[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Advanced Machines 1.1.6

  • You seem like such a happy person to be around.

    Regardless, thank you for the link and taking the time to explain to us how stupid we all are for not finding invisible links.

  • In regards to the WARNING log spam about implements Energy, I realize it's the general consensus that this is an IC2 problem, but just thought I'd report some findings after I played around a bit.

    It seems related to energy packet size.

    Setting up any of the advanced machines (the Rotary Macerator especially) in a powerline running directly off HV (with 2 transformer upgrades each) does not cause the warnings at all. However, in this same set up, if you were to put an MV transformer in-line the warnings start going crazy in the logs. Go back to having just pure HV through the lines and the warnings stop.

    I also tried testing with an LV transformer off of an MFE & the same setup directly off of a batbox and got the warnings as well.
    So it would seem HV (512/t) is good, but anything lower is not.

    I can also confirm that using the 187 build of IC2 does fix the warning spam of the logs, however, I suspect it was just that the logging for that was turned off and the problem still remains.

    Not sure if this will be useful to anyone, but thought I would share :)

  • Hmm, thanks for the hint! I knew the link to the IC2_lf build list, but what does the IC2 build list with 700+ builds do?

  • Does anyone know how to enable additive macerating with gregtech addon installed ?

    Are you certain you are using additive macerating correctly?

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • Why the fuck should I disable additive Macerating? If the Machine doesnt work properly, then it's not my Problem.

    Well i dont know, I tested alll combinations of mods here, and the only one which disables the additive macerating is gregtech, so.. as i said, I dont know.

  • I have an interesting bug where my rotary macerators will not macerate any items placed in the second slot. The first slot works fine, and once the first slot has been macerated the items just sit in the second slot and the machine begins to spin down. Also, when piping items into the macerators via redpower pipes (into the top) items will only fill the first slot, I have to fill the second slot manually (and of course it doesn't work).

    Is this a known bug? I checked back a few pages and didn't see anything about it.

    Edit: I am running version 4.7a.

  • Ok, that makes sense. For some reason I was thinking it was supposed to be like the Induction Furnace where you could macerate two stacks of items at once.

  • hey well lets just get right to it i am wondering if you would like your mod in my modpack if you have any further questions just reply to this and i will be oblidged to answer if not replied wothin the next week i will start using the mod until requested otherwise