
    at cm.a(WorldRenderer.java:211)
    at l.a(RenderGlobal.java:1400)
    at kz.a(EntityRenderer.java:1191)
    at kz.b(EntityRenderer.java:918)
    at EntityRendererProxy.b(EntityRendererProxy.java:15)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(SourceFile:742)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(SourceFile:662)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    --- END ERROR REPORT 682cba06 ----------

    get that whenever I try to join.

  • So I might be derping here but this what I'm doing is converting my advance machine id's into the new ones like so:

    Advance Machines:

    Compact Solars:

    So after all that spam as you can see I matched up my compact solar to the same id's even the GUI and I think that does not matter just the block id but it seems to be converting them wrong...

    This what the server side console says:

    Clearly everything is fine but the MV/HV being removed?

    When I went to the roof all my HV went to LV and idk why talks about the MV but the MV = MV still. So just the HV's converting wrong it seems.

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  • For those upgrading from AM to this, please hold your upgrades for a bit. I've investigated and noticed that there's a couple of unanticipated compatibility problems. I know how to fix it though- so expect a new version of the mod that allows for proper compatibility shortly. Also, I will create a dummy block that can only be broken for an advanced machine block- this will replace all your existing advanced machines, allowing you to recover some resources from the machine. (You will be able to turn this functionality off).

  • This is something I've been waiting for, some people from my server are going to be really happy. I think my favorite part of this is the fact that they pull from their own texture files. I was having a terrible headache with Advanced Machines till I figured out it got the textures from the old IC file (that's no longer used). I have one question though. Would it be possible to make them the same format as IC's machines, where you have a texture for active and inactive blocks? For the default generators they just copied and pasted the textures of the inactive ones so they look the same, but I made them different in my texture pack as an easy way to tell if your generators are running or not just by looking at them. I can even make them for you if you want.

    Here's an example of how they're laid out in the default, where the red is the block textures when they're inactive, and a green when they're active. All of the machine blocks have their textures set up like this, and it's really nice for texture artists.

  • i have a little problem with that mod

    i like it alot but when i open BC combustion engine i get interface from medium voltage solar array and for steam engine low voltage solar array

    this happens on mp server i host for me and my friends

  • After killerbees post I updated after placing down all the panels real quick and it worked like a charm.

    Seems to work great so far, thanks!

  • Well first of all, you're breaking Wheaton's Law . Second, YES. SCALE MATTERS. If server CPU wasn't an issue, then scalability would eventually catch up with you, forcing you to seek better options for large scale power generation, namely nuclear. As intended. These arrays have the unfortunate side affect of making it too easy to skip any other form of power generation and just sit there and pump out solars all day. Is making 512 solars expensive? Absolutely. But you can build them incrementally so there's no forethought or upfront cost necessary. And once you have enough juice running to the mass fab, (which be honest, is the only reason you need that much ungodly power in the first place,) the material costs become trivial.

    The only reason these things should exist at all is because of the server load. Which for the moment trumps game balance and therefore I still welcome the effort CPW is putting forth with open arms. But I hope I don't trivialize those same efforts when I say I hope IC will develop it's own more balanced solution eventually.

    Who needs nuclear if you run EE ? I use EE and IC2 to run a Geo farm that pumps out over 500 EU/T that takes up a 6x6 space. X( Now who's talking OP? My Geo farm doesn't die when the sun goes down, it runs all day, all night, 24/7 with out tiring or running out of fuel, and doesn't cost an arm / leg / several vital organs to build. Well, the red matter / black matter to make the Mk3 Condensers but, pfft, that's just a lot of time to build up the condenser / collector flowers to full speed, then I am generating Black and Red Matter out of the wazoo *legit*.